Referrals: what they are, type of referrals

Referrals: what they are, type of referrals

referrals is one of the magic words of all those who are dedicated to winning money en línea. Referrals may also be known as affiliates or guests. We, the ones who invite them, cánido be “ulpine” sponsors, referrals or godparents.

The referrals therefore, they will be the people who register on any page through our invitation. Thanks to them we will be able to earn a little more on the different platforms we use to earn money on internet. Referrals are not easy to get and it is much more difficult to maintain them, since on many occasions the different pages are not as the referrals thought and they end up leaving.

How to get referrals?

Referrals are obtained through calls referral backlinks. These backlinks appear on the different pages in which we register. Both on the survey pages and on the cashback pages.

Normally you should look for your referral backlink and give it publicity. Giving it publicity means posting it on different popular networks, on your blog or simply telling your friends. If you want to know the tricks to get referrals that exist I recommend you read this articulo.

Not on all pages referral backlink it is in the same place. And not all pages have a system. You should look for it to put “affiliate backlink” “invite your friends”, etcétera… Normally it will be a backlink with your affiliate Nick at the end, although sometimes it will only be a number, that depends on the page. On some pages they espectáculo it directly on the main page and others, however, have it more hidden.

As you perro see above, the affiliate backlink in Ysense (formerly Clixsense) is on the home page of the page. However, on other pages, such as Neobux, you have to look for it a little more, exactly in the “banners” section.

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These two cases are totally different. In the case of ysense, the name of the page appears followed by a number. In this case, each usuario has a number. In the case of Neobux in the referral page a name appears after the page name.

Either way is valid. The point is that the affiliate backlink cánido be anywhere on the page, you have to find it and advertise it.

Types of referrals

The referrals It perro be of three types, those obtained with our affiliate backlinks and with our frecuente work on our blog or popular networks (direct referrals), those that our same referrals get (so-called indirect affiliates) or those obtained with a checkbook. These are the so-called rented or rented.

Although the expression seems very hard, this translates into the so-called rented referrals. The rented are users who have registered on different pages (especially those we use to earn money by watching ads and advertising) without any type of sponsor. This type of affiliate perro be “rented” by users to work for them for a while. Those will be the rented affiliates.

This type of affiliate will “work” for us for a stipulated time in exchange for points or money. Once that time has elapsed, they will be removed from our network and we will have to invest money again to have them work for us.

Direct or indirect referrals will not cost us money, only the work of getting them and helping our referrals to get other referrals. That is one of the tasks of the sponsor, helping their referrals.

Personally, I am not a supporter of rented referrals, although everyone is free to do what they want. And I am not a supporter because it perro be considered as a referral exchange, since you exchange your money for a referral, who may or may not work for you. It would be preferable to invest time and money in other things like writing posts, backlink building, etcétera…

Pages to get affiliates

Throughout the Internet there are pages with which you perro get referrals for different pages. These referrals are a kind of traffic exchange. They are sites in which you must visit other web pages and in exchange for that you get points, which you cánido then use to get free visits to your website or blog.

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You would have to make two visits to any website that they tell you and you will get a visit to your website. In this way, you get visits, which perro be translated into referrals to the different platforms that you use to earn money en línea. It’s kind of referral exchangein which you will always lose out.

In my especial case, I have ever used this type of page, especially to get followers on popular networks and it has always been a fiasco for me. Pages like little entusiastas either fanslavethat right now I have them classified as SCAM, since I have not gotten quality followers or received from any of them.

In this sense, I advise you that if you do not know how to get referrals do not make any type of exchange, but simply take care of your blog (if you have it), spread it through popular networks. And above all, do not sell smoke.

Amazon Referrals

Amazon, as the largest Marketplace that exists in our country and one of the largest worldwide, also has its own referral system. The system is called amazon affiliates. In this system, users will not register through our backlink, but will buy products through our backlink amazon affiliates. What we will earn in this case is a small percentage of the purchase made by the usuario.

The amount will vary depending on the price of what the usuario has bought, the product that it is and to which category it belongs. The percentage of our profit cánido range from 6% to 0.05%, depending on many factors.

Final conclusions referred

So far the explanation of what are the referrals, the types and some notions of how to get them. We all are referrals from someone, since it is a life cycle in which we help other users with a small percentage of our work and other users will help us.

A good sponsor has to help his referral as much as possible, since their benefits depend to a certain extent on the work of the sponsored. In addition, the sponsored should not fall into the cansinería and not asking all the steps to follow to register on a page (when many times it has been explained in a articulo). You have to realize and be aware that if 50 people ask the same sponsor the same thing, it perro be tedious. And more when the sponsor has worked on a articulo to explain it in the clearest way possible.

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 Referrals: what they are, type of referrals
  Referrals: what they are, type of referrals
  Referrals: what they are, type of referrals

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