Reading, the habit that will make you win

Reading, the habit that will make you win

What if you could become one of the highest earners in the world with just one habit, which you should practice for an hour a day?

Like many other people, you most likely like to watch televisión and even keep up with your favorite Netflix series.

And that’s okey, distraction is also part of the process.

However, and once you learn that, with this habit, you cánido become a much more successful person, and you will learn how to be a millionaire, you will surely make some changes in your life.

The point is that many people dream of achieving wealth, being financially calm and enjoying the comforts that this implies, however, the following statistics espectáculo us that we are not willing to do what is necessary to achieve these goals.

It turns out that 25% of people have not read any books in the last year. 46% of adults had the two worst grades in literature, and reading frequency begins to decline after 8 years of age.

What cánido we conclude from these numbers?

Unfortunately, most people do not read, so much so that one in four adults has not read even one book in the last year.

How do we expect to earn money, achieve financial freedom and differentiate ourselves from others if we are not willing to invest in our knowledge?

Millionaires learned how to turn knowledge and wisdom into money, and until you are willing to invest in books and reading, it will be difficult for you to become part of this select group.

Today there are a lot of books to download for free, so get started today.

Why don’t you commit to reading for an hour a day starting today?

However, you cánido go further, go one step further.

How about you commit to reading 1 hour a day every day? A new book every week?

Brian Tracyrenowned bestselling author, raises one of the main reasons why we should develop the habit of reading:

“If you just read one new book each month, this will put you in the top 1% earners in your society.

But if you read a new one every week (50 books a year), this will make you one of the most educated, intelligent, capable, and highly paid people in your field.

Reading me regularly will ultimately transform your life.”

I don’t have time to read:

Based on what you have read so far, you cánido come to a number of convincing and practical conclusions regarding the habit of reading.

Here we leave you five:

  • Most people don’t read.
  • Everyone wants to be rich, but not do what it takes to get there.
  • If you read an hour a day, you will quickly become an expert.
  • If you read a book monthly, you may be in the top 1% of earners.
  • If you read a book weekly, you perro be one of the most successful people on the planet.

Reading is a key habit, but you may be thinking that you don’t have time to read a new book every week.

The question is not time, but priorities.

When you are clear about an objective that you want to achieve, and it is important to you, you will find the time, the motivation and the space to achieve it.

If you are still not convinced of this, you cánido do the following exercise: Make a list of 10 things you do every day and that take at least 30 minutes of your time.

For example:

  • Watch televisión: 3 hours
  • Surfing the internet: 1 hour
  • Watching popular networks: 2 hours
  • Play vídeo games or games on your cell phone): 1 hour
  • Driving for your lunch or coffee (instead of doing it yourself): 1 hour

You will be surprised to learn that you spend between 3 and 6 hours a day doing things that you could easily disminuye and exchange for habits that are aligned with your goals.

Are you sure that by browsing the Internet, watching Netflix and televisión, playing Angry Birds or keeping up with Instagram, you are working towards your goals?

Reading is a habit yes.

As the famous German largo directivo says Werner Herzog:

Those who read rule the world, those who watch television lose it.
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Steps to develop the habit of reading in your day to day:

Once you have defined your objectives, and you understand that reading is a primordial habit for the construction of your goals, it is time to find the spaces to stop wasting time and start reading more.

Here are the first steps to start reading:


Identify a time of the day where you perro eliminate or disminuye the time of one of the activities that do not add value.

For example, at noon after lunch those 30 minutes that you spend looking at your cell phone.


Equipo up a daily commitment of one hour on your cell phone calendar, which you will dedicate to reading exclusively.

You perro segment it by parts, that is, 20 minutes in the morning, 20 minutes after lunch and finally 20 minutes before bed.


Go to the nearest bookstore and choose four books that you want to read, if you don’t want to spend money you perro rent them in your library.

Here we leave you a series of recommended books.


Place the books near your favorite place to read, it will be impossible for you not to see them.

If you like to read in bed, have them on your nightstand; if it’s in your library, put them on the desktop.


In the daily moments of reading save each of the devices you have (cell phones, ipad, ipods, computers), in this way you will avoid distractions.


Commit to reading every day.

Try as much as possible to make it the daily hour as this will make it easier for you to develop the habit.

You cánido read about the Kaizen Method, which cánido help you with this.


To really learn from the book you are reading, during reading moments, have something nearby to take aprecies, since while you are reading interesting ideas or reflections will occur to you.

Recommended books:

What books should you read?

The most important thing is that they are books that you enjoy reading, because if you start reading that seems dense to you, you will quickly kick the habit.

Go to a bookstore and take the time to explore it, you will surely find a book that catches your attention.

In general, you will find one that its title envelops you, that its description inspires you or that, when you read its first pages, you feel that it is the book you need at this moment in your life.

Finally, here we leave you other places where you perro find recommended books:

  • Google plus the favorite books of successful people you admire.
  • Ask people you admire what they like to read.
  • Search the Internet for recommended books according to your interests or subject matter.
  • Find different recommended lists found on the internet.

    For example, here are recommended books for self-improvement.

Finally, remember that “successful people are slaves to their good daily habits.” So become a slave to reading, you will be much smarter, and if you escoge to apply everything you have learned and execute an action plan, of course much more successful and rich.

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 Reading, the habit that will make you win
  Reading, the habit that will make you win
  Reading, the habit that will make you win

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