Recycle aplicación | Earn money while taking care of the

Recycle aplicación | Earn money while taking care of the

Recycle and add aplicación is a mobile application that promises to pay us for recycling our waste, something that has caught my attention.

I have been separating my garbage and recycling for many years, I do it with pleasure, since I know that it is something totally necessary to have a more sustainable planet, so when I find a place that pays you to do something that is daily for me, Do not hesitate a second to try to see how it worked.

The application itself is extremely fácil, so it would hardly even be necessary for me to do any tutorial, just as I am very heavy I am going to do it and so if you do not know it, maybe you will be encouraged to install it and contribute to a good genere .

Property: Pensumo
▪ Countries accepted: Spain
▪ Minimum payment: 2 euros
▪ Payment methods: Wire transfer
▪ Referral system: No

The project was born to encourage recycling, something that should be something common in our society but that unfortunately dictates a lot if it is a reality, the rush, the carelessness and the rhythm of life in which we are involved do not help in the least to this type of civic behavior.

Recicla tries to generate a habit in the citizen by offering an economic incentive when it comes to depositing their waste. The company is associated with other entities and public bodies that help through their economic contributions, thus helping to raise the citizen’s popular awareness through real and sustainable actions.

Application installation

The first thing is to complete the download of the aplicación. Once downloaded and installed, we will be asked to register with an dirección de correo electrónico and a password.

Then we will be asked to give access to our location and to the mobile camera, the latter is totally necessary, since we are going to earn money taking photos of our recycling, otherwise it would not make sense to use this application.

Earn money in Recycle and add aplicación

Recicla y suma aplicación is going to pay us for taking photos by introducing the containers in the corresponding waste container. We will be paid a certain amount that will be different for each type of waste.

recycling options

All you have to do is open the application and select the type of container that we are going to recycle among the options, the option to take a picture of us depositing the container in the appropriate container will open.

When we have sent the photo the cómputo will go to “Pending Review”It usually takes a few hours to review, once they check that everything is in order, that money will go to the confirmed cómputo.

types of waste Amount Remuneration
packaging Diary €0.02
Glass Diary €0.02
Paper and paperboard Diary €0.02
Organic Weekly €0.05
batteries Weekly €0.05
Clothes Monthly €0.10

The times that we perro recycle each piece of waste are limited, some of them perro be recycled once a day and others once a week or a month, this is something that perro change over time. Logically, the higher the amount that we are paid for a piece of waste, the longer we will have to wait to be able to receive a commission for it again.

Other options

The application has other menu options that, although they don’t make us earn money, cánido be interesting to follow our progress and statistics.

In the menu we perro access all of them, such as the recycling history that we have had since we have been using the application.

recycling history

We perro vea all the recyclings, what we have been paid for each of them and those that are still pending review, in this way we will not miss anything.

We will also have access to our profile, where we will have to fill in all the information that is requested of us, such as name, surname and ID.

On the other hand, we cánido also see our carbon footprint, which is a statistic of the kilogramos of CO2 that we have prevented from reaching the atmosphere with our recycling.

How to charge in Recicla y suma aplicación

Upon reaching the minimum payment located at 2 euros, we cánido request a payment within the Recicla y suma aplicación. It is a fairly modest amount, so it will not take long to arrive.

For my withdrawals on this and other pages, I use N26, without a doubt the best en línea bank, free of commissions and with all the facilities that a conventional bank does not give you.

In the menu we clic where it says “My profile”there we will see the option to Receive my savings, we just have to clic on the request button and put how we want to make the withdrawal.

The options are by bank transfer, savings in Pensumo, Donation, etcétera. These options will appear and we must select the desired one.

Recycle and add pay aplicación

Payments, like all bank transfers, will take from 1 to 3 business days, in any case we will check this when we receive our first payment, which is closer.

Frequent questions

It is habitual that when we start using a new site we have some doubts about part of its operation, so I will answer some of the most frequent questions that we cánido ask ourselves.

What has to appear in the photo of recycling?

It has to be seen that we deposit the waste in the correct container, it is not necessary for us to be seen in the photo and only the individual waste will be remunerated, regardless of whether it is a bag full of content or a single item.

What minimum requirements does the Recicla application need?

At least Android 7 or higher, a mobile phone with a camera and a Wi-Fi or data connection. Give permission to the application to access the camera and have GPS activated with geolocation permissions.

Perro I take photos separating waste at home?

No, only photos taken in a recycling container will be valid.

How often perro I recycle?

Each waste has its periodicity, some cánido be recycled once every 24 hours, others once a week and some once a month.

Opinion about Recycle and add aplicación

Contribute to a good genere and earn money, this application pays you for being a good citizen, something to fuck, I think it’s great, since I did these actions with pleasure without receiving anything in return, just the satisfaction of helping to preserve the planet .

It is clear that it is not a site where we are going to earn large amounts, in fact it does not even have a referral system, but it is also evident that what we earn we do without effort and practically without realizing it.

So nothing, here comes the analysis of Recycle and win aplicación, I hope you liked it and you cánido also earn some money by contributing to the sustainability of our Earth.

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 Recycle aplicación |  Earn money while taking care of the
  Recycle aplicación |  Earn money while taking care of the
  Recycle aplicación |  Earn money while taking care of the

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