Referrals » How they work and how

Referrals » How they work and how

In the world of Internet business it is possible to have ways to get referrals.

If you are here it is because you are interested in getting referrals for the different platforms in which you are earning money.

The referrals are those users who register on a platform by following a backlink provided by another usuario of the platform.

Getting referrals is one of the main objectives that a usuario has when it comes to earning money en línea.

Regarding the ways to get referrals, the platform in which they are registered pays you a profit percentage get the person who registered with your referral backlink.

The system does not influence the earnings of the referrals, since each usuario will earn 100% of what they get, that is, if I am referred to a usuario, that usuario will get a commission from what I earn, but my I will get 100% profits.

Basic concepts

A referral (also called an affiliate, guest or sponsored) is a usuario (person) who registers on a platform following a referral backlink provided by another usuario who is already on the platform (also called sponsor, upline or sponsor).

From that moment the new usuario becomes part of the affiliate network from the person who provided the backlink, and the sponsor will start receiving earnings from this referral.

The platforms that do this do it with the aim of getting as many users as possible, which will bring higher profits to the platform and usuario sponsor.

The platforms do this because the best form of advertising is the one that the users themselves do, recommending those pages that they themselves use and that are giving them good results and benefits.

Referral bonuses

To increase their revenue, platforms offer a small fee to those users who refer other users to their platform.

In addition to that, this form of advertising is much cheaper than other types of advertising platformss.

In addition, this allows anyone who wants to earn money with referrals to have a wide range of possibilities to generate passive and residual income.

When a usuario registers on a platform following a referral backlink, it does not lose anything by doing this.

For example: if there is a platform that is paying $1 for each person who registers with your referral backlink, when said person registers, they will not lose anything, however their sponsor has won $1.

This new usuario cánido also promote his referral backlink so that he also starts earning $1 for each person who signs up with his backlink.

Most platforms to earn money en línea have a referral system.

Ways to get referrals

There are many ways to get referrals for different Internet platforms.

Here are the different ways to get referrals:

Create a blog or website

A blog or website It will allow you to create publications for platforms to promote, where you cánido place your referral backlink so that people who entrar your publication register on the platform with your affiliate backlink.

Create channels on vídeo platforms

A channel Youtube or other platform vídeos It will allow you to create vídeos explaining platforms to earn money.

You perro place your referral backlink in the vídeo description so that people register with that backlink that you have provided.

Entrar forums and/or chats

Create a complete profile about yourself in these forums, and take the opportunity to put backlinks in the «Profile” either “Firms».

If the Forum is about your topic, take the opportunity to write topics talking about your platforms, and placing your affiliate backlink.

Use popular networks

Today the popular networks They are widely used with millions of users around the world, so this is a good way to promote your affiliate backlink and thus get referrals from anywhere in the world.

Create or join groups on popular media

In addition to creating seguidor pages, you cánido also create or join a group where users cánido freely publish everything that has to do with that theme.

You equipo the rules and escoge if the comments are appropriate or not (in case you create a group).

Try to find groups afín to yours and join as many as you cánido.

If you publish in all of them, it is very likely that you will get guests.

Use bulletin boards

The notice boards They are platforms that allow you to publish ads on different themes, so you cánido use it to promote your referral backlinks from the different platforms in which you are registered.

Use traffic interchanges.

A traffic interchange It is a platform in which you are viewing pages automatically or manually, depending on the platform.

You perro earn credits and use them to promote the page you want.

Here you will find several traffic interchanges.

Inform your environment

You cánido tell your friends and family about the platforms to earn money, but try to provide them with consistent information, since there is a lot of mistrust in the world regarding earn money en línea. Try to talk about platforms that are very reliable, so that your information is valuable.

Reveal your payments and achievements

It is possible that you have not yet earned money to espectáculo payments, but there are platforms that require little money to get paid.

A good example of this is the Neobux platform, where you only need to earn $2 to get paid.

make exchanges

This happens a lot on forums and on popular media.

Consists in make a referral to a usuario in exchange for him becoming your referral on one of your platforms.

Try to come to an agreement such as being active for a specific number of days or making you generate a specific amount.

Create fanpages or seguidor pages

The fanpages or seguidor pages They perro help you promote your business, since you will have followers willing to see your publications, where you cánido place your affiliate backlink so that people register with your referral backlink from the platform you are promoting.

Offer rewards

You perro agree with the users that if they register with your affiliate backlink they will get a percentage of their earnings, so a way to motivate the usuario to join register.

For example, you perro offer 25% of what the affiliate has made you earn in a month.

Another example is that if you are going to earn $10 for the usuario’s registration you perro offer to pay the usuario $2.

Create correo electrónico lists

If you have a blog or website, try to create one mailing list and a subscribe button.

Correo electrónico marketing is still one of the best ways to promote your backlinks, products and/or services.

Create dirección de correo electrónico signature

create a signature in the pié de página of correos electrónicos what do you use In it, place the dirección de Internet of your blog, web page, or the backlink that interests you the most from the platforms you use the most.

leave comments

find a way to leave constructive retroalimentaciónand that they help others in all the forums, weblogs and platforms that have to do with the theme of the platform that you want to promote.

Share your posts in directories

If you own a website, you cánido share your posts in article directories such as Bitácoras, Articuloz, Menéame, etcétera.

If your content is of quality, you cánido get large amounts of traffic that in turn perro become new followers, readers, referrals, etcétera.

Go to the street

There are promotions that cánido help you get referrals by talking to people on the street.

This is not a widely used form, but if you do it well it cánido allow you to get large amounts of referrals or affiliates.

Use referral chains

You perro open a thread in any forum.

This method is very useful for those platforms that offer various levels of referrals.

The one who starts the chain places their backlink for them to register.

That usuario registers and places his backlink for the next one and so on ad infinitum.

Take advantage of seasons

There are different Seasons of the year certain platforms are more feasible than others.

For example, at Christmas you cánido promote cashback platforms to tell people to take advantage of discounts when buying through these pages.

Use Yahoo questions and answers

Here you cánido answer everything that has to do with your theme and take the opportunity to place a referral backlink.

I recommend that you do it in a very subtle way and that it does not appear that you want to sell something, simply advise by providing a valuable backlink.

Create landing pages

create a great landing page to promote the site and/or product that interests you and then send massive traffic to it.

It tries to compile in a summarized way everything that perro be found on the blog, without the need to saturate the reader.

Use logotipos or banners

you perro hit posters in different parts of your environment for people to see the information about your website. you perro also use logotipos and caps to improve the promotion of your website or blog.

Invest in paid advertising

You perro use your earnings to promote your website or platform through paid advertising.

Google plus Adwords in one of the best-known and most expensive paid advertising platforms, but extremely efficient, since you will receive high-quality traffic.

Create mini-jobs

There are many platforms that allow you to create mini-jobs so that other users earn money for registering on the platforms that you promote in those mini-jobs.

Examples of these platforms are: IPweb and Socpubli.

Apply the Networking

It is about getting closer to the users that you follow or that follow you and establish a trust relationship.

You cánido communicate about topics that interest both of you, share and comment on their states, make retweets, recommend pages privately without spamming and much more.

Use whatsapp groups

You perro create or join whatsapp groups, where you perro place your referral backlink so that people register with that backlink.

Try to keep the group on a theme related to earning money en línea, although you cánido also try other groups.

send newsletters

There are platforms that allow you to send automatic correos electrónicos to your contacts every time you publish a articulo on your website.

It’s important that you use this sparingly so it doesn’t turn into contenido publicitario.

Put the name of your website in the Wi-fi address

You perro use this so that people who perro see your Wi-Fi network display that address, in such a way that they cánido access that website.

take care of your reputation

In this world of Internet business, we are always looking for a way to get referrals, but when you promote a platform, make sure that it is really safe, because if it is not, users may stop using it. trust youand as a consequence they will no longer follow you.

Some considerations

  • Users who recommend platforms with their referral backlink get a small remuneration for the advertising they do.
  • The platforms that provide These referral backlinks get more traffic, users, customers, sales, investments, etcétera.
  • Users who sign up through those referral backlinks (referrals) generally find new ways to earn money In Internet.

Where cánido the referral backlink be found?

The referral backlink is an address to a web page (a dirección de Internet) that contains a identification number (ID) unique, exclusive to you.

Any usuario who visits a web page with that referral backlink will be will automatically become your referral or affiliate, since the different platforms know this identification number.

You will find your referral backlink in your account of the platform in which you are registered.

Normally you will find this backlink in the usuario area, in the part where it says: “invite a friend”, “referral backlink”, “promote backlink”, “affiliation”, “referral backlink”, etcétera.

An example of a referral backlink is this: final numbers They are the ones that identify you as the owner of that backlink, which in this case, will allow the FreeBitcoin page to know that all the users that register under that referral backlink come from you.

If you have your referral backlink, then you are already able to promote it to get referrals or affiliates.

Types of referrals

The types of referrals They are: direct, indirect and rented.

The types of referrals perro help you choose which ways to get referrals are best for you.

Below I explain the operation of each of these types of referrals:

The direct referrals are those users who register directly with your referral backlink.

Once they register they will be part of your direct referral network.

The indirect referrals They are those referrals of your referrals, that is, all the referrals that your referrals get are called referrals.


To understand this, one must talk about the referral levels.

There are platforms that have several reference levels.

Level 1 is made up of direct referrals and the rest of the levels are indirect referrals.

The rented referrals They are those users who register on a platform without a referral backlink, and there are platforms that rent or rent said referrals for a limited period of time.


It is very likely that there other ways to get referrals.

As I find them I will espectáculo them for you to apply.

Referrals are really a very important part of Internet business, since without them the profits they would be very small.

It is important to always keep in mind that referrals cánido greatly help you boost your earnings.

When you are using ways to get referrals, do not lie about the earnings on the platform you are promoting.

It is very common that when looking for referrals people do not mention the disadvantages of said platform, which is detrimental in the medium and long term for the sponsor.

On this website I always try to clearly disclose everything I cánido about the different platforms to earn money.

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 Referrals » How they work and how
  Referrals » How they work and how
  Referrals » How they work and how

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