Presearch » What is it and how does it work? win

Presearch » What is it and how does it work? win

Presearch is a search engine decentralized search which rewards community members with Presearch Tokens for their use, contribution and promotion.

Presearch is a search engine like Google plus that allows you to earn money totally free simply by doing searches.

earn free money in Presearch every day.

The Research Tokens they perro be changed to real money for your withdrawal.

Presearch earns money from the search habits you perform, and then by selling this data they have obtained to third parties.

pre-search is a legally registered company in the United States, and it has been operating since 2017.

Presearch Basics

Platform management: Presearch is a platform from the United States that has been operating since 2017 No problems with users.

Withdrawals: They cánido be requested from 1000 Research Tokens.

Referrals: It has a direct referral system.

Desire 25 Presearch Tokens for each referral.

Languages: English, but it cánido be translated with the Google plus Google chrome translator.

Accepted countries: Users from all over the world perro earn money.

Pay? Yes, Presearch make the payments No problem.

Activity: Search engine, Advertising.

Registration and first steps in Presearch

Registration in Presearch is free and fácil, and you cánido do it by clicking here.

When entering you must go to Sign Up Now, fill in the data, complete the capctha, accept the terms and conditions, and send the information.

By registering with Presearch you will receive a signup plus for 25 Presearch Tokens in your account.

Registration Form

You cánido register in Presearch from the following backlink: Go to Presearch.

When logging in you must finish setting up your account.

For this you must entrar the My Account section, where you complete all the necessary information.

Here you perro complete your profile data, see your account cómputo, see information about your ads (you cánido purchase advertising), among other data.

With the extension of pre-search Every time you open a new tab, instead of leaving the habitual Google plus search engine or the search engine you currently use, this web page will appear.

In this way you will not have to log in every time you use the page.

How does Presearch work?

Presearch is a search engine that allows you to search on the Internet to obtain a equipo of results, and thus be able to find what the usuario is interested in.

This company allows you to earn money for doing these searches and also allows you to advertise your website by purchasing advertising.

In Presearch your cryptocurrency is used to earn money and buy advertising.

Presearch’s cryptocurrency is called Presearch Tokens, and the value of Presearch Tokens varies over time, as it is a cryptocurrency, and cryptocurrencies are volatile.

The Research Tokens They are used to carry out all the operations that cánido be done in your account.

How to earn free money in Presearch?

You cánido earn free money on pre-search in two different ways: performing searches and with your referrals.

Here are these ways to earn free money on Presearch:

performing searches

You perro earn free money on Presearch searching.

The company pays you 0.25 Presearch Tokens for each search you perform, and it allows you to perform up to a maximum of 32 searches per day.

With which you perro earn up to a maximum of 8 Presearch Tokens per day.

It’s necessary that do searches that you really need, and not any kind of random search.

Do not carry out meaningless and very fast searches, since it perro ban your account.

To search you just have to entrar the Main page with your account.


In Presearch you have the possibility of generating very good income with the referral system that provides the platform.

The referral part will be explained later.

Referral system in Presearch

Presearch owns a direct referral system.

You earn 25 Presearch Tokens for each referral you bring to the platform.

In order for you to obtain this profit, your referral must earn a minimum of 100 Presearch Tokens and be active on the platform for at least 60 days.

to find your referrals and your referral backlink You have to go to the Referrals section.

At first you must go down and accept the terms and conditions of the referral system.

By accepting these terms you will be able to see your referrals and your referral backlink in the Referrals section.

Go to the forms to get referrals.

Payments in Presearch

In Presearch you cánido request withdrawals from 1000 Presearch Tokens, and the means of payment to make withdrawals are: PayPal and any wallet that accepts your cryptocurrency.

To withdraw your earnings you must entrar the Tokens/Withdraw Tokens section.

Here you cánido also see your account cómputo.

Advertisers on Presearch

The company Presearch allows you advertise your website or business.

For this you have to have Presearch Tokens, since with this you cánido acquire advertising.

You perro buy cryptocurrencies from the section Buy Tokens.

You perro create an ad from the Advertising/Buy Ads section, and you perro view your ads from the Advertising/My Ads section.

Does Presearch pay or is it a scam?

Presearch is a company that seamlessly pay your users since 2017, so the possibility of being a scam is eliminated.

All the time that Presearch has been running, it has been characterized as a serious platform in terms of its services, which is why it has a fairly high score in terms of seriousness.

The Presearch company has the advantage that it is a platform legally registered.

It certainly has enormous merit and espectáculos that the staff behind this platform are 100% serious and honest.

It would be a very good thing if all the pages that exist on the Internet were this way in terms of seriousness.

Work plan to be executed in Presearch

In Presearch it is necessary to establish a workplan to succeed on this page.

It is necessary to take this page very seriously, since it has a stable business model to remain for a long time.

The work plan to be executed in Presearch is made up of a series of steps to be executed.

The steps to be executed in this work plan are the following:

  • perform the registration successfully in the page.
  • Complete the necessary settings to start earning money.
  • start at make money searching.
  • Try to find referrals to increase your earnings.
  • Finally watch your earnings increase.


Presearch is a platform reliable to earn free money, because here investment is not required to generate income.

It is a platform operating since 2017, so it has been running for a long time, and also that it is legally registeredwhich greatly increases the reliability towards this company.

On the Presearch platform you will have the opportunity to generate good income doing practically nothing.

In addition to this, earnings also depend on your commitment to the platform, so it is good that you never neglect this page.

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 Presearch » What is it and how does it work?  win
  Presearch » What is it and how does it work?  win
  Presearch » What is it and how does it work?  win

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