Probe | Short surveys paid by Paypal

Probe | Short surveys paid by Paypal

Panel Polls is a veteran market research website for users in Spain.

We say veteran because the platform has been en línea since 2008, in all that time it has paid millions of euros to registered users.

Although it is a pity that it does not accept users from other countries, the truth is that for Spaniards it is a very attractive website, as indicated by the fact that there are thousands of total users and hundreds of members who escoge to try it daily.

I myself have received a large number of payments, in fact I have been using this page for several years, it is true that it is not a site that will make you earn a large amount of money, but it will make you earn plus without hardly giving you account, since the paid surveys that it offers us are quite fácil to complete.

There are several aspects that make Panel Sondea a site that is very worthwhile, one of them is that it does not have a minimum payment, they will pay you per survey carried out directly to your Paypal account, another attraction is undoubtedly that rarely will we be rejected in a study.

If you escoge to take the survey within a reasonable time after receiving it, you will complete it 100% successfully.

Main features of Panel Sondea

Name: pollsProperty: Sondea Internet SLaccepted countries: Spainminimum payment: No minimumValue per survey: From €0.20 to €2.50 approximatelyPayment methods: PayPalPay: See receipt
Panel Registration Polls

Getting started with Dashboard Polls

The first thing will be to open an account in the panel itself, for this you only need to have an correo electrónico associated with Paypal and be at least 16 years old.

✅ Don’t have a Paypal account? It doesn’t matter, I espectáculo you in this article how to create one in a fácil and free way.

By clicking on the button Sign upa form will open, you will have to fill in all the sections being totally sincere, it will depend on receiving more or less number of surveys, and also if you give wrong information, you may have problems when charging.

When completing the registration, you will receive an dirección de correo electrónico with a validation backlink which we will have to access.

Later you will receive a free mensaje de texto to your mobile with a pin code, this code will be your password to access the panel.

How to start earning money

Earning money with Sondea is really easy, when you have filled in all your data and preferences, all you have to do is wait for the surveys to arrive in your dirección de correo electrónico, nothing more.

The number of surveys that Sondea sends is not very high, if we compare it with other platforms such as LifePoints, in fact if you receive 2 or 3 three a month you perro hit your teeth.

Although the quantity is not the strong point, it makes up for it with the ease of the same.

Each survey that Sondea sends is an exercise in simplicity, they are usually quite short and generally test-type, where speed is undoubtedly the main virtue, to this we must also add that we will practically not be ruled out in any study.

On other platforms it perro be frustrating to try to complete a survey, since we almost never give the profile, luckily in Sondea that problem is ruled out.

Maximize your earnings with the mobile application

Sondea has its own recently created application, the aplicación currently works only for Android systems, although it will soon launch its version for iOS.

Poll Application

In addition to being able to carry out surveys from anywhere and at any time, having the Sondea application installed leads to opting for good additional rewards.

To do this, we will have to allow Panel Sondea access to the applications that you use daily and to know the advertisements that you listen to.

If you authorize Sondea, you will receive additional incentives for it.

But does probe pay?

And so much… they have been paying for more than a decade without any kind of problem.

One difference that this website has with respect to others is that you do not have to reach any minimum payment to receive the rewards.

Upon successful completion of a study, your payment will be processed, although it is not instantaneous.

In general, the page usually takes a week or so to pay you for each survey.

Panel Payments Survey

To receive the payment you will not have to do anything, we will receive it by Paypal to the same correo electrónico you used to register on the platform, remember that it is important that you register in Sondea with one of the correos electrónicos from your Paypal account, otherwise you will not receive the payments.

Opinion about Panel Sondea

Probe is an excellent option to earn money on the Internet.

It is a fácil website that will allow us to increase our money at the end of the month by a few euros.

It is true that it is not a website with great boasts, but its fácil surveys and the possibility of earning money in Paypal without having to reach any minimum, is an attraction that is difficult to reject.

I am sure that when you try it you will not regret it, since it will not take any effort for you to do its surveys, they are short test type, and the truth is that receiving money with each study without having to reach any minimum that is often It’s too much uphill, thanks a lot.

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 Probe |  Short surveys paid by Paypal
  Probe |  Short surveys paid by Paypal
  Probe |  Short surveys paid by Paypal

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