Profitable business with little investment for

Profitable business with little investment for

The current job market is not promising. If we add to the lack of job opportunities that there are too many jobs that do not have desirable conditions, we find that entrepreneurship may be a better option.

But the problem arises because there are many afín businesses, and also starting a business project is sometimes very expensive. That is why in this article we are going to talk about a series of profitable and original business that you perro consider starting.

Aim, let’s start!

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1. Serve traditional food at home

Think about it: not everyone wants McDonald’s in their day to day, but sometimes the lack of time makes them fall into health routines that are not the healthiest.

So if you are good at cooking, but the one of a lifetimeConsider creating your own healthy food business at home. By not needing to rent a place or special instruments, this is a particularly cheap business.

2. Create a blog and position it

Let’s not be deceived: the fácil fact of starting a blog does not orinan making money.

What happens is that if the necessary techniques are applied so that the pages that form it get good positions in Google plus, not only perro you earn money, but you cánido also obtain good profitability with a very comfortable business.

These techniques are known as SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization (Search Engine Optimization), and it is a discipline in which with perseverance and interest it is very feasible to train.

3. Organize events

One of the advantages of being an event organizer is that specific training is not required to carry out this job.

It is a type of activity in which the management skills, organization and business skills that the person has The iniciativa is to have an interesting contact list, and interact with the suppliers with whom you will work to prepare the events.

4. Give yoga classes

Stress is a common evil in our times, since the pace of life is hectic for many people.

Hence, there are many who seek some type of activity that help them relax and increase their well-being. And precisely one of the ways to achieve this is to do yoga. That is why teaching yoga perro be a good way to start a profitable business with possibilities.

For this, it is necessary to train, but it has the advantage that if you have, for example, a large garaje at home, you do not even have to rent a place, since you cánido give classes to not very large groups in turns. And as an alternative, you perro give yoga classes en línea.

5. Create your own clothing brand

Just as not everyone eats junk food for the sake of it, many people dress in stores like Inditex out of sheer inertia.

So it perro be very interesting create a clothing brand and design different garmentswho manage to conquer those people who dress in the clothes of the big stores for different reasons, for example due to a lack of options that convince them in the area where they live.


If you are the typical person who everyone tells him things and asks for adviceIt is undoubtedly because they see a potential entrenador in you. So, what do you think of the iniciativa of ​​turning it into a business project?

Today there are many courses to become a good entrenador, and if you have the necessary skills to carry out this profession, you perro achieve success.

Unfortunately, there are too many people with difficulties to overcome in their day-to-day lives, which is why motivation is a booming ámbito.

7. Create en línea courses

In case you have knowledge in a subject that may interest many people, such as a language, finance, mathematics, computer science, etcétera., you have the option of creating an en línea course and sell it through the platforms who are dedicated to it.

Today there are many people who, due to lack of time, cannot sign up for a face-to-face course, and who therefore prefer to train through the Internet.

This is also a way of earn passive income: that is, you do your work only once, when you create the course, but you earn money every time someone buys it.

8. Sell pet products and services

Lots of people want have your pets as pampered as possiblewhich is why the sale of both original products and services for these animals is a booming business.

Beds, fun collars, toys, electronic pagers and kennels are some of the pet elementos that cánido be marketed. Among the most habitual services are those related to dog grooming and training.

9. Virtual assistant

We recently talked in depth about what it’s like work as a virtual assistantbasically consists of organize a business agenda, answer your calls, manage correo electrónicoetcétera.

This is a professional profile that is especially in demand in companies that are doing very well but are run by people who have little time to carry out this type of task.

10.Personal shopper

whatDo you love the world of fashion? and would you not mind dedicating yourself to it? Well, one of the most original and fun ways to do it is by becoming a personal shopper. That is, you would be the person in charge of buying their things from others.

Obviously, in order to make a living from this profession, it is necessary to have a portfolio of clients with a very good economic level, since these people are the ones who require the service of a personal shopper on a regular basis.

11. Sale of second-hand products

Many people are not willing to pay what some first-hand elementos are worth, so buy to sell later used products It is another profitable business that you cánido start up.

This is a project that cánido be undertaken without making a large investment, and it is also a way of practicing and promoting the culture of sustainable consumption.

The trick is to buy these second hand products at a good price, and then sell them at a price that is a little higher to make a profit, but not so high that it is not worth buying for the buyer.

Among the elementos that cánido be purchased are clothing, appliances, home furnishings, etcétera.

More and more entrepreneurs are aware that contacts from popular networks drive traffic to what they sell.

However, they do not have the knowledge to achieve this on their own. So if you know how you perro attract many popular media usersthere will be people willing to hire you for this purpose.

13. Walking dogs

There are many people who, because they do not have time for it, are willing to pay someone else to walk your pet. This business is also especially good for very old people, or who have fallen ill, among others.

At first, when you have few dogs to walk, you will do it alone. But over time you perro end up hiring another person to accompany you in this work.

14. Graphic design

If you have a graphic artist in you, this perro be a good business to earn a living from, as The Internet is playing an ever-increasing role in people’s lives. and for this reason there are more and more web pages that require the services of a graphic designer.

In addition, to start working as a graphic designer, you do not need a large investment, since you perro start doing it from home by learning through courses and YouTube vídeos.

Basically you are going to need a computer and some programs, specifically Photoshop, Illustratos and InDesign.

15. Personal training

If you are passionate about physical exercise You perro think of training to be a personal trainer.

Some time ago it sounded like a very exclusive service, typical of people who had a high purchasing level, but today there are many more people willing to pay for the services of someone who guides them individually when exercising physically.

16. Car wash

Think about how many people you know who really love their car. I’m sure several names come to mind. And it is that cars have something special, since there are many people who are really passionate about them.

That is why washing cars perro be another great business iniciativa. We are not talking, of course, about the typical car wash that perro be done at any gas station, but about return the car to the customer like the jets of goldboth inside and out if you wish.

Over time you perro grow your business, including in the business other services for cars that are related to washing.

Also, if you offer sustainable services such as dry cleaning, or use non-polluting products, you will win over people who alternate their passion for cars with an ecological spirit.

17. Being an event photographer

To photograph events such as weddings and other celebrations, it is not necessary to start the business with a large investment, since you cánido develop it from your home and then simply move to the places where the photos will be taken.

What you will need is a professional photo camera. But if you have good photography skills and are also able to sell yourself well, you cánido pay it off early and start making a profit fast.

What we do recommend is that you move well on the Internet to promote yourself, especially on popular networks.

18. Create a dropshipping business

The iniciativa of ​​dropshipping is quite fácil. It’s about putting a en línea store in which products are sold without previously buying them. That is, it is not necessary to have a physical depósito of products to put them on sale.

What is done in this type of ecommerce is to reach an agreement with a series of intermediaries to sell certain elementos.

Every time an order arrives, you pass it on to the wholesaler and he prepares it and sends it to the final customer, on behalf of your store. So your job as an entrepreneur is basically to find suppliers and promote your business.

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19. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very good option for people who already know how to navigate the en línea worldespecially if they have already experimented with other ways of earning money through the network.

Is about drive traffic to pages that sell products and servicesto earn profits through commissions.

That is, in this case they live off advertising. We do recommend that you choose products or services that you have already tried, since in this business your reputation plays a primordial role.

20. Repair electronic equipment

Although it is necessary to have training to repair devices such as mobiles, computers or tabletas, it is worth acquiring it, because it perro be a particularly profitable business.

Keep in mind that these technological devices are not only vitally important in people’s personal lives, but for many of them they become their working tools.

You will wonder, and are there many people willing to pay for a repair? Think of those cases in which a device that has already passed the warranty breaks down, but that still does not have enough time to be replaced by another.

If the price of the repair is worth it because it is far from what it means to buy a new device, do not doubt that there will be many people and companies willing to pay it.

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 Profitable business with little investment for
  Profitable business with little investment for
  Profitable business with little investment for

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