Publisuites: Earn free money with your site

Publisuites: Earn free money with your site

publisuites is an en línea platform that connects advertisers looking to get an audience and backlinks for their y también-commerce or businesswith editors (or also known as publishers or bloggers) who seek to monetize their advertising spaces, affiliates or direct advertisers who manage to capture as sponsors.

In Publisuites you cánido be a publisher or advertiser. As a publisher you perro generate income with sponsored articles and with your popular networks (Twitter, Instagram); and as an advertiser you cánido advertise your products or services to people interested in the product you offer.

General data of Pusblisuites

Publisuites began its operations in 2014 in Spain. It is a serious and legally constituted company. Your data is as follows:

  • Publisuites SL
  • B70428354
  • C/​ ​Doctor​ ​Fleming​ 6,​ ​Local​ ​2,​ ​1D
  • ZIP:​ ​28703
  • San Sebastián de los Reyes, La capital de españa, (Spain)

Basic notions of Pusblisuites

platform management Publisuites has been operating since 2014 No problems with users.
withdrawals They cánido be requested from €5and the means of payment are: PayPal and bank transfer.
Deposits You cánido make deposits through PayPal and Bank Transfer.
referrals It has a direct referral system, and you earn the 5% of your sales.
Languages Spanish, but it perro be translated with the Google plus Google chrome translator.
accepted countries Users from all over the world perro earn money.
Activity Publishers, Advertisers, Advertising, Popular networks.
Pay? Yes, Publisuites makes payments without problems.

Registration and first steps in Publisuites

Registration in Publisuites is free and fácil, and you cánido do it by clicking here. When entering you must complete the data, accept the terms and conditions, and finally send the information. If they send you a confirmation correo electrónico, then you go to your e-e correo electrónico and verify your account. You are doing this registration as a publisher to earn money, since there is another registration as an advertiser.

Registration Form

You perro register to earn free money in Publisuites from the following backlink: Go to Publisuites.

After registration you must entrar the section of the setting of your account and complete the necessary data, which must be real. In this section you perro complete the general data of your profile and your tax data, since the company works with real people, so you must entrar real data.

How does Public Suites work?

Publisuites is a company that offers services to advertisers and people who want to generate income. Each type of usuario has a different record, since their purpose on the platform is different. Despite this, the platform gives you the possibility of being both a publisher (earn money) and an advertiser at the same time.

On this platform if you are advertiseryou perro increase your visibility or the positioning of a website or business by appearing on weblogs and popular media accounts, and if you are a editoryou cánido earn money by monetizing your website or blog, popular networks and participating in the affiliate program.

Publisuites for Advertisers

As advertiser You cánido access thousands of websites/weblogs and popular media accounts to promote your business. You will improve the positioning and visibility of your business on the Internet.

By registering you will have access to thousands of weblogs, Twitter accounts and Instagram accounts with which you cánido promote your business at a very low-cost. When you get people to talk about you on the Internet, you will achieve greater influence and raise the positioning of your brand.

By making a presence in other weblogs of your theme, you will be able to reflect a greater confidence for your en línea customers. If the editor does not perform the work you requested properly, your cómputo will be refunded to your account without problem.

Publisuites for publishers

As editor you perro earn free money in Publisuites with your website, Twitter account and Instagram account. When you sign up, advertisers may ask you to sponsor their brand in exchange for the amount you think is appropriate.

To be part of Publisuites you will not have to pay anything. Advertisers may hire your services without the need for you to pay anything. In Publisuites you perro put the price of your service and you perro modify it whenever you want.

How to earn free money in Publisuites as a publisher?

You perro earn free money in Publisuites in different ways which are: with sponsored articles, with your Twitter account, with your Instagram account, with the Paysuites system and with the referral system. Below are these ways to earn money:

You cánido earn money in Publisuites making sponsored articles, where you will have the possibility to put a price on your work. Advertisers must first make ordersand to achieve this you must add at least one website and complete the form for editors.

To complete the form for editors you must entrar the section “Editors” and complete the information indicated in this form. You cánido add a website to your account from the “Websites” section and add the website you want. Here you cánido see all your websites and manage them. The sales you make cánido be seen in the “Sales” section.

You only have to wait for orders to start coming to you, since advertisers choose the users that suit you best. So make sure you fill out the editor form correctly and that your website is very attractive to advertisers.

Twitter account

If you have an account Twitter With more than 1000 followers, Publisuites will pay you for making mentions with your popular network. You will only have to add your Twitter account and earn money with just accept the request. To add your Twitter account you must entrar the “Twitter” section and follow the steps indicated. The sales you make cánido be seen in the “Sales” section.

Instagram account

If you have an account instagram With a good number of followers you cánido monetize it with Publisuites. To achieve this you must entrar the section “instagram” and add your Instagram account to be able to monetize it with the platform. The sales you make perro be seen in the “Sales” section.


paysuites is a way to sell sponsored posts to clients outside of the Publisuites platform. This is quite good, since you are not limited to selling your posts to Publisuites users, but to the whole world. For every sale you make using this system you will earn 95% of the sale price.

To achieve this you must entrar the section “paysuites”, where you perro see the websites that you have added to Publisuites. If you want to use this system on any of your websites, you must check the option “Public viewing” of the indicated website, with which it will be aparente outside the platform. You cánido share the backlink related to that website and people cánido buy your articulo.


Publisuites provides the opportunity to earn money with the referral system. The part of the referrals will be presented later.

Referral system in Publisuites

Another way to earn money in Publisuites is with your affiliate system. This page has two systems that will depend on the type of account your affiliates have.

If you invite an editor

If a usuario registers in Publisuites as a publisher with your affiliate backlink you will earn a 5% of the sales it achieves get. These commissions will be added to your wallet automatically and you perro withdraw them if you exceed the minimum charge of €5.

If you invite an advertiser

If a usuario registers as an advertiser you will earn the 12% of the first credit recharge what to do on the platform. This cómputo perro only be used to purchase services within Publisuites.

Payments in Publisuites

In Publisuites you cánido request a payment through PayPal or Bank Transfer (only for Spain). The minimum charge will depend on the payment method you choose. If you withdraw your earnings through PayPal, the minimum payment is €5If, on the contrary, you escoge to withdraw your earnings by bank transfer, the minimum payment is €50.

To withdraw your earnings you must entrar the “Wallet/Request payment” section and follow the steps indicated. From this section you cánido spend your cómputo to your advertiser cómputo. In addition, in the “Wallet” section, you will be able to see the cómputo of your account and the statistics of your account.


Publisuites is a platform reliable to generate income, since it has real people who are behind the platform. It is also a company legally established, which indicates that the company has good fundamentals. The company has never had a problem making the various payments to users.

Publisuites is a great alternative to monetize your blog and your popular networks Without much effort. The best thing about this page is that it has an extensive network of advertisers who are willing to pay for the services they offer. You perro also register as an advertiser and increase your popularity on the Internet.

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 Publisuites: Earn free money with your site
  Publisuites: Earn free money with your site
  Publisuites: Earn free money with your site

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