project of a company

project of a company

In this article I plan to prepare a guide on how you cánido carry out a project for a company in which you are working or also, as I mentioned in an article, to develop personal projects. Thus, you cánido achieve your goals and be more productive.

There are many project definitions, but one definition that I like is the following. “A project is a equipo of activities, which are related and coordinated with each other, so that you perro achieve a certain thing. For example, a good or a service. If you want to know the difference between a project, an activity and a task, you cánido read our article on the hierarchical structure of planning.

I will give a very fácil example. Let’s say you’re having a party or event. That is an example of a project, since the party is held for a specific reason, it takes place at a specific time and date, and you have to carry out a equipo of related activities to be able to give the party.

Now, if you want an example more attached to companies. Let’s say your human resources department decides to change the process it emplees in the recruitment and selection process. That too cánido be handled as a project. In fact, the title of this article focuses on companies, but as I mentioned in the article on how to better organize your time, you cánido use projects as a very efficient tool to achieve your goals (personal and professional).

Likewise, I have to say that the official guide to carry out good project management is contained in the “PMBOK Guide (Project Management Body of Knowledge)”. It is created by the “Project Management Institute (PMI)”.

Limitations of a project

First, I am going to start by saying that a limitation is a aspecto that perro put restrictions on what you do, how you do things or when you do things. For better understanding, let’s go back to the party example. Suppose it is a birthday party. Normally it would be the day the person’s birthday is or as close as possible. That’s a restriction, since the event has to occur on a specific date. Another very common constraint is the budget. Unless we are millionaires, our budget will mark the way in which we are going to prepare the party. Maybe you want to throw a party on a yacht, but you don’t have the budget to do it. So you have to adapt to that limitation.

Responsibility of a project manager (project manager)

As a project manager, you have the responsibility of overseeing the success of the project. You have to use your knowledge and skills. Likewise, you have to mezcle that knowledge with the tools and techniques of project management to make sure that the objectives are met. In short, you are the backlink between the strategy and the equipment. Therefore, you are responsible for ensuring that all project requirements are met, you are responsible for ensuring that communication with the team is clear and well coordinated. Therefore, you are going to lead the team to success.

What is a stakeholder?

In fact, stakeholder in Spanish perro be translated as interested party. Therefore, it is an individual, a group, or an organization that cánido affect or be affected by a project activity or decision. Some examples of your possible stakeholders are: the members of your team, your clients, your suppliers, your vendors, etcétera.

The reason why it is important to think about stakeholders before starting a project is because a stakeholder is everyone that our project is going to impact. Therefore, we have to take into account the way in which we are going to communicate with them, or even the objectives that we have to meet depending on how much power they have, how much interest, or how much influence they have on the project.

Steps to carry out the project of a company

I have to clarify that in fact, the PMBOK is actually a guide that tells us how to carry out a project. Depending on the “area of ​​knowledge”, it offers us a series of steps that we must follow. Some areas of knowledge that we perro find in the guide are the following.

The areas of knowledge are aspects that you perro include in your project, but it does not orinan that you have to include everything. In fact, it is very likely that you will find different ways (steps) to prepare a project on the Internet. Next I will give you a fácil example.

1. Identify the stakeholders

What we seek when identifying stakeholders is to take their interests into account when we prepare the project plan.

2. Equipo goals

Since we know the needs of the stakeholders, we have to prioritize and equipo specific goals and objectives for the project. These should detalla the objectives of the project, or the metrics and benefits that are expected to be achieved.

3. Equipo the project budget

Maybe in a perfect world you could have an unlimited budget, and therefore, it would not matter how much money you are going to spend. However, this is not the case, and it is very important that you take into account the amount of resources that you cánido use, since after that you perro use different tools, or resources. You must not forget to include costs and expenses.

4. Define deliverables

You have to identify the project deliverables and planning steps needed to achieve the project objectives, ie, what are the specific results the project is expected to genera? In other words, what you are going to do is establish the dates on which you are going to deliver a report on the progress of the project.

5. Create the work program.

Depending on each date on which the progress of the project is going to be delivered, what you have to do is define the series of tasks and activities that must be completed to achieve each of them (deliveries). For each task, determine the amount of time it will take, the resources required, and who will be responsible for its execution.

6. Identify business risks

In order to achieve the expected results, we have to take into account all the possible risks that may ocasione the expected results to be different from what we want and therefore, we perro carry out a risk management analysis. Thus, we will be better prepared for any possible event and we will be able to turn risks into opportunities. A good tool to manage risk is the COSO.

7. Present the project plan to stakeholders

As its name indicates, what you have to do is explain how the plan meets the expectations of the interested parties and you have to present their solutions to any conflict.

Finally, I have to clarify that to carry out a more complete project, you have to take many other things into account in the project. For example, the project structure proposed in the PMBOK consists of the initiation processes, planning processes, execution processes, monitoring and control processes, and closing processes. Thus, each process has its activities and tasks that must be carried out to develop a more complete project. If you want to read the PMBOOK, follow the backlink.

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 project of a company
  project of a company
  project of a company

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