Promo Cards How does it work? Earn money

Promo Cards How does it work? Earn money

Promo Cards is a platform that will allow you earn money for doing different actions.

Regarding the reliability of earning free money on Promo Cards, the platform has been en línea since 2013, and since then it has not had problems with users regarding payments.

In promo cards you will earn money in promo gift cards from Internet stores to buy for free.

You perro recover a percentage of your en línea purchases and earn money with promotions from the platform.

Basic notions of Promo Cards

  • Platform management: IPweb has been operating since 2013 without problems with users.
  • Withdrawals: They cánido be requested through Promo Cards, Paypal, among other means.
  • Deposits: You cánido make deposits through Promo Cards, Paypal, among other means.

  • Referrals: It has a direct referral system.
  • Languages: Spanish, but it perro be translated with the Google plus Google chrome translator.
  • Accepted countries: Users from all over the world cánido earn money.
  • Activity: Announcements, Shopping, Promotions, Applications.
  • Pay? Yes, Promo Cards make payments without problems.

Registration and first steps in Promo Cards


To start in Promo Cards you must register, and you perro do it by clicking here.

Upon entering you must place the necessary information, accept the terms and conditions, and clic on Join for free and win.

Make sure that the correo electrónico you use is the same as your PayPal account, this in order to receive payments.

When doing this you must go to the correo electrónico you used and confirm your account, since they will send you a verification message.

You cánido register in Promo Cards from the following backlink: Go to Promo Cards.

First steps

After registration you must complete your profile data.

For that when you log in you must clic on account, where you must fill in the fields with your real data.

You need to do this, otherwise you won’t be able to request a payment.

In this section you cánido change your password, your correo electrónico, delete your account, deactivate notifications, and also you perro request a charge.

Here you perro also see your cómputo to be confirmed, your confirmed cómputo, cómputo in process and the historical total earned.

How does Promo Cards work?

In Promo Cards they will be sent to you promotional gift cards from your favorite stores or money to buy for free in them for doing what you usually do on the Internet: Request promotional information, visit web pages, buy in en línea stores, download free applications for your PC, etcétera.

You perro earn money by signing up for the different promos, buying in different stores or after sharing your backlinks.

Earn more money doing paid surveys.

How to earn free money on Promo Cards?

You have reached one of the best pages for earn plus money en línea from home.

Join Promo Cards and you will accumulate a cómputo that you cánido exchange for gift cards to buy for free in the collaborating en línea stores of your choice.

To earn free money on Promo Cards you will have a number of ways.

These ways are as follows:

promotional information

You will earn money for applying promotional information that interests you You already do it regularly when you browse, but now you get money in return.

Visit websites

You will earn money for visit websites.

Here are some websites for you to visit, simply entrar them, even for a second, and you will see your cómputo increase.

shopping from here

You will earn money for buy.

If you make purchases in en línea stores from here you take a percentage of the amount of the purchase in money.

Aplicación download

You will earn money for download aplicaciones free for your Android mobile or tablet or for your Iphone or Ipad IOS.

Discover Aplicaciones and games and get money in return.

promo cards

Choose from a lot of gift cards from the different collaborating stores and buy for free.

Choose which promo gift card, Y también-Gift Card, Gift Card, gift voucher, gift voucher, gift coupon, electronic gift card or gift card you want to receive in your e-e correo electrónico and buy for free with your cómputo accumulated!

Friends and referrals in Promo Cards

You will earn money generated by your friends, followers on popular networks and family.

They request promotional information or buy in stores and you take the money.

Besides, You will earn €0.20 for each new referred usuario who maintains activity on the web.

The money to be confirmed obtained by referrals is confirmed or canceled 2 months after the registration of the referred usuario after verifying their activity.

Conditions of your referrals

The new referred usuario yours must comply with the conditions of use of the page: Register, confirm your dirección de correo electrónico after receiving our correo electrónico, use your usual correo electrónico address and remain active on the page: Make a promo, or sale, or download an Aplicación or clic on cómputo promotions visit for at least 10 days.

It is reason for usuario ban and the cómputo generated by the referral will be canceled if a referred usuario registers with false information or with correo electrónico accounts that are not allowed, such as dirección de correo electrónico accounts that expire or for SPAM (Trashmail, YopMail, Mailinator, MailCatch, Less Contenido publicitario…) Do not know they allow multiple registrations, creation of fake/temporary accounts or any other type of abuse.


to find your referral backlink and your referrals You must go to the friends option from the secondary menu.

When you entrar you will be shown different backlinks that you perro use to get referrals and earn money for the actions they take.

Payments in Promo Cards

The Payments You perro request them in different ways, this through the Promo Cards provided by the platform.

Among the Promo Cards available is that of PayPal, which will allow you to receive your commissions to your Paypal account.

It is important that the correo electrónico you use for registration is the same as your PayPal account.

To request a charge you cánido do so by entering the section account and clic on Go to redeem confirmed cómputo.

The confirmed cómputo is the one that went through a verification to be able to pay it to you, while the cómputo to be confirmed is the one that still needs to go through an approval process to become a confirmed cómputo.

Advertisers on Promo Cards

The Promo Cards you will have the opportunity to advertise your websitewhere you will get quality visits to your website or business, which will allow you to make sales of what you are promoting.


Promo Cards is a reliable platform to earn money, since it is en línea from the year 2013, and so far has had no problem paying users.

In addition, you cánido earn money for free.

The Promo Cards platform is considered a great page to generate free income.

At the beginning, large profits are not generated, but it is possible to get referrals so that your profits increase considerably.

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 Promo Cards How does it work?  Earn money
  Promo Cards How does it work?  Earn money
  Promo Cards How does it work?  Earn money

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