Promos: earn money with your purchases in the

Promos: earn money with your purchases in the

Promos is a cutting application very afín to others applications that we already have on the blog such as Gelt, I tend either Robin Data Hood.

With Promos aplicación we perro earn money with our daily shopping at the supermarket.

Promos is the trade name of the company Promos Coupones Digitales SL, a company with CIF B88466040 and registered office at Recorrido de la Castellana 179 Planta 1 Oficina C1, 28043 La capital española.

It is registered in the Mercantile Registry of La capital española, Volume 39590, Folio 8, Page M-702711.

As you perro see, it is a completely legal company based in Spain, and it will aimed mainly at the Spanish public.

The operation of Promos aplicación is extremely fácil.

If you have experience in this type of applications you will not have any problem, they are all very afín.

The first thing we have to do is download us the aplicación.

Promos aplicación is available for both iOS and Android, you cánido easily download it in this backlink or in the banner below.

after only you will have to register with a valid correo electrónicofill in your basic data and put the code G0U52J for start with €0.50 free when you upload your first ticket.

We will perro invite up to 10 friendssince the maximum we perro get will be €5.

Once downloaded on our móvil inteligente Promos aplicación we cánido start photographing tiques with the offers that appear in the application.

Every week we will see promotions that usually last several weeks.

He functioning application technician is very fácil.

We will only have to take our móvil and photograph our purchase receipt.

It doesn’t matter in the supermarket that you bought it.

Only the promoted product has to be, realize that it is the exact product, because on some occasions we perro make a mistake in the weight, in or in the quantity offered.

An example of this is in detergents, be careful to check that, for example, the one you buy is the one with 72 washes, which is the one that appears in the promotion, and not another with 64 washes, even if they are the same on the outside.


Here is the backlink to different applications very afín to Promos.

They are all coincidente with each other, as long as the products are the same, that is, you perro use them in all applications.I’m sure this also interests youmake money recycling



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Trick to earn more with your purchases

If you have taken a tour of the blog, you will have seen that there are several applications in which you perro earn money with your purchases.

In most of them you cánido do it by taking pictures of your purchase receipts.

But most interesting of all is that you perro use the same ticket for all applications.

For example, in my blog I recommend you to use Gelt, Tiendeo, La Cuponera and now Promos.

Well, on many occasions there are the same products, either in two or in all applications.

Well then, You only have to look at the products offered and buy those same and “pass” it through the corresponding applications.

In this way, in addition to getting the product for free, (or at least at a much lower price), we perro even earn you some money.

As you cánido see, with this little “trick” we perro get more out of our daily purchases.

In addition to buying brand products totally free, we perro even get some benefit from them.

I don’t want to say that it will always be like this, but I do orinan that on many occasions this happens and we must be there to take advantage of the occasion.

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referral system

As I said a little above, Promos has a good referral system.

Us, as sponsors we will earn €0.50 for each friend download the aplicación and upload your first ticket Sponsors will also be able to win €0.50 when they upload their first ticket.

The “negative” side of this application is that this promotion will be limited to the first 10 friendssince we perro only earn €5 in referrals.

But not everything is going to be negative, the more we are in the Promos aplicación, the more customers they perro have, and therefore the more promotions they perro offer us.

This, like everything in life, is a chain, the more we are, the better.

Do you dare to try?

Collection system and minimum

Regarding the method of collection, currently and at the moment, You perro only collect by bank transfer to a Spanish account.

Today, with new technologies, it is true that you perro open a bank account in many countries around the world.

Even if you live in Latin America and have previously lived in Spain, you may have a Spanish bank account.

But unfortunately (and for the moment) Promos is only available for Spain, so if you read me from the other side of the pond, I’m sorry to tell you that you still perro’t use this application.

In the near future, and as has happened to other applications, It is possible that they will make the international leap to Latin Americabut not at the moment, I will keep you informed when they do.

As for the minimum chargeis relatively low compared to others, being of only €10, much lower than other applications in the same category.

As a payment method we have the bank transfer, I hope and hope that in the future they will include other methods such as Paypal, but for now, we will have to make do with this one.

Faced with an application like this, my My advice is to download it and use it along with other afín applications, since the same ticket cánido be used for several aplicaciones.

My way of acting when faced with these types of applications is very fácil: I study them and if I have to buy something on my shopping list that they offer, instead of buying a private label or my usual brand, I buy the ones that the applications offer.

In this way, I get the product at a lower price, and even earn you a few cents.

Which never I do is buy a product for the mere fact that they give you a cashback, since in the end these products, if you are not used to them, you do not end up consuming them and you end up throwing away the product.

So my advice is that buy things that you are going to consume.

And nothing more to add, only recommend that you download and use the applicationAlthough the savings or money that we perro earn is not much, it will always be a help.

Regards and until next time!

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 Promos: earn money with your purchases in the
  Promos: earn money with your purchases in the
  Promos: earn money with your purchases in the

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