PTC Strategies

PTC Strategies

How’s the afternoon going friends? Today I want to talk to you about the PTC strategies that I am following for some of the pages that I work on, specifically in Uniclique, Cliquesteria and Buxcap.

These are some of the ones I work on, but I wanted to focus on them.

Let’s go one by one:


I’ve been working on it since May, I’ve gotten two payments, which exceed 9 dollars (it seems little, I know).

Without many direct referrals, which is undoubtedly what makes the world move and makes us earn money.

You perro read the first entry of Uniclique here.

But for the lazy, I will remind you that it is a PTC, whose minimum payment is $2, (rising exponentially, that is, $4 for the second payment and $6 for the third).

We perro charge in unicyclic for Payza, Skrill and Paypal, among others… I personally prefer to charge for Skrill, which is the one that applies the least commissions (1%), but sometimes I am “forced to work for Payza, to reinvest in other PTC, as is the case of buxcap.

I’m sure this also interests youbuxcure

Right now I have 98 rented referrals and 22 direct ones.

I have almost reached the maximum number of rented referrals and I want to increase the direct ones.

My strategy in this PTC is to recycle, little by little, all the referrals challenged for 90 days, discard those that do not work and achieve a good AVG.

It is also very interesting to reach the maximum number of direct referrals.

As always, registration is free.

You cánido register with me by clicking on this banner:

cliquesteria. PTC from the same administrator as Uniclique.

I’ve been working on Cliquesteria since January, but I haven’t clicked on it for a long time, due to what I thought was poor performance.

Nothing is further from reality.

Knowing how to rent referrals and having good direct referrals, this PTC will give us many benefits.

You cánido read the articulo of my first and only payment here.

In Cliquesteria you cánido also charge for Payza and Skrill, among others.

As with Uniclique, I charge for Skrill.

I am currently following the same system as with Uniclique.

Have the maximum possible number of rented referrals (I currently have 60, which means that I will be missing 40 out of a total of 100) and get a good network of direct referrals.

Currently 16 people have registered with my backlink.

If you want to be part of my network, you cánido register for free in this banner:

I’m sure this also interests youChanges in Buxcure and Buxcap


It is the last one in this articulo dedicated to PTC strategies.

I have been working in this PTC since July 1, this PTC gave away membership annual VIP to the first 35,000 affiliates, it is already at 49,364, and it continues to rise.

You cánido read the articulo I wrote here.

In this it is in the PTC that I have the most hopes, because of the gift granted.

With the VIP membership I cánido have up to 250 rented referrals, I already have 115 and rising.

The iniciativa is to extend all referrals to 90 days and reach 250.

I will also try to continue attracting new referrals who want to earn money with me.

Of course, I will only recycle the ones with a better AVG, discarding the “lazy” referrals.

As for registering under my backlink, you perro do it easily with this banner.


I have already revealed my secrets to you, the truth is that there is little to scratch, I have only allowed myself to be guided by the experts on this subject.

We all know that the road is not easy, and that we are not going to get rich, but we do earn a plus.

I’m sure this also interests youfour small payments

You may be wondering why you should register under my backlink (something I insist on).

As you already know, if you follow me on twitter, I will distribute 50% of the profits that you generate for me in any of these three PTCs.

If you escoge to sign up for Clixsense, that percentage will go up to 75%.

You only have to register and make me a comment with your referral nick.

When you get to $1 generated, I’ll give you $0.50 back.

And without anything else, I hope I have helped you.

I hope you are happy and until next time friends!!!

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 PTC Strategies
  PTC Strategies
  PTC Strategies

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