ProTypers: Translate captchas into money

ProTypers: Translate captchas into money

There are few pages that perro boast of having been en línea for five years and ProTypers is one of them.

We are talking about a website that in these five years has paid its users millions of dollars for the fácil task of deciphering captchas.

Despite the fact that ProTypers lost the reign within its campo in my opinion some time ago at the hands of Kolotibablo, it is still a profitable page.

It has not rested on its laurels as it initially seemed.

Every little bit it adds features that make it more attractive in the eyes of users.

In this article, in addition to showing you my last payment received, we are going to unravel all the features of this interesting page, the new and the old.

Content of the article on ProTypers

main features

– Completely free.– Page in English although it has the translator enabled.– Accepts users from all over the world.– Minimum payment of $1.50 (Bitcoin) and $3 for the rest of the wallets.– Weekly automatic payments.– 1 level of referrals where we earn 10% of what each one generates for us.

Start to workRegistration is free, we only need an correo electrónico and a password to start using the system.

Once registered we cánido start working and earn money.

To do this, we are going to go to Start Working in the left menu and start entering captchas to start increasing our cómputo.

We have 15 seconds per captcha and we must entrar it discriminating uppercase, lowercase and spaces.

If we don’t know or see that we don’t have time, we have the option to skip it by pressing the button DON’T KNOW.

If we abuse this a lot, the system perro penalize us, leaving us unable to work for a few hours and if this persists for a long time, they cánido even ban our account.

If we want to stop work or simply take a break, just press the button SUBMIT AND PAUSE after having written the appropriate captcha.

In addition to the conventional captchas, captchas with images will appear, which in ProTypers are called Smart-captchas.

They are valued somewhat better than the habitual ones and are much faster and easier to complete.

The volume of work is excessively high for us on this page.

With few exceptions, we are going to find that the captchas come out quite slowly.

The way to get around this is to use a ProTypers feature called Boostpack.

The Bootspack is a full-speed captcha package that we cánido buy with our ProTypers cómputo.

We guarantee that for 15 minutes we will get captchas without rest and interruptions.

The price of these Bootspacks is constantly changing.

If you are not very fast with the keyboard I advise you to only buy these packages when their price is low.

I don’t usually buy them when the value increases from $0.05, they don’t come out profitable at all.

Statistics and pay ratesIn this section we have access to the top earners in ProTypers as well as our personal statistics and the payment rate per 1,000 captchas/hour.

The payment rates are not fixed, in fact, they are readjusted every day.

In general, they tend to be better paid in the afternoon at night Spanish time.

LotteryAt ProTypers we cánido buy tiques for the draw for two daily prizes.

One for 10 dollars and another for five.

To buy these tiques we have to entrar the TyperDraw Lottery and buy tiques with our ProTypers cómputo in one of the two draws.

The number of entries is limited to a certain number, when the quota is reached the draw will close and the winner will be named.

The cost of each entry is usually around $0.01.

I have tried my luck more than once but as expected so far nothing has touched me.

Get TyperpointsThe Typerpoints is an incentive that we get with our activity in ProTypers.

For every 500 satisfactorily solved captchas we will get a Typerpoint.

The value of each Typerpoint is one cent.

To see the money from these Typerpoints we must meet a couple of requirements:1- Have at least 50 Typerpoints accumulated in our account.2- Have an accumulated cómputo of at least 3 dollars.

When we have met these two requirements, we cánido request the payment of these Typerpoints or wait for the next level where we will receive a 25% plus.

That is, if we wait to have 100 Typerpoints we will receive 125 or what is the same, $1.25.

Affiliate programAnother of the options with which to earn money is with its referral program.

For this we have an unlimited level of referrals with which we are going to get a commission of 10% of what each one generates.

We will have the payment in our account as long as we have a minimum of 5 referrals that have been previously paid by the page.

To get the referral backlink we go to the affiliate section and there we cánido generate up to ten different codes to promote our backlink.

Payment received from Protypers

Payments are received automatically every week as long as we have reached the minimum payment stipulated for each of the methods offered by the web.

The payment day is Monday but this cánido be delayed even until Friday.

When the payment becomes pending, the cómputo will be deducted from our cómputo.

The payment methods available along with the withdrawal minimums for each are as follows:

Bitcoin $1.50PayPal $3.00Payza $3.00perfect money $3.00western union $100

We perro change our payment method at any time unless we have a pending payment.

Final conclusionThis is all fundraisers.

Despite the fact that ProTypers is not what it used to be and that there is a more profitable option on the market, the truth is that we perro still get some juice out of it if we work on it well and with patience.

Above all, it is a good option to increase our funds in Bitcoin, since the minimum is quite affordable and compared to faucets or other pages where we cánido get this electronic currency, it is much faster.

We hope you liked our article ProTypers: Translate captchas into money
and everything related to earning money, getting a job, and the economy of our house.

 ProTypers: Translate captchas into money
  ProTypers: Translate captchas into money
  ProTypers: Translate captchas into money

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