Renatep Form

Renatep Form

If you need information about how sign up for renatep, in this article we are going to espectáculo you everything you need to know to sign up for renatep popular development. In addition we will help you with: where do i download the renatep form, know what it is, what it is for and how to complete it correctly. Do you want to know if you were approved or if you are already registered? Stay reading our complete guide.

What is Renatep?

The workers of the national economy are protagonists of the development of our country. They create their own work on the basis of their knowledge and their trade in individual or collective production units registered in asymmetrical relationships in the financial, commercial or fiscal field.

The abbreviation ReNaTEP comes from the National Registry of Workers of the Habitual Economy, which is characterized by:

Recognize, formalize and guarantee the right of workers in the economy to have access to tools that allow them to improve their employment. To do this, they perro enroll in work, popular security and training programmes, participate in marketing networks and have access to credit and financial inclusion tools.

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How to enroll in Renatep?

  1. Entrar the following backlink registration formulation.
  2. Complete with your type and number of ID
  3. Fill with your personal information:
    • Home
    • Contact
    • Maximum educational level reached (If you are studying at the university but your degree is secondary, you must put a secondary degree).
  4. Continue with the data of your employment situation within the habitual economy:
    • Select the type of work
    • If you do it individually or collectively
    • Organization type
    • branch of activity
    • Workplace
    • Monthly income
  5. Then, save the data that you loaded and a sign will appear saying that it is “generated your pre-registration successfully“.
  6. Clic on “Generate PDF” to download the renatep form and save your voucher with your registration number and your generated QR code.

Before starting to fill out the form, we suggest you look at the guide launched by Avance Popular on how to sign up for Renatep:

Renatep how to know if I was approved

For this, once the registration form has been filled out, it will only be a matter of waiting approximately 24 hours. (We already know how things work in Argentina, don’t be discouraged if it takes time).

It will be received by dirección de correo electrónico or sms that you have left in the Renatep inscription indicating if you have been approved or not. If it has been approved, you will also receive another dirección de correo electrónico or mensaje de texto saying when your next billing date will be.

What are the requirements to enroll in Renatep?

  • Being over 18 years.
  • Being part of the habitual economy campo.

Types of work accepted:

  • Showmen.
  • artisans.
  • Peddlers.
  • Recyclers..
  • Cartoneros.
  • Colega-community workers.
  • Farmers and farmers.
  • environmentalists.
  • Small producers.
  • Small manufacturers.

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You cannot enroll in ReNaTEP if:

  • You are the owner of more than 2 (two) properties.
  • You have more than 3 (three) cars. Motorcycles are not taken into account.
  • In any of the cases -real estate and automobiles- 1 (one) of the mentioned assets should be part of the economic undertaking.
  • If, in addition to working in the habitual economy ámbito, you have a job in a dependency relationship, the salary you receive for this job cannot exceed the Minimum, Escencial and Mobile Salary.
  • In the case of being a monotributista or autonomous, only categories A, B, C and D or the people who are part of the Popular Monotributo will be accepted.

Frequent questions:

What is Renatep used for?

According to the norm, the institution “will have the objective of promoting the general reintegration of unemployed or unemployed workers who carry out the execution of production, service or sale projects related to local promotion and the popular economy.”

Form 59 Automotive DNRPA Argentina

Likewise, it points out that “among the main objectives” stands out “to register the workers of the regular economy in their entirety, respecting broad criteria that respect their forms of organization, dimensions and complexities, and developing regulations that open the door to colega-insecurity. -productive of the workers of the national economy”.

What are the benefits of the RENATEP program?

The main features and benefits about the program renatep mds gov ar inscription are:

  • Trainings
  • Participate in marketing networks
  • Work Programs
  • Popular Security
  • Credit tools and financial inclusion

In addition, being registered you will be able to request renatep loans to be able to give the necessary push to your venture or start a new project.

Who perro sign up for renatep?

All those who are dedicated to activities in the context of the national economy, such as street vendors, fairgrounds or artisans; cardboard collectors and recyclers; small owners and farmers; popular and construction workers; those who work, among other things, in popular infrastructure and environmental improvement, as well as small producers and manufacturing producers.

When do I charge Renatep?

As soon as you have registered with renatep and have downloaded and filled in the renatep form vía the website, you will first receive an dirección de correo electrónico or mensaje de texto indicating whether or not you have been approved by renatep / promoted in the work plan , and within 24 hours of receipt, you will receive another dirección de correo electrónico with your next payment date.

When does registration open?

Registrations are always open. It does not have an end date at the moment.

What happens if I already receive another program or the AUH?

Enrollment in RENATEP perro be done even with other state programs.

How do I track my registration?

Once you have pre-registered for RENATEP, you cánido track it on the registration page with your registration number.

How perro I download the credential?

Entrar the registration form. Place your ID. I chose “print credential”.

How much do I charge for the RENATEP?

Currently the amount of the program is 16 thousand pesos.

What is the credential for?

It may be requested by a government agency.

How do I claim if I don’t collect ReNaTEP?

To claim, you cánido do so by contacting the following telephone number 0800-222-3294 and filing a claim through the Anses so that they solve the problem of not charging Renatep. You also have the option of making a claim for non-payment through the following dirección de correo electrónico or

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 Renatep Form
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