Public!deas: The best spaces

Public!deas: The best spaces

Public!deas is an affiliate platform that allows us to monetize our website or blog by adding advertising banners. It currently has more than 1,200 active campaigns, 90% of which are exclusive and you will not find them on any other platform.

If you have a web page or a blog, in Public!deas you will find campaigns that adapt to the theme of your site, yes or yes. It has an overwhelming number of campaigns and each of them with various banner formats and sizes to adapt them to any area of ​​your advertising space. The page is in multiple languages, including Spanish, so we won’t have any difficulty navigating through it.

icon-tasks Data sheet:

icon-check-square Public!deas belongs to the French company timeonegroup, a group with extensive experience in the world of affiliate marketing.icon-usuario It accepts users of all nationalities.icon-flag Language: The Public!deas page is available in several languages, including Spanish.icon-group Public!deas has its own affiliate system with which we will earn 3 euros for each affiliate registered under your backlink.icon-credit-card Payment methods used: Bank transfer, the minimum payment is 100 euros.

START WORKING AS AFFILIATE AT PUBLIC!DEASOnce registered we will have to wait for our account to be approved, we must be patient because it cánido take up to several weeks to respond positively to our request. If we are finally accepted, we will have to entrar our account and start looking for campaigns for our blog.

To do this, clic on the Program where it says catalogue, a section will open with the flags of the countries that have campaigns on the web. We just clic on the country and we will see all the programs that are destined for that territory in Public!deas.

We perro objetivo our campaigns based on the nationality of the users of your blog, that is, if your users mostly come from México, for example, you cánido choose the campaign you want aimed at that population, which will undoubtedly help you. to increase sales significantly.

The commissions we receive will depend on the terms of each advertiser, they cánido be for each clic, per impression, per sale or per registration. The remuneration we receive for each sale will depend on what was previously agreed between the advertiser and Public!deas.

In some campaigns we will be accepted immediately, while others (the most) will have to wait for review or we may even be rejected immediately. Do not worry, there are so many campaigns that it will not be very difficult for you to be approved in one that interests you.

Conclusion on Public!deasIf you have several weblogs and want to monetize them, it is always good to be on several affiliate platforms, it will be much easier to find advertising campaigns that are well adapted to the content of your websites.

Public!deas is a leader in affiliate marketing with campaigns tailored to certain countries that are very well paid. Personally, I have found some that are very well suited to the theme of making money on the Internet, such as some paid survey pages that I’m promoting. If you are interested, I invite you to register through the banner.

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 Public!deas: The best spaces
  Public!deas: The best spaces
  Public!deas: The best spaces

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