reflexive pronouns in english

reflexive pronouns in english

The complications regarding English pronouns are not over yet.

At this point we come to one of them, the reflexive pronouns in english and spanish.

These words are all those that are used at the time that the subject is in turn the object or complement of the sentence. That is to say that they are used when the noun performs the verb on itself.

Myself = myself, to me itself = himself, himself (neutral)
yourself = yourself, yourself, yourself ourselves = ourselves
himself = himself, himself yourselves = yourselves, yourselves
herself = Herself, herself themselves = themselves

The grammatical elabora that is normally applied to use this type of pronouns in English is: subject + verb + reflexive pronoun.

Example: Luisa takes care of herself (Luisa takes care of herself).

⭐ What are reflexive pronouns used for in English?

Seeing them differently reflexive pronouns in english used to refer to something the subject could or perro do without help from anyone.

Many times its meaning is emphasized by adding the preposition by in the sentence: The dinner was made by herself (Dinner she made herself).

Some examples are:

  • Did you see yourself on televisión? (Did you see yourself on televisión?)
  • The workers perro paint the house themselves.
  • I perro learn English by myself
  • Juan defended himself before the judge
  • The waitress didn’t come to the room, we had to clean it up ourselves.
  • Don’t worry, just be yourself

Other types of pronouns:

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 reflexive pronouns in english
  reflexive pronouns in english
  reflexive pronouns in english

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