PTC Sites » What are they and how do they work?

PTC Sites » What are they and how do they work?

In the world of Internet business there are PTC sites, which are based on the fact that they allow you to earn money for the fácil fact of seeing advertisements.

These platforms are characterized by remunerating or paying their users for every clic they clic on a sponsored backlink from a especial advertiser.

The great advantage of this type of platform is that you don’t have to invest anything to start earning money, because they are totally free platforms and you don’t need any kind of advanced knowledge, just patience to see the ads.

One of the disadvantages of these types of pages is that they do not pay much to see ads.

What is a PTC site?

PTC is actually a short form of pay per clic.

Using these sites will help you earn money by clicking on the ads.

You may ask why someone would pay you to view commercials? But the story is different and you need to understand it clearly.

It is true that someone will never pay you if you do nothing for them.

Someone cánido pay you if you help that person to earn some money.

PTC sites are just one example of how easy it cánido be to earn en línea just by visiting advertisers’ websites.

How does a PTC site work?

It all starts with the advertisers They want customers for their products and services.

Every new website is not habitual enough to attract enough audience to attract new customers.

Now they are looking for ways to attract new customers.

A PTC site helps these advertisers to get customers by showing your ads to your members.

As a result, they are paid by advertisers and you get paid whenever you clic on these ads.

Usually you need to login to your member control panel and do clic on ads available every day.

Typically, you should see ads for 30-40 seconds.

The amount you would earn varies depending on the PTC site you are using.

Not all PTC sites would pay you the same amount of money per clic.

Characteristics from PTC sites

The main characteristics of these platforms are the following:

  • record totally gratuitous.
  • The vast majority of these pages are available to users from anywhere in the world.
  • It is not necessary to invest to start generating profits.
  • He minimum payment of these pages is generally quite low.

    This means that any type of usuario perro withdraw their earnings in a short-medium space of time.

Why choose PTC sites?

There are a wide variety of reasons to use PTC sites, since their use perro really be beneficial for you.

advertisers and for those who want to earn money.

Some of the main reasons for choosing PTC sites are as follows:

  • Free to join.

  • There are no special skills to work on.

  • No previous experience required.

  • You cánido work anytime, anywhere, using a computer with an Internet connection.

Referral system on PTC sites

PTC sites generally have a system of direct referralsand also many of these pages have a system of rented referrals.

Below I explain how the different types of referrals work:

Direct referral system: Most of these businesses have a referral system.

Referrals are the people you invite through your invitation backlink provided by the platform.

The direct referral system, depending on the page, cánido be limited, unlimited and admit or not several levels.

Rented referral system: They are usually bots or sometimes people who have registered directly on the page without a sponsor.

Pages PTC They usually offer this system of rented referrals so that people who do not have the possibility of creating a network perro invest and buy referrals.

Payments on PTC sites

Each PTC site has established a minimum payment threshold value that perro go from $2 dollars and up.

Generally, this is the minimum withdrawal in most PTC platforms, but there may be some that have a lower minimum payment.

Once he your account cómputo reaches the minimum value payment threshold, it will be paid to your PayPal or Payza account found in your profile.

No matter where you are in the world, your earned money will be credited to your PayPal or Payza account.

Authenticity of the entire concept of PTC.

If you search en línea, you will find that there are lots of PTC sites where you cánido earn money by clicking ads.

But it’s hard to understand how many of them are authentic.

Because many of the PTC sites are scams and don’t pay after you reach your payment limit.

These PTC sites have been started just to make money for them and not for you.

You will be used to earn them money.

However, there is also many good PTC sites where you cánido expect to win.

These PTC sites are very habitual as they really pay.

Overtime, your members understand that they are on a legitimate site.

To name a few of them, there are Neobux, Clixsense, Mudet, etcétera.

These PTC sites have been en línea for more than two years and honestly paying its members.

Since most PTC sites do not exist for long, any PTC site with more than two years of en línea presence and a good number of positive feedbacks cánido be called legit.

Neobux is the most habitual PTC site en línea.

How to choose a legit PTC site?

Like many sites PTCs are a scam, it is very difficult to find some genuine ones.

But it is not as difficult as it seems.

You just need to understand some basic features of a scam site.

So use your intelligence.

You will easily understand.


Remember, every genuine PTC site has a forum so that members perro join and share their experiences with other members.

If you are planning to join a especial site, you should find out if they have any forums or not.

because if they have a forumthey cánido join and ask other members about their experiences.

Genuine PTC sites wouldn’t bother to have a forum to help their members share good experiences.

Only scam sites will not have any forum for discussions with other members.

Check how long the site has been en línea and the minimum amount you have to earn to be eligible to get paid.

proof of payment

Search on Google plus if you find any reviews of the site.

Search Google plus Image for screenshots of Payments.

Many members feel very happy when they receive a payment from a PTC site.

Genuine PTC sites will ask you to articulo your screenshot of payment in their forums so that other members understand that they are genuine.

These screenshots are indexed by Google plus Image.

So googling an image for some proof of payment It would be a good iniciativa.

Check if the site changes its terms and conditions or payment policy frequently.

Check if they respond to your inquiry if you contact them.

How long does it take to contact.


If there is no support and no communication from the administrator from the site for days or weeks, surely the site is not genuine.

Conclusion about PTC sites

PTC sites are very habitual in the world of earn money en líneaespecially when you want to earn free money.

It is very common that when a person starts in this world of earning money en línea, they do it through this type of platformssince they are free.

Generally when people start in the world of Internet business they do it with distrust of losing their money, and it is for this reason that they complejo turístico to forms free to earn moneyand the main way for that is PTC sites.

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 PTC Sites » What are they and how do they work?
  PTC Sites » What are they and how do they work?
  PTC Sites » What are they and how do they work?

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