PubliPaid is Fraud or Really Pays

PubliPaid is Fraud or Really Pays

Is PubliPaid a Fraud or Does it Really Pay?. This is a platform that allows us to earn money by watching ads, it’s like a PTC, since we cánido rent referrals to earn money faster and increase the amount of money we earn.

Currently, the platform has passed to new administrators and they have also updated the entire platform, in this article we will talk about these changes.

PubliPaid what it is and how it works

Publipaid is an advertising company that is dedicated to helping and positioning the brands of its community, providing high-quality services and at the same time giving you the opportunity to earn money through bonuses and rewards when you purchase the platform’s services, in addition to the ease of seeing ads, with which you will earn money for each ad seen.

How to earn money with PubliPaid?

The first thing you should do to start earning money is to open an account registeronce you have registered on the page you must verify your account by uploading a personal identity document.

The verification of the account takes between 24 to 48 hours, once your account has been verified, you will be able to start seeing the ads because this option is disabled until the verification process is complete.

As we have already mentioned, you perro earn money by watching the estándar ads to earn ad points, if you have a paid membership you will be able to watch ads to earn USDT.

Perro you rent referrals in this new version of PubliPaid?

No, this option is no longer available, since this was pure smoke and was not sustainable, in fact it is the genere of the oversupply of public points within the platform, what if there will be a new referral plan.

What is the new PubliPaid cómputo called?

USDT, and this will be generated in the following ways:

  • #1 Ad Display.
  • #2 Referral plan.
  • #3 Commission of the residual income system.
  • #4 Sale of cómputo in public points in the SM.

What is the minimum withdrawal on PubliPaid?

The minimum withdrawal is 10 USDT. All withdrawals have a 5% discount on the withdrawal commission, you cánido cancel them at public points, the cost of the transaction is borne by the usuario. Withdrawals are processed every Friday at 3:00 p.m. in Peru and Colombia. Withdrawals requested after this time will be processed the following Friday.

PubliPaid is Fraud or Really Pays

I am currently testing the new version and update of the platform, as soon as I have my proof of payment I will upload a vídeo, but I will tell you the information that I have collected from other people about this company. PubliPaid is currently paying, in the PubliPaid Telegram group there are those who have uploaded their proof of payments.

PubliPaid is reliable

As in all businesses, there will always be people who have doubts about the stability of the business, if it is reliable or if it is not going to disappear with the money from the users, as many companies have done that work at first, but then disappear.

This company has been en línea for at least several years, despite the fact that it has only changed its administrator, they have updated it and that is points in favor of the fact that they are working to make the platform sustainable over time.

PubliPaid Vídeo Tutorial

Recommendations on PubliPaid

Those of us who live on the internet have seen many businesses and companies rise and fall, others still remain, My recommendation is that you take advantage of every business opportunity that arises while it is still running and be one of those that make a profit.

It is true that you have to be careful when investing money in a company en línea, I always recommend documentation, you have to be well documented about the company before starting to work with it.

My PubliPaid Experience (UPDATED 2023)

The company PubliPaid has currently made a new update to its platformlater we will be uploading more vídeos offering fresh and updated information, but you cánido register now.

Alternatives to PubliPaid

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 PubliPaid is Fraud or Really Pays
  PubliPaid is Fraud or Really Pays
  PubliPaid is Fraud or Really Pays

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