Prolific Academic | Earn POUNDS by completing

Prolific Academic | Earn POUNDS by completing

Prolific Academic is an Anglo-Saxon portal for paid scientific studies.

The website belongs to the company Prolific Academic Ltd.

Located in Great Britain and managed by Phelim Bradley.

In its FAQ, it presents itself as a research portal.

Its mission is based on recruiting users from different countries who are willing to participate in their studies.

And of course, reward them for it.

In this sense, the best thing is that Prolific pays in pounds through Paypal when we reach £5.

Prolific Academic collaborates with universities such as Oxford.

Before I get started with the Prolific Academic tutorial, I want to highlight a differential aspect of this portal.

In the classic panels they usually send paid surveys that deal with consumer issues.

However, the Prolific Academic studies do not.

They are scientific studies that will serve to analyze our reactions and attitudes towards certain situations.

Registration at Prolific Academic

The first thing we will do to participate in Prolific Academic studies will be to create an account.

currently only allow registration to users residing in Spain, Chile and México.

I don’t know if they will incorporate more countries in the future.

But for now, registrations are restricted to these three countries.

To proceed, you perro clic on the button below, which will take you to the home page.

Once there we select «Sign up as a participant» and a form will open.

Look closely and create your account as participants.

The other option, «Sign up as a researcher», is for researchers who want to publish their studies.

Take me to the portal directly

we have available two alternatives to register in Prolific Academic:

✅ Through our Fb account.

✅ Vía correo electrónico.

I always usually choose the second option, but it is not important.

I do it this way because that’s how I get the notifications to the main correo electrónico.

And not the one I have associated with Fb.

I’m always more aware of the first dirección de correo electrónico, so it’s better for me.

After completing the registration we will receive an correo electrónico from Prolific Academic.

In it they will welcome us and provide us with a backlink to confirm registration.

We will only have to clic on that backlink.

later now will allow us to access the account and browse the web.

Prolific Academic studies cánido be in test, quiz or math problem format.

How Prolific Academic works

As soon as we entrar Prolific Academic we will see a menu with different tabs.

In general, we will only make use of a couple of sections.

But it does not hurt to know what we will find in each one and what they are for.

This top menu is made up of six main sections:

Studies ⏩ In this section, the invitations to studies that are active will be listed.

If there is none, this list will appear blank.

submissionsHistory with all the studies we have received.

It will also help us to know which of them we have finished successfully, those that have already paid us, those that are in moderation…

about you ⏩ This section will be the first one we will have to visit after registering.

In it will come a whole trail of profile questions.

Prolific Academic will send us studies according to our personality and our interests.

support ⏩ If we have any questions, we perro always contact support.

If there is an incident with a study, we cánido also make it clear through this tab.

messages ⏩ Inbox for messages sent to us by researchers.

Basically, it serves to communicate if we have received an plus plus or a warning.

account ⏩ The general status of our account.

In this section we perro verify our data and improve security.

Gain Pounds at Prolific Academic

We are used to survey panels sending us invitations in the e-e correo electrónico.

But in Prolific Academic Is not always that way.

There are times when we will be invited and others when we will not.

In the first situation we will have to follow the backlink that contains the invitation by correo electrónico.

However, to find out if there are studies available, we cánido only do so by accessing the portal and reviewing it.

I usually go in a couple of times a day.

If I see a study I complete it.

And if not, then I’ll come back later or the next day.

There is no more secret than that.

To check if there are any active studies in Prolific Academic we will go to the section «Studies».

If there are none the screen will be blank.

And if there is any provision, an image afín to the one I espectáculo below will appear.

In it we will see:

» Name of the researcher.

» Reward offered.

» Average amount of money we would earn for an hour of work.

” Places available.

» Maximum time that we cánido use to answer the study.

» And the average time it takes users to finish it.

Procedure to answer a study

The process for complete a study and receive the reward in Prolific Academic is:

We clic on the square “Select This Study”.

Next we clic on “Open Study in New Window”.

In this way, the study will open in a separate window.

We follow the instructions and respond to all the questions that come up.

Once finished, a message will pop up confirming we have completed the study satisfactorily.

Or failing that, they will send us a code so that we perro entrar it in the box.

It is important save that code in case any incident occurs.

Every study we complete go through a verification process.

They usually validate all the studies in a matter of hours, although it cánido take longer.

In some cases, it may take up to seven days for the reward to be confirmed.

When the investigator approves it, Prolific Academic will add the money.

If a problem arises, we will be able to contact Prolific Academic and the researcher.

Prolific Academic pays

Prolific Academic pay vía Paypal from £5.

However, my recommendation is that let’s request a payment once we reach £20.

For what reason? Well, because in this way,yes payments will be instant.

Otherwise, by requesting a payment of less than £20, Prolific Academic will take longer.

Usually between 1-3 days.

How to request a payment

To request a withdrawal at Prolific Academic we will carry out a fácil procedure.

First we will clic on our cómputo.

Once there, we will see our personal data, and at the bottom, the tab «Cashout».

Then they will espectáculo us a screen indicating the fees that will apply to us.

Like me I have requested a payment of more than £20, the money will come to me instantly.

And the best of all is that we do not apply fees.

Finally, we will only have to clic on “Proceed” and we will have the money in our Paypal account.

That easy!

Prolific Academic Features

now we know how to earn pounds by Paypal with Prolific Academic.

However, there are some points that you should be aware of.

This way we will know the operation of the platform at 100%.

In addition, I will take the opportunity to leave my opinions on this research portal.

✅ After registering with Prolific Academic, we will have to answer the profile questions.

These are the ones will allow us to participate in studies.

In the event that we do not respond to them from the start, they will appear randomly each time we access the portal.

✅ At Prolific Academic studios there are no right and wrong answers.

They do not conceive good or bad answers.

They only analyze human behavior in certain circumstances.

✅ In some studies investigators offer plus bonuses.

It has nothing to do with paying better or being more difficult.

It just depends on the researcher and the format of the study.

The procedure to follow will be the same as with the others.

The only difference will be that the investigator will give us the plus separately.

✅ The number of studies that Prolific Academic sends is unpredictable.

There are months that I have received 10 and months in which I have not seen any.

The question is to check if new ones come out.

✅ When we receive a study it means that it corresponds to our profile.

And therefore, they will never kick us out.

If that happens it will be either because the quota of participants has been filled or because we answered a study by the same researcher incorrectly.

In Prolific Academic we always grade in studies that come to us

Prolific Academic Reviews

I don’t know if the same will happen to you.

There is a question about making money en línea that catches my attention.

And for quite some time.

It may seem silly to you, but to me I am motivated by the fact of accumulating different currencies in Paypal.

In the same way that in addition to working pages to earn bitcoins I do it with others to earn different cryptocurrencies, with Paypal, Airtm and payer something afín happens to me.

I already work websites that allow me to earn dollars and euros.

So back in the day I said to myself, why don’t I expand my portfolio and dedicate myself to earning other currencies? In this sense, Prolific Academic allows me to earn free pounds.

The operation of Prolific Academic is quite fácil, as it happens in sites like Ysense.

Furthermore, as we have seen, studies they are very well paid.

Of all those that I have finished, for the one that paid me the least was £0.20.

Of course, it consisted of reading a text and answering two questions.

In total, it took me a minute.

The study with which I have earned the most money was in personality tests.

At the end, they paid me £4.

If there are any questions or you want to ask me something, you cánido leave me a comment or follow me on popular networks.

To gain pounds has been said.

Until next time!!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

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 Prolific Academic |  Earn POUNDS by completing 
  Prolific Academic |  Earn POUNDS by completing 
  Prolific Academic |  Earn POUNDS by completing

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