Relai Opinions: buy BTC without KYC,

Relai Opinions: buy BTC without KYC,

Currently, using cryptocurrencies and enjoying your anonymity is considered almost impossible.

This is because the big centralized exchanges, such as Binance, Coinbase or others, ask users for their personal data, identifications and much more.

Therefore, buying Bitcoin anonymously on these portals is impossible, except for Relai, which offers this and many more functions that we will talk about on this occasion.

What is relay?

relay it is an amazing aplicación that works on iOS and Android devices, and perro be easily downloaded from the aplicación store.

This began to be developed in 2019, and by 2020 it was already in operation.

It should be noted that one of the most important aspects of it is that it has a fairly fácil and intuitive interfaz.

Which means that You will not have to be an expert in cryptocurrencies to be able to use it, and you will also learn to manage it in a matter of minutes.

Its main quality is that allows users to make Bitcoin purchases without registrationgrant personal data or go through a tedious KYC identity verification process.

On the other hand, its objective is to allow you to invest in Bitcoin while maintaining the main virtue of the crypto; What would be anonymity? Besides, It is possible to make purchases for up to 920 euros per day and you perro also keep your tokens in your wallet, that works in the same way as the classic ones cryptocurrency wallets.

So only you will have access to the cryptocurrencies that you buy and want to sell.

How does Relay work?

As we have mentioned, it is a aplicación that is downloaded to your móvil and acts as a wallet through which you perro buy Bitcoin through bank transfers and without the need for a KYC verification.

When you request a BTC purchase from Relai, the programa automatically buys in Bity and anonymously.

After creating the operation, this last platform will know that the payment it will receive will be for the purchase of bitcoins, and from there, once the receipt of the money is confirmed, this portal will send the satoshis to the address provided by Relai.

How do you buy BTC without KYC with Relai?

If you want to try a small or large BTC purchase to test the effectiveness of this habitual Swiss startup, we suggest following these steps during the process:

  1. Download the aplicación from the official website or by searching for it in the application store of your móvil inteligente.
  2. Once installed you will have to entrar it and press the «+» icon.
  3. Then clic on buy.
  4. Select the desired amount to buy; which could be from 10 euros.

  5. Now It will ask you to choose the frequency with which you want to make purchases and will grant various options.
  6. After, entrar the IBAN from which you will pay and it will ask you to entrar a referral code: REL42589; this will disminuye the purchase commission by 0.5%.
  7. To conclude you will only have to Login to your bank account and make a transfer with the data that the aplicación gave you previously.

Relay Commissions

We perro say that the Relai developers have been quite considerate of their various clients by owning such an excellent commission system as below.

We say it this way, since only they charge the usuario a 2.5% fee on each purchase/sale operation.

However, this buy/sell commission cánido be further reducedand for this you just have to do the following:

  • If you use the referral code: REL42589 when buying or selling they disminuye 0.5% of the commission.
  • When scheduling recurring purchases is reduced by a further 0.5%.
  • If you are buying a figure that exceeds 100 euros an additional 0.5% of the commission is decreased.

Total, the 2.5% commission could be reduced by 1% for each purchase.

Which is certainly quite low when compared to other cryptocurrency platforms or exchanges.

Buying and selling limits in Relai

Relai has some buy/sell limitations just like any platform that offers you exposure to Bitcoin, and knowing them will be extremely useful if you are planning to use the aplicación.

  • minimum purchase: 10 euros or 10 Swiss francs.
  • Maximum first time purchase 100 euros or 105 Swiss francs.
  • Buy after the first time: up to 920 euros per day or 1000 Swiss francs without identity verification.

    This limit amount also applies to sales.

  • Minimum amount of sale: 20,000 SATS or 0.0002 BTC.
  • Maximum annual purchase/sale amount: 90,000 euros or 100,000 Swiss francs.
  • Maximum daily purchase with identity verification: 90,000 euros or 100,000 Swiss francs.

Affiliates in Relai

The Relai affiliate program allows the usuario to enjoy multiple benefits, and one of them is that may disminuye their purchase/sale commissions by 0.5%.

In addition, they also give you 0.5% for each transaction made by a referral of yours.

This percentage of referral earnings is credited to your Relai wallet every 15th of each month.

However, for it to be added to your cómputo you must reach a minimum of 10 euros.

Relai BTC Wallet

As with all cryptocurrency wallets, their authors claim that they do not have access to users’ cryptocurrencies.

That is cryptocurrencies only belong to users, and that the only way to access them is through the 12 seed words provided by the platform.

However, in case of doubt about the Relai wallet, a cold wallet perro be used, in order to keep the tokens outside the network.

Our recommendation: Buy in Relai and transfer your BTC to your own wallet such as Trust Wallet or Ledger.

In our case, we have kept the BTC in the Relai wallet for more than a month, but it is better to take all the tokens to your personal wallets to be able to centralize everything.

Relai Opinions: Is it safe and reliable or a scam?

Without a doubt, it is an attractive aplicación that is worth trying, especially if you want to make purchases in Bitcoin without having to provide your personal data.

Given that, Let’s remember that the main virtue of Relai is that it allows you to buy without KYC.

In our case we have tested the aplicación for 3 months and we have not had any problems.

The amounts have been high and we have used your wallet, although we always recommend other wallets such as Trust wallet or cold wallets.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy the anonymity of cryptos, maintain your privacy and avoid logs, this may be the aplicación you need. which, in addition There are different ways to contact support.; something that lets us know that they are really committed to their community, since support perro be requested from Telegram, Twitter or even LinkedIn and Fb.

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 Relai Opinions: buy BTC without KYC,
  Relai Opinions: buy BTC without KYC,
  Relai Opinions: buy BTC without KYC,

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