Refund of money by PayPal,

Refund of money by PayPal,

Good afternoon friends!!, how are things going? around here they are doing well, last week I they returned some money I invested in a PTC that promised to return a % of money invested, but they didn’t, but let’s start at the beginning…

Do you remember one of the posts I did a few months ago? It talked about Inclixx, a North American PTC that promised you pay you back $10 for every $7 you investthat in the General membership, later there were some superior ones, I thought I would start small, (thank goodness !!!), you perro read the complete articulo here.

Well, things went well in the first investment, I put 7 dollars and after a few days, they gave me back 10 (which with the feeds and something that had accumulated from the PTC stayed at 9.56).

And yes, only it took only one day to pay me.

Very well, I thought! If things go well, it is an interesting way to earn money!

But, as usually happens in this world of earn money on interneton many occasions people do not say that they want to take advantage of you.

Well it happened, that the next day I invested another 7 dollars in Inclixx, with the hope that they would return another 9.50 and the next time invest 40 and win 150 (the super membership), I’m sorry I didn’t..

And the days went by, and they kept going by, and I tried to get into the page and they wouldn’t let me…

And one fenezca day (ten days later) they let me in, when I saw my cómputo, oh, surprise, they had charged itbut not in my account PayPal, but in a very different one.

Quickly I got in touch vía support with the administratorIt took them four days to answer me saying that I should better protect my account, better? A password with 10 digits, numbers and letters is poorly protected? I don’t think so…

Therefore I contacted PayPal, which was where he had paid for it, telling them the case.

And they did attend me right away; the case is very fácil, I had bought a one-page service, be it ink for the printer or an investment, and the page (seller), had not fulfilled it, therefore, PayPal, gave me the reason and he gave me my money back.

It’s not a lot of money, I know, but the point is that we must always fight for what is oursthis earning money on the internet is not easy, and there are always people who try to take advantage of you, therefore, my advice, whenever you start working with a PTC, look for payment proofs posted en línea by other users, that will be a big advantage.

Regards and until next time!!

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 Refund of money by PayPal,
  Refund of money by PayPal,
  Refund of money by PayPal,

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