Publisuites | Earn MONEY with Twitter and

Publisuites | Earn MONEY with Twitter and

publisuites is a marketing platform located in Spain.

As we will see throughout this guide, the highlight of Publisuites is that it allows you to earn money in various ways and supports users from all countries.

Thanks to the different services offered by the platform, we cánido earn money with Twitter, with our blog or as content writers.

On the one hand, we will earn money for making mentions on Twitter.

Same as occurs in twync.

And on the other, for writing posts for other websites.

In the event that we have a blog, we cánido also write sponsored articles and get paid for it.

Besides, in Publisuites they have tools to improve SEO, so bloggers from all over the world perro increase the visibility of their websites by contracting the services offered by the platform.

Interesting right? Let’s see how it works and I’ll explain all the details.

To the mess!

What is Publisuites?

publisuites is an en línea marketing agency officially launched in 2014 by Mario Armenta.

It is legally registered in Spain and today it is considered one of the most important platforms when it comes to content marketing.

Publisuites’ mission is to bring together bloggers, advertisers, people who use Twitter on a regular basis and people who are good at writing in the same marketplace.

With this, it achieves two primordial things.

With such a large community of users, advertisers and companies from all over the world want Hire their services to give you greater visibility to your campaigns and web pages.

But how do they do it? Well there it is where do we entrar.

I will give an example to better understand the concept, but It is not the only way to earn plus money in Publisuites.

Suppose company A launches a campaign on Twitter and wants to make it go viral.

The best trick you have is to hire one of the services offered by Publisuites and buy mentions on Twitter.

In this case, they will ask us to RT or write a comment about the brand.

And in return, we will pay a certain amount of money.

Publisuites is present, among others, in Spain and in all Latin American countries.

Registration in Publisuites

Register in Publisuites it will only take a couple of minutes.

Whether we want to use the platform to earn money or to hire its services, we will need to create a personal usuario account.

To do this, if you want, you cánido follow the backlink below, which will take you directly to the registration form.

Then we will be asked to provide name and surname, a contact correo electrónico, password and our country of residence.

As soon as we fill in all the fields, we check the box accepting the TOS and clic on «Register me».

Go to registration form

As soon as we send the form we will receive an dirección de correo electrónico from Publisuites.

In it they will welcome us to the platform and they will attach a confirmation backlink.

To finish the registration, simply follow that backlink and wait for the system to redirect us back to the home page.

Now we cánido access our newly created account and explore the different sections that make up the web.

How Publisuites works

The operation of Publisuites is different depending on whether we are «Publishers» either “Advertisers”.

In this first block of the guide, since the iniciativa is to earn money, we are going to see the characteristics of our Publisher account.

And later we will talk at length about the services that we cánido hire as Advertisers.

Publisuites Editors Menu

When accessing our account as Editors, a menu appears on the left with all the sections.

Each one has a specific function, so let’s see what they are about.

In the same order in which they appear:

Start ➤ Main screen with our personal statistics, pending tasks, cómputo of money earned, etcétera.

websites ➤ If we have a website or a blog we cánido add it from here and earn money by publishing sponsored posts.

Twitter ➤ To earn money with Twitter, we will have to connect our account on the popular network with the Publisuites account.

Editors ➤ We cánido also become content writers, write articles and earn money with it.

In this case, It is not necessary to have your own website since we write for other websites.

paysuites ➤ Specific section for blog owners.

From here we cánido create our own “ad” and offer our services to companies and advertisers directly.

promotions ➤ Publisuites collaborates with other platforms in the campo and offers exclusive discounts if we register through its backlink.

Sales ➤ History of all the sales we have made in Publisuites.

Both those referring to Twitter and sponsored posts.

Purse ➤ Cómputo with the money we have earned to date.

If we also have an Advertiser account, we cánido transfer the cómputo from our Publisher account and spend it there.

Contact ➤ If we have any questions, we cánido always write to support and have them drop us a line.

How to make money on Publisuites

Having an Publisuites Publisher account we perro make money in three ways:

» Writing and publishing sponsored posts on our own website.

» Making mentions on Twitter as in socialpubli.

» Writing articles for other websites and receiving a remuneration in return.

Each of these three modalities works independently of the others.

Which means we cánido use one, two or all three and add money in various ways.

Depending on the modality we choose, we will have to configure our account in Publisuites in a certain way.

In this way, we will activate the reception of campaigns and we cánido start earning money.

Add a blog or website

The first method to earn money in Publisuites is to add a blog and publish sponsored posts.

In short, what it is about is writing a review about a company, product or service.

The company that hires that article seeks visibility.

and the bloggers you perro give it to them by posting that article on your blog.

The price to pay for writing and publishing a sponsored article is stipulated by the blogger.

For add a website At Publisuites we will do the following:

1- Let’s «Websites» and, in the upper right margin, clic on «+Add website».

2- Next we provide the url of the blog.

And in the next step, we add a brief description of the topic that is dealt with on our website and we select the topics that we accept to write about.

3- Finally, we have to verify that we are the owners of the blog that we are registering.

To do this, there are two options.

Upload an html archivo to the server or paste the misión-tag between the tags and .

Once we complete the process, our blog will be listed on the marketplace of Publisuites.

From this moment on, any company or brand that wishes to do so may hire our services.

And when it happens, they will contact us explaining how they want the article, number of backlinks, anchor text, etcétera.

Connect Twitter to Publisuites

The easiest way to earn money in Publisuites is using our Twitter account.

In addition, it is the most accessible modality of all since all we need is to have an account with activity on the popular network.

Something that practically all of us have today.

To connect our Twitter profile with the Publisuites account we will follow these three steps:

1- First of all we go to the section “Twitter” and clic on the blue button that says “Connect with Twitter”.

To backlink the account you have to start session and authorize permissions.

It is important to make it clear that this does not give Publisuites any type of control over our account on the popular network.

and evidently They will only publish publicaciones de Twitter that we have approved before.

2- If we have more than 1,000 followers on Twitter, a new window will open with different options.

In it we will indicate how much we want to earn for each sponsored mensaje de Twitter, what three themes we accept in our publications, if we write as companies or as individuals, language, country of our followers…

3- Once the application has been sent, it must be approved by the Publisuites team.

The process is necessary to check that all the data we have entered is correct.

And above all, that it is not a fake account.

As soon as they approve our account, will be available in the marketplace and we cánido start receiving orders.

It is important to put a Reasonable price to our publicaciones de Twitter.

If we are like that, it perro penalize us a lot.

A company values ​​the followers we have, our activity, the impact of our publications, etcétera.

If we equipo a high price, we will scare them away and they won’t want to hire us.

I leave a sample of what I usually earn for a mensaje de Twitter, a RT and a Like as a guide.

Apply as editors of Publisuites

In addition to Twitter, in Publisuites we cánido also earn money by collaborating as content writers.

What does a copywriter do? Well, create texts on a certain topic.

If we are good at writing and understand a little about SEO, it is there are probably companies interested in hiring us.

Many times, companies and bloggers in general they do not have the necessary time or knowledge to write a complete article.

In those cases, they outsource copywriters to help them create that content.

Publisuites requires three basic requirements to apply as a writer:

1- Good writing technique ➤ It is essential to have a good syntax and write the content in a way that makes sense.

Also, it is very important do not make spelling mistakes.

Remember to review them before sending the final text.

2- Structure the content well ➤ Apart from a good writing, it is highly valued that we divide the text following an order.

In short, that we structure the article in several paragraphs, with Heading H1, Headings H2, subheadings, etcétera.

3- Have basic knowledge of SEO ➤ Structuring the content is important, but so is incorporating palabras clave, linking correctly, etcétera.

Companies want their content to position the higher up the better and for this It is necessary to have some basic notions of SEO.

Access test for editors

To be a publisher of Publisuites you have to pass a test.

This consists of writing a free article.

That is, we cánido write a text dealing with the theme we want.

Once we submit the application, the team Publisuites will review it and respond to us within a maximum period of 48 hours..

When a company is interested in our services, Publisuites will contact us attaching the conditions of the offer.

Use Publisuites as advertisers

Do you have a website or an y también-commerce and want to improve its visibility and receive more visits? In that case, surely you are interested in hiring the services of Publisuites.

According to studies carried out by Google plus, the higher up a website appears in the search results, the more visits it receives.

And as a consequence, more conversions you get, which ultimately means earning more money.

But how perro Publisuites help to improve the performance of a website? Well, using all the actions publishers take to earn money.

Either through mentions on Twitter, reviews in specialized media and articles written by editors.

Available services

Below I will detalla the services offered by Pubisuites to its advertisers and the benefits that contracting one service or another.

Sponsored blog posts ➤ Sponsored posts are content that a blogger writes to later publish it on their blog and share it with their audience.

They have a minimum length of 500 words and cánido include up to 4 palabras clave with their respective urls.

Reviews in specialized media and digital newspapers ➤ Reviews work in a afín way to sponsored posts with the difference that they are published in the press.

Not on weblogs.

The same medium is responsible for writing the review, which must contain a minimum of 500 words and cánido include up to 4 palabras clave with urls included.

Buy texts from editors ➤ If we do not have enough time to meet our publication schedule, we perro always complejo turístico to the services of a content writer.

He or she will be in charge of writing our texts.

In this way we we will save work and we will have well-structured posts.

Twitter campaigns ➤ If we want to improve the reach of our publications on popular networks, we cánido hire this type of campaign on Twitter.

In order for the campaigns to be optimal, Publisuites allows us to filter the influencers based on different parameters.

Publisuites collaborates with more than 9,000 media from different niches and with more than 600 newspapers.

Advertisers Menu

To access our Advertiser account in Publisuites we have to use the same credentials as to access our Editor account.

Once inside, we will see a side menu with all the sections that make up the portal.

Start ➤ General summary of our account.

Websites & Weblogs ➤ List of all weblogs and websites available to hire sponsored posts in Publisuites.

We perro segment the search by price, country, metrics, traffic, theme, etcétera.

newspapers ➤ Compilation of all the digital newspapers that collaborate with Publisuites.

As with websites and weblogs, we perro also filter the search based on various parameters.

Twitter ➤ From here we cánido contract and create our campaigns on Twitter.

Editors ➤ To hire the services of a writer we will go here.

A list will appear with all the editors that are available and the ratings they have received in previous tasks.

Managed Service ➤ If we manage a budget of more than €200, we cánido contract this service and obtain exclusive discounts.

Advice ➤ If we have any questions, we cánido contact our manager and he will give us a cable without any kind of commitment.

promotions ➤ Publisuites collaborates with other agencies and offers its users discounts and offers on SEO tools, marketing, content and writing.

Tools ➤ To search for a specific web page and find out if it is available.

Shopping ➤ History with all the purchases we have made on the platform.

Purse ➤ Section to top up the account cómputo.

Contact ➤ To send a direct message to the support team.

From the Publisuites marketplace we perro review, among other data, the SEO metrics of a website.

I put a screenshot with the metrics of a newspaper as an example.

Publisuites affiliate system

In Publisuites we cánido also earn money by recommending the platform.

On the one hand, we cánido invite other people to become «Publishers» and, in turn, earn money with Twitter, with your blog or as content writers.

And on the other, we cánido invite “Advertisers” who want to improve the positioning of their website or enhance their visibility on Twitter.

The Publisuites affiliation system is divided into two, depending on whether our guest emplees his Publisher account or his Advertiser account.

The conditions will be one or the other depending on the type of usuario:

✅ For every friend that joins Publisuites with our backlink and earn money as a Publisher we will receive 5% of all sales you make.

As is logical, our guest does not lose anything, since the 5% commission is given by Publisuites as a plus for recommending the platform.

✅ In the event that our guest becomes an Advertiser, we will receive a 12% compensation on the first top-up of cómputo to do.

As with the Editors, our guest you don’t have to overpay or anything like that.

The 12% commission is paid by Publisuites.

publisuites pay

At this point, the million dollar question is: Does Publisuites pay or not? And the answer is very fácil:Of course it pays! As I said in the introduction, it is a totally reliable platform and has been en línea for many yearsso we cánido work the site with the certainty that we will be paid.

At Publisuites we cánido withdraw earnings through two methods:

PayPal ➤ It works for everyone and the minimum withdrawal is only €5.

Bank transfer ➤ Withdrawals through a bank are from €25 and are only available to users residing in the EU.

Before requesting a withdrawal we have to add our tax data before.

For this, we will go to “Profile” and, at the top, clic on the tab “Tax data”.

There they will ask us to provide our name, surname, address and country of residence, telephone and our ID, passport, etcétera.

How to request a payment

To request a payment in Publisuites we will do the following:

1- First we are going to “Start” and we clic on “Request payment”.

2- We entrar the amount we want to collect, select the withdrawal method and clic on “Request payment”.

3- The payment will be pending review.

As soon as Publisuites approves it, they will send us the money within a maximum period of 10 business days.

If we are self-employed, we have to send the invoice to Publisuites.

On the contrary, as individuals, the platform will be in charge of making the invoice.

One issue that we must keep in mind in Publisuites is the one related to taxes.

Both to add funds and to withdraw them.

In my case, as I live and pay taxes in Spain, the tax to pay is 21%.

Hence, although I withdrew €20 from the platform, a clean €15.80 has come to Paypal.

Main features of Publisuites

Given how Publisuites works, it seems appropriate to make a brief analysis exposing the most important characteristics.

As always, the assessments that I make of all the portals, aplicaciones and platforms that I work on are based on in my own experience.

And in my opinion, the most outstanding of Publisuite are these:

✅ Publisuites it’s completely free.

Both for Publishers and Advertisers.

In the first case, we have already talked about the methods that we have at hand to earn plus money.

And in the second, you just have to pay for contracted servicesbut never a membership or a fee to keep the account active.

✅ I have been using Publisuites for a long time and it is a platform in which it is very easy to earn money.

Especially with Twitter campaigns.

There aren’t usually many, nor are they usually paid at stratospheric prices, but taking into account the time it takes to articulo a comment, give a Like or make a RT… Regarding the work as an editor and sponsored posts, you perro make a lot more money than with Twitter campaigns… but also require much more time and skill to write.

✅ The Publisuites Support team is excellent.

When we register to the platform, we are assigned a Manager in the Publisher account and another in the Advertiser account.

This Manager is in charge of guide us and help us in everything we need.

In my view, this figure is greatly appreciated, since it allows us to resolve doubts faster and expedite the contracting of services.

Reviews of Publisuites

Platforms such as Publisuites, Socialpubli or coobies they do double duty.

On the one hand, they offer quality article writing services and content promotion on Twitter.

Two aspects highly valued by Advertisers.

But also, offer the possibility to twitterers, editors and bloggers to earn money as Editors.

And best of all, both functions feed back into each other.

There are always advertisers interested in hiring writers or boosting certain posts on Twitter.

And there we are, the Publishers, who are always willing to collaborate with Advertisers in exchange for economic remuneration.

At Publisuites everyone wins.

Advertisers improve their reputation on the web while Publishers earn plus money.

To consider

Before finishing, I want to leave a recommendation for all the people who want to work as content writers in Publisuites.

Before submitting your test text or (once approved) an article, review it two or three times.

Remember that the text must be well structured, with titles, subtitles, without spelling mistakes… If you don’t have notions of SEO, you perro take a look at this guide to writing quality postswhich will be very helpful to you.

Finally, we have come this far.

I hope that With this Publisuites guide you cánido get the most out of it. to the platform.

Whether you use it to earn money or hire their services as advertisers.

In any case, as always, if you have any questions or want to ask me something, you perro write a comment below or contact me through popular networks.

Until next time!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

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 Publisuites |  Earn MONEY with Twitter and
  Publisuites |  Earn MONEY with Twitter and
  Publisuites |  Earn MONEY with Twitter and

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