Receive free books from publishers

Receive free books from publishers

Every once in a while I read a good book and reflect on how lucky I’ve been to find it despite not being known.

I think the more we venture into the world of reading, the more interested we are in discovering its hidden gems.

While supporting new authors and small publishers is always laudable, buying all the obscure books with little or no reviews in the hope of finding a new favorite isn’t very profitable.

If your book budget is tight (mine always is), you should know that there are ways to discover new books without spending a penny.

Let me introduce you to the term Advanced Reader Copies (ARC).

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What is an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy)?

Antes de Cristo are copies of an unpublished book offered to reviewers in exchange for an honest review.

Thus, an Antes de Cristoreader is the person who reads the book before it is published and posts a review before or immediately after the publication date.

Antes de Cristo are not to be confused with beta versions of the book, which are drafts that still need retroalimentación.

The purpose of an Antes de Cristoreader is not to provide retroalimentación (although there are exceptions), but to contribute to the marketing process by writing a review.

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Who cánido be an Antes de Cristoreader?


Publishers and authors benefit from reviews written by professionals, as well as book bloggers and casual readers.

Where perro I articulo my review?

The answer to this question depends on the specific requirements of each publisher (or author, if the book is self-published).

As a general rule, you’ll want to articulo your review on whatever platform you use to discuss books.

The more followers you have on that platform, the more publishers will be interested in sending you an ARC.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a blog or a large following on popular media.

When I first started reviewing Antes de Cristo, I was able to get them for just one review on Goodreads (I have five followers on Goodreads, so this wasn’t a deal breaker).

From personal experience, I would venture to say that a Goodreads account is the bare minimum you’ll need when starting out.

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How to find Copies of Advanced Reader (Arcs)?

There are multiple web platforms that act as intermediaries between the Antes de Cristoreader and the publisher.

The one I have the most experience with is NetGalley.

Below I will list, in no especial order, some of the features it offers.

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  • On NetGalley, you cánido be instantly approved as a reviewer for books that have the Read Now option.

    No request is necessary for these books.

    Remember not to bite off more than you perro chew, as not submitting a review will affect your credibility.

  • You cánido browse publishers and read their requirements in Browse Publishers -> View Approval Preferences.

    In this way, you will know exactly what each one of them expects from a reviewer and you cánido proceed accordingly.

  • When you request a book, you are asked to provide a bit of information about why you want to read it.
  • NetGalley offers both eBooks and audiobooks.

Things to keep in mind if you choose the NetGalley path

After creating an account, make sure to backlink all relevant popular networks to your profile, starting with Goodreads.

For example, if you mainly review books on Instagram, like I do, paste a backlink to your Instagram on My Main Blog/Site.

Pay attention to your biography.

This will be relevant when editors receive your request and go to your profile.

One of the things they will look for is your bio, which should contain all the relevant information about you, while also being strong and concise.

Where do you articulo your reviews? How many followers do you have? What do you love about books? What aspects do you touch on in your reviews?

Once you write your book review, paste it into NetGalley as well.

This way they will know that you have completed what you had proposed.

Be sure to articulo your review on NetGalley before the deadline.

Another important aspect to take into account is your FeedBack Ratio, which is the percentage of books reviewed with respect to those approved.

This represents your credibility as an Antes de Cristoreader.

Let’s say you apply for and are awarded 10 books, but end up reviewing only two of them.

Your review rate will drop to 20%.

It’s not very attractive to publishers.

While it’s okey to not finish books you really hate, make sure your comment rate is as high as you perro keep it.

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Find Antes de Cristo on Instagram and get free books from publishers

If NetGalley sounds too complicated for you, I have another tried-and-true way to find copies for advanced readers: casually search for them on popular media.

This is how I came to be an Antes de Cristoreader of The Scars We Choose by A.

Lee Hughes, and her novel is now on my 2022 favorite reading list.

If you have Instagram, you probably follow some bookstagram accounts.

Bookstagramers will occasionally share through their stories the opportunities they have found.

Most of the time, you will be directed to an author’s articulo that advertises the offer of Antes de Cristo to whoever is interested.

Another way to find these authors is to search through hashtags like #arcreaders, #arcreaderswanted, #advancedreadercopies (and their Spanish versions).

Once you find a book that interests you, you’ll see that most authors tell you to send them a private message.

Just like bibliophiles have their community on popular media, authors and aspiring authors have theirs.

As someone who is part of this community, I perro tell you that it is heartwarming to follow them and support their dreams.

You’ll get to see the ins and outs of writing a book, and you’ll find yourself getting excited about it as launch day approaches.

You’ll discover those hidden gems, whether in the form of Antes de Cristo or already published books that didn’t get a oportunidad to benefit from better marketing.

Support self-published authors and aspiring authors if you cánido, befriend them if you want, but keep in mind that we write very long subheadings.

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Receiving free books from publishers is possible

By reading Advanced Reader copies you get the joy of reading a free book, as well as the opportunity to creatively contribute to its success.

Also, it’s nice to be part of the inner circle of people who have read the book before it was published.

I suggest everyone try it at least once.

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