Publisuites | Earn money and improve your SEO

Publisuites | Earn money and improve your SEO

publisuites is one of the leading content marketing platforms out there right now.

It is an excellent place where we cánido earn money as a publisher or improve the positioning of any en línea business that we are up to.

If you are active on popular media and have a respectable following, you perro earn quite a bit of money by doing sponsored posts on popular media.

You perro also earn money as a content editor if you have a blog, since you cánido write paid articles by setting the price of them yourself.

It is a fully regulated and registered company in Spain, created by people with extensive experience in the ámbito, in fact, as I said, it is currently one of the most used platforms to promote any en línea project.


Publisuites is a great platform dedicated to content marketing where you perro earn money with your popular networks, writing sponsored articles on your blog and improve the web positioning of your en línea business.

What does Publisuites offer us?

Publisuites essentially offers the possibility of uniting advertisers and publishers, as well as companies or fácil active users in popular networks in the same place where some sell their products in exchange for reviews, sponsored posts, publications in popular networks, etcétera.

This means that we are facing a platform that not only offers the opportunity to earn money en línea, it also offers the opportunity to blow up that en línea project that you have just started or have been stuck for a long time, giving it authority.

All this in a company that was founded no less than in 2014 and since then has grown like foam, expanding to more than 40 countries throughout the world, which clearly speaks of the tremendous reliability and good work of the company. people behind her.

Open an account in Publisuites

At Publisuites we cánido open up to two different accounts, both free.

You perro register both without problem or just one depending on your objective, the accounts in question are as a publisher or advertiser.

This account is designed for anyone who wants to earn money in Publisuites, either with a blog or any of the popular networks that the platform supports.

Nor are they going to make great demands on us, as for your website or blog you will have to have your own domain and a minimum of quality.

Regarding popular networks, we must have a minimum of 1,000 followers on Twitter.

  • Registration as advertisers

Ideal for anyone who wants to give a boost to the SEO of their web project, either by buying backlinks, reviews, sponsored posts or directly getting more traffic or sales on popular networks.

The registration, as I said, is completely free, we are only going to have to fill in a fácil form with the information requested, then we confirm the account through the verification backlink that they will send us and that’s it, we will have the account created.

How Publisuites works

The operation is very fácil, we are going to separate it into two parts, since there are 2 different accounts.

First we will review the operation of the publisher account and then the advertiser account.

Account for publishers

When creating an account for publishers and accessing it, we will have to add everything with which we want to earn money, our blog, popular networks or offer our service as a writer.


    Add website

By clicking on this option we cánido add our website or blog, where we will indicate its url, theme, etcétera.

We must also indicate other basic information, such as the type of sponsored posts that we are going to accept, the limit of backlinks per article and the price that we are going to charge for each of them.

Lastly, and as an obvious security measure, we are going to have to prove that we are the owners of the website by verifying the identity through a misión tag in the header, an html archivo in the root directory or through Google plus Analytics, don’t worry, it’s all quite fácil. do.


    add editor

Another interesting feature in Publisuites is that we cánido earn money as a content writer.

For this we are going to have to demonstrate our skills by sending an essay of about 500 words where you demonstrate your originality.

You must also indicate the themes in which you want to focus your writings.

When sending the text we will have to wait a bit for the platform administration to verify that it meets the minimum quality required and they approve us as an editor.


    Add popular networks

One of the favorite parts of everyone who wants to earn here is doing it through popular media posts.

Registering a popular network account is a quick and easy process.

We just have to choose one of them and clic where it says “Connect with Twitter”, the platform will assign us a PSRank, which will determine how much money we will charge for each publication.

It is obvious that the more followers we have, the more they will pay us.

account for advertisers

Advertisers are the ones who pay the money that publishers earn in exchange for advertising their business through different methods in order to get audience, traffic, sales, etcétera.

Publisuites is used mostly by advertisers who want to get quality backlinks or promotion of their articles with the aim of improving the positioning of a certain articulo or web page.

Here we cánido find hundreds of different categories where we will be able to promote our businesses, in fact it is one of the sites where we have the most to choose from.

Web page filter

The page has thousands of registered users, so it is impossible for an advertiser not to find the desired segment or a quality site to advertise, the offer is very varied.

All themes are accepted except for porn, so wherever your business is oriented, you will find opportunities for dissemination in Publisuites.

referral system

Another interesting aspect if you have a broadcast medium is that we will be able to earn money with the Publisuites affiliate program.

For each usuario who registers on the web using your registration backlink, you will earn 5% of all the benefits that the guest gets within the platform for life.

It is true that other pages on the same theme such as Prensarank or Coobis cánido pay more, but it is also something that we cánido take advantage of, also we must not forget that Publisuites is the one with the greatest interaction from advertisers, for So usually you perro make good money with this system.

How to collect from Publisuites

Collecting in Publisuites is a fácil task, since the payment threshold if we use Paypal is only 5 euros, if, on the other hand, you want to withdraw the profits obtained by bank transfer, we will have to accumulate a minimum of 50 euros.

To request the payment, just clic on the green button “Request Payment”then we will only have to wait a couple of weeks for the money to reach us.

Upon receipt of payment we will have to issue an invoice.

If we are a company that pays taxes in Spain, we must send the invoice with the requested amount agregado VAT, the amount of VAT will be paid by them.

For freelancers or companies from Europe or Latin America, we will send the net amount without VAT and finally, if we are a fácil usuario, what we will have to do is send our personal data and they themselves will take care of issuing the invoice.

In any case, as you cánido deduce, we are dealing with a company that scrupulously complies with the current law, so we are talking about a reliable site and that, therefore, will pay us without any setback.

Review about Publisuites

Publisuites is one of the main content marketing platforms that we will be able to find, it has a wide variety of options whether you want to earn money or if all you want is to promote your business.

You will find hundreds of opportunities whatever the category you are looking for, since in terms of number of users it is in the first place without a doubt.

Everything in it is fácil, you won’t have any problem in mastering it and on top of that you will have at your fingertips a tool with practically unlimited potential, with which you will improve your web positioning and at the same time earn money with any of its features.

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 Publisuites |  Earn money and improve your SEO
  Publisuites |  Earn money and improve your SEO
  Publisuites |  Earn money and improve your SEO

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