Refbit: Earn free bitcoins by watching ads

Refbit: Earn free bitcoins by watching ads

Refbit It is a new site that I have found where we perro multiply our Bitcoin cómputo for free by watching ads.

We stopped promoting Refbit

Refbit ceased to exist, therefore we removed the backlinks and marked it as a non-recommended page.

Its operation is like that of any ptc we know, the only difference is that we are going to receive Bitcoins.

Lately, taking advantage of the fact that cryptocurrency is increasingly accepted by everyone and with the ease of winning new customers, sites have proliferated in an amazing way where we perro earn fractions of Bitcoin.

Pages like, BTCClicks or Refbit itself have seen the number of registered users multiplied by thousands and thousands in recent months. Nowadays, those who don’t earn thousands of satoshis a day are because they don’t want to, not because of a lack of sites.

Start earning on Refbit

Of course, as in all the pages that we present to you, registration in Refbit is totally free. Simply fill in the information requested and confirm our account.

The operation of the web is very fácil. We simply have to see the daily announcements that are coming out to us. For this we go to the section SURF ADS and we will find about twenty of them with a value that will depend on the current price of Bitcoin and the duration of each ad, generally we will find ads with a value that ranges from 90 to 200 satoshis.

To see these announcements we must clic on the green button corresponding to each one. The ad will open with your countdown. Once the account is finished we will have to solve a captcha and the ad will be validated and entered into our cómputo.

I perro tell you that since I am using it only by viewing the ads, I am earning from 2,000 to 3,000 Satoshis. Of course, this will depend on the number of ads and, above all, on the price of Bitcoin. The lower the price, the more satoshis we are going to earn.

As a good self-respecting ptc we perro also advertise our pages and thus get some referral or other, for this we go to My sites and we buy advertising, we cánido buy campaigns from 1000 visits.

Payment received from Refbit

Payment received from Refbit vía Uphold

Payments in Refbit are manual and cánido be requested from 12,000 satoshis, they usually pay with a delay of one to three days. To put a downside to the page, this would be that a commission is applied to us every time we request a payment, at least it must be said that this commission is quite small.

Conclusions about this page

Refbit is a practically new website, we hope that over time it will gain the same strength as others pages of the ámbito that we have been using for some time now, so far there are already many payments received without any problem, which makes us have enough confidence in it to recommend it on the blog.

Being a new page, we always have that uncertainty of whether it is truly reliable at all, but let’s be honest, which page really is? It is clear that we have plenty of fingers when it comes to counting the truly reliable pages, the only way to know if this is going to be is by working on it, so if you like the Bitcoin world, I encourage you to try it.

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 Refbit: Earn free bitcoins by watching ads
  Refbit: Earn free bitcoins by watching ads
  Refbit: Earn free bitcoins by watching ads

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