RemoTasks | Good platform to earn money

RemoTasks | Good platform to earn money

Today I bring you a crowdsourcing platform called RemoTasks.

It is an American website, where we will be able to earn money by doing fácil tasks from the comfort of our computer.

Tasks such as cataloging products, tagging images, photos, among many other options provided by companies that require human review of these tasks, with the main objective of improving artificial intelligence (AI).

On this page you cánido earn a lot of money per day, since if you manage to access all the available jobs, they are almost inexhaustible, yes, I am not going to deceive you, to earn real money you will have to dedicate hours and effort.

RemoTasks Features

Next we are going to see some of the most important features that this page offers, in this way you cánido get an iniciativa of ​​whether it is a system that adapts to your needs or capabilities, although I already told you that anyone perro take advantage of it with a little of interest.

Language: English, possibility of translation with Google chrome.

Accepted countries: All countries without restriction.

Minimum payout: The minimum payout is only $0.50.

Payment method: Automatic weekly payments through Paypal.

Referral system: $5 for each usuario who reaches $10 earned in the first two weeks after registering on the platform.

How to open an account in RemoTasks

Like all the websites I’m talking about in this blog, registration is totally free.

The only thing you will need to open an account and start earning money is to have a Fb account, since we will have to be logged in to this popular network to be able to entrar RemoTasks.

By signing up from a sponsor backlink like mine, you will get $5 plusYes, to unlock them you will first have to generate at least 10 dollars during the first 14 days from the date of your registration, something not difficult if you dedicate some time to it.

Options to earn money

Before we cánido start doing paid tasks in RemoTasks, we are going to have to go through a little training where we must carry out some fácil tasks that, once completed, will unlock the paid jobs for us.

Examples of Jobs Available

Once unlocked we will be able to perform the following tasks, each of them paid differently, in some cases we will be able to spend hours in a row earning money without stopping.


This task is quite fácil, especially when you have already caught the thread.

It is about delimiting images by means of squares or polygons.

These objects are almost always cars, although they perro also ask us to define houses, people or any other object.

Image annotation example


It is about describing an object in words.

An example, if a man with a suit and hat appears, we will have to use labels describing the color of the suit, the hat, the brand of clothing, etcétera.

audio transcription

Through an audio they will tell you words that you have to transcribe, you need to be in a place where there is no noise to be as concentrated as possible.

Image Transcript

On this occasion we will be asked to detalla a part of a certain image, for example if 2 cars appear in one and we are asked to detalla only one of them, color, model, brand, etcétera.

Data Collection

They will tell you to search for information on a subject through Google plus.

What you will have to do is search and add the specific information that they ask for.

referral system

The RemoTasks referral system is quite powerful, we perro earn a lot of money, but it is also true that it is subject to conditions.

$5 referral plus

The operation of this system consists in that we will receive $5 both you and your referral if the latter does tasks for a total value of 10 dollars during the first 14 days from their registration on the platform.

That is to say, if you are a usuario who wants to start earning money in RemoTasks and you register from my backlink, you will earn an plus 5 dollars if in 14 days you do tasks worth 10 dollars, something that given the volume of work on the web is very affordable.

If after those two weeks, you have not managed to reach that amount, you will no longer have access to that plus 5 dollars.

Does RemoTasks pay? How to charge?

Of course you pay, there are thousands of proofs of payment circulating on the net.

I myself will upload mine shortly and if for some reason this page stopped paying, you could see it right here, since I would leave a clearly aparente note at the beginning of the articulo so you don’t waste time.

As for how RemoTasks makes its payments it is quite fácil.

These are made automatically every Friday to all users who have exceeded the minimum payment, which is $0.50.

To receive the payment without problems, you must first configure your Paypal dirección de correo electrónico on the web.

In the menu you have to go to your nombre de usuario and then clic on accountlook there where it says Payment information and entrar the Paypal account where you want to receive payments and clic Save or Send.

Opinion about RemoTasks

Of course, if you are looking for a place to earn real money from home, that is RemoTasks.

Devoting a few hours a week to it and if you’re good at it, it’s a place where we perro even get hundreds of dollars a month, that’s if, as I told you, giving it a lot, nobody gives anything away.

We are talking about a site that is valid for anyone, whatever their nationality, in fact it is one of the most used crowdsourcing platforms in Latin American countries such as Venezuela either Colombia.

The biggest inconvenience that we cánido find is going to be the language barrier, it is true that we perro use the translator to do certain tasks, but mastering English will make you go much faster and consequently your income will be much higher, this at the end of the day After all, it is the objective of all of us.

We hope you liked our article RemoTasks | Good platform to earn money
and everything related to earning money, getting a job, and the economy of our house.

 RemoTasks |  Good platform to earn money
  RemoTasks |  Good platform to earn money
  RemoTasks |  Good platform to earn money

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