PubliPaid » Earn money by watching ads and

PubliPaid » Earn money by watching ads and

PubliPaid is an advertising platform based on the pay-per-clic model (PTC) that allows you earn free money by watching ads.

Advertisers pay PubliPaid to display their ads to users.

Every time you visit one of these ads, then you will earn money on PubliPaid.

Also on this platform you cánido advertise any website you want.

PubliPaid is a platform for Panamawhich belongs to the group Owloo LLC, Inc.

SAand the same began its operation in June 2017, and since then it has become a trusted advertising platform to earn free money by viewing ads.

You perro multiply your earnings by renting referrals.

PubliPaid Basics

Platform management: PubliPaid has been operating since June 2017.

It is a platform of Panamaand belongs to the group Owloo LLC, Inc.


Withdrawals: They cánido be requested from $10 through bitcoin, PayPal, Payeer, Payoneer, Payza, Perfect Money and many more.

Deposits: You perro make deposits starting at $10 through bitcoin, PayPal, Payeer, Payoneer, Payza, Perfect Money and many more.

Direct referrals: You win the 10% in commissions from your referrals up to 6 levels deep.

rented referrals You earn commissions from your referrals up to 6 levels deep.

you get the 5%, 3%, 2%, 1%, 1% and 1% respectively at each level.

Languages: Spanish and English, but it cánido be translated with the Google plus Google chrome translator.

Accepted countries: Users from all over the world perro earn money.

Activity: Announcements, publicity
Pay? Yes, PubliPaid pays him to its users without problems.

Registration and first steps in PubliPaid

Registration in PubliPaid is free and easy, and you cánido do it by clicking here.

When you entrar, complete the information requested, solve the captcha, accept the terms and conditions, send the information, and then you must go to your dirección de correo electrónico and verify your account.

With this your account will be created correctly.

Registration Form

You perro register in PubliPaid from the following backlink: Go to PubliPaid.

Verification of your account

When logging in you must fill in your personal data and verify your identity by sending an identity document.

To complete your data you must go to personal information and complete the information requested with your real data.

To verify your identity you must go to verify account, where you will have to attach your identity document (both sides of your document), and send those documents so that PubliPaid cánido verify your account.

You will not be able to see ads or collect your winnings If you do not have your account verified with the identification document which needs to be sent.

This verification is necessary, because payment transactions are made from Person to personso the platform needs to know that we are real people, and that the transactions will be safe.

How does PublicPaid work?

PubliPaid is a platform that offers two great services: on the one hand it allows you to earn free money for viewing ads, and on the other hand it allows you to advertise your website.

Advertisers and make money

Earn money: As a usuario you will have the opportunity to earn free money by watching ads, for the deposits you make on the platform and with the direct and rented referral system provided by the platform.

Advertisers: As a usuario you will have the ability to buy advertising in different ways and see how your website or business receives traffic from real people, which cánido bring you many sales.

Steps to start

To get started with PubliPaid, after registering and setting up your account (account verification), you cánido start earning free money on PubliPaid or advertise your website, depending on what you want to do.

Perro earn money and advertise your website at the same time.

When you log in you will be able to see the statistics of your cómputos, the deposit and withdrawal of funds, your referral backlink, the income of referrals and the main statistics of your direct and rented referrals.

How to earn money on PubliPaid?

You perro earn money in PubliPaid by viewing ads, depositing money on the platform and with the referral system provided by the platform.

Below I explain in detail the different ways to earn money in PubliPaid.

See ads

You cánido earn money in PubliPaid with aadvertising announcements. You only have to display ads for a certain time, and then close them.

With this you will obtain a remuneration for advertisements that goes from $0.001 onwards.

The ads that last the longest are the ones that pay the most.

In order to work on the ads part, you must go to See ads, then entrar and see the ads that are displayed, which will open in a new window, and you must wait a few seconds to get your commission.

Deposits on the platform

The PubliPaid platform allows you to earn money for each deposit you make.

PubliPaid pays you the 5% the amount you deposit.

If you deposit $100 dollars, then you will earn $5 as a profit.

you perro perform deposits on the PubliPaid platform from the deposit option.

The deposit methods that you cánido use are: PayPal, Neteller, bitcoin, Wester Union, MoneyGram, bank transfer, cash deposit, Rapipago, Skrill, Payeer, bank card, AirTM, market payment, WebMoney, OkPay, Payza, Xoom, SolidTrustPay and PerfectMoney.


PubliPaid gives you the opportunity to earn commissions for every person who signs up with your referral backlink and for the rented referrals.

Later on, the part of the referrals will be presented.

Referral system in PubliPaid

The PubliPaid platform has a system of direct and rented referrals from up to 6 levels deep, with which you perro increase profits.

Direct referrals are those who register on the platform with your referral backlink, however rented referrals are those that you rent from PubliPaid for a certain period of time.

Both types of referrals will generate the same earnings for the ads they see and both have 6 levels of referrals.

direct referrals

The direct referrals they will give you profits as long as they are active on the platform generating profits.

you will get the 10% in profit of what your referrals do in 6 depth levels.

To obtain the earnings, those referrals must be verified in PubliPaid.

rented referrals

The rented referrals they will give you profit during 1 year.

When that period of time ends you perro renew the time of those referrals, otherwise those referrals will stop being rented from you and another usuario will be able to rent them.

You get as profit 5%, 3%, 2%, 1%, 1% and 1% respectively at each depth level.

Rented referrals that do not clic in the last 3 days will be removed and replaced free of charge by other rented referrals.

rent referrals

PubliPaid gives you the possibility to rent referrals by packages.

You perro rent referrals during 1 full year from $10 onwards.

For an amount of $10 you will get 25 referrals that will generate a total profit of $43.20 during the year you have those referrals.

The PubliPaid platform guarantees that if your Rented referrals do not generate profit, so the company will return your money.

You cánido rent referral packages unlimitedthat is to say that as long as you have a cómputo you cánido continue renting referral packages.


You cánido find your referral backlink in my account (you perro also find promotional banners), your direct referrals perro be found in direct referrals, your rented referrals cánido be found in rented referrals and you perro rent referrals from the rent referrals option.

Payments in PubliPaid

You cánido request a withdrawal from $10and you cánido also deposit money from $10 on the platform.

The means of withdrawal and deposit that perro be used are the same, that is to say that you perro use the same means of payment both to deposit and to withdraw your earnings.

you cánido perform deposits and withdrawals on the PubliPaid platform through the following means of payment: PayPal, Neteller, bitcoin, Wester Union, MoneyGram, bank transfer, cash deposit, Rapipago, Skrill, Payeer, bank card, AirTM, payment market, WebMoney, OkPay, Payza , Xoom, SolidTrustPay and Perfect Money.

How do withdrawals and deposits work?

The withdrawals and deposits that are made do not depend on PubliPaid, that is, the platform does not intervene to withdraw your earnings or to deposit money.

Withdrawals and deposits are made from Person to personmeaning that when you request a withdrawal, you request it from a verified PubliPaid usuario, and when you make a deposit you send it to a verified PubliPaid usuario.

When you do a Withdrawal of fundsFor the person who is going to send you the payment, it is a deposit, so that person, when you make that deposit, will make a profit, because we know that PubliPaid pays for each deposit we make on the platform.

This is good, since everyone gains from the transaction made.

The deposits perro be done safely, as PubliPaid retains the full amount as guarantee deposit for the time of the transaction.

This way of doing withdrawals and deposits is the main reason why PubliPaid needs the identification document, so that transactions are made between real people and not between artificial people.

If there is a problem in the transactions, then the participants of that transaction will be called upon to solve the problem.


Withdrawals and deposits within PubliPaid have a series of steps that must be fulfilled for its correct completion.


To perform the withdrawals You must go to Withdraw.

When entering, entrar the amount you want to withdraw, choose the payment methods in which you cánido receive the payment, choose the time in which you want to receive your payment (remember that the payment will be made by another PubliPaid usuario), entrar your cell phone number so that the person who is going to pay you perro contact you so that they cánido coordinate the payment and finally articulo the withdrawal request.

You just have to wait for the payer to contact you to make the payment.


To perform the deposits must go to deposit.

Upon entering, all the users to whom you cánido make a deposit are shown, along with the means of payment they have available to receive the deposit that you are going to make.

Choose the beneficiary and entrar to deposit, where you will see the beneficiary’s information and you must accept the terms and Conditions of the transaction.

Before submitting the application for deposit you should try to communicate with the beneficiary to agree the details of the payment and Accept the terms and conditions of the transaction.

When sending the deposit request you will have a chat to be able to communicate with the beneficiary during the transaction process, along with the steps to follow to make the deposit.

After completing payment duty confirm payment.

By confirming the payment you agree that the terms and conditions of the person have been met.

If you confirm the transaction, and you haven’t made the payment yet, then PubliPaid will penalize your account for attempted fraud.

Upon confirming the payment, then the transaction is placed in the confirmed state, ending that transaction.

When the beneficiary confirms the payment, then the cómputo that you deposited agregado the commission for the deposit will be will be credited to your account cómputo from PubliPaid.

manage operations

To manage the withdrawals and payments made in your account, you must go to manage operations, where you cánido see this information.

Advertisers on PubliPaid

In PubliPaid you perro buy advertising for promote your website, business or blog, and thus obtain clients and sales of your products and services.

You cánido create ads of different types and aimed at different audiences.

In order to create your ads and promote them, you must go to Advertise, where you will see the instructions you must follow to advertise your website.


PubliPaid is a platform that has long time paying to its users.

Every day PubliPaid allows you to make the corresponding payments.

It’s a platform reliable, since it has a quite long and effective work history.

The platform has been operating since 2017 No problem.

They have never had problems with payments to users.

It is a platform that every day is getting better, and you cánido make this platform a source of great income in the short and medium term.

This platform has a sustainable business model.

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 PubliPaid » Earn money by watching ads and
  PubliPaid » Earn money by watching ads and
  PubliPaid » Earn money by watching ads and

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