Premise: earn money from your PayPal by filling

Premise: earn money from your PayPal by filling

Today I am here to talk to you about Premise, the innovative aplicación that allows you earn money to your PayPal with ease filling out surveys and completing tasks.

It turns out that currently they have created many applications to earn money from home that you cánido not imagine, there is a wide range of great aplicaciones that give you the opportunity to get great rewards, this is one of her Premise the latest aplicación that allows you to earn money by throwing photos and completing surveys from your cell phone.

If you want to know more about this tool, I invite you to stay and I will tell you each of the details involved in how to earn money using this aplicación.

Highlights of Premise:

  • Availability: iOS
  • Language: Spanish and others
  • Welcome Reward: Yes, 0.05 dollars
  • Withdrawal Minimum: low, from 0.5 dollars and up
  • Payment method: the one you escoge, including PayPal
  • Activities: Surveys and photo assignments
  • Referral system: No.

What is Premise?

How was I telling you? premises is an aplicación that allows you make money with survey and doing tasks, these are very fácil, so you won’t have to be a professional filling out surveys, I only ask you to be honest with your answers, so they send you more tasks and surveys.

You will ask yourself Why is it necessary to take the photographs? This is necessary because through these photos you will be helping your community, since these are different surveys for the government of your country to solve different problems, that is, in this aplicación your opinion is valued and your voice is heard.

In short, the purpose of this aplicación is to determine, or rather, help you choose the establishment that works best in your country and thus help you improve its services.

How do I sign up for Premise?

This part is fácil and important, since it will allow you to be part of this application, but first you must download it to your cell phone, remember that it is available for iOS and Android, here is the backlink to download it Clic here.

After you download it to your cell phone, the registration part begins, this does not have any loss, just by choosing an dirección de correo electrónico from Gmail or Fbyou will be ready to join this community and earn a lot of plus money that without a doubt is not bad in this situation.

Sticking with this iniciativa, this record is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen, as they give you a $0.05 plus, which to me is great.

In the same way, at that very moment after you choose to be part of them you will have to fill out your profile so that tasks adjusted to it will appear, this will also help you earn a reward of 0.05 dollars. It should be noted that it does not have a referral system, which is unfortunate in my opinion.

How does Premise work?

The operation and internal interfaz of this aplicación is what has surprised me the most. I tell you that, its interfaz is very fácil and understandable, this does not have any loss to use it, you do not need a tutorial or anything else.

Automatically, you entrar, you will see a series of functions based on tasks, surveys, complete profile, etcétera. Next, I explain about these:

  • Tasks: In this part, it will appear to you in the first instance, a small tutorial so to speak, on how to take good photos for the explore and locate tasks, this small guide lasts approximately 4 minutes.
  • The market: As this aplicación basically consists of the collection of information for the improvement of different establishments in the market, it offers you this option, in which you find survey tasks, locate and explore, below I explain more about them.

On the other hand, it should be mentioned that premises emplees the location in the background to identify tasks near you, this happens with the aplicación in use and not in use, activate your location, this does not orinan that the application will be monitoring your location in real time, rather it is in the background.

Premise Feature Details:

As I had already told you, these tasks are not lost and this will help you earn a lot of money, now I will explain in detail what these functions consist of.

First of all, let’s talk about the tasks, which are about completing assignments in different places that the aplicación will send you through a real-time notification, we could say, this means that you will have to go to the place where the task is and throw photographs or fill out surveys if asked, this aplicación is very afín to Gelt Cash.

Guide to take good photos:

  • You must read the task assigned to you very well and make sure that the photos espectáculo the object or establishment
  • Avoid taking low quality photos
  • Do not include objects that are not related to the task
  • Take clear photos with good lighting
  • Do not take dark or blurry photos, as this prevents the task from being verified
  • Take photos from the front of the object or establishment
  • Avoid photos taken from too close or too far

Now let’s talk about the market function, which has several sub-tasks, consisting of locating, exploring and surveying.

The survey option is very dynamic and interactive and deals with topics you are familiar with such as: the impact of covid-19, the internet and mobile phones, sustainability, vaccines, food, etcétera. These last approximately 3 to 4 minutes and they will always give you what you will earn with each one.

We continue with the task of locating, which I also liked a lot, since they will pay me better and it allows me to know new places and evaluate themin this part you may see locations of: internet cafes, open markets, red crosses and training centers, actually this is very easy, because when you are near any of these places the aplicación will send you a notification, it is not that you will go crazy looking for these places.

On the other hand, there is the task of locating, this is more complex, since it is if you are in a city, but I like it, because you cánido do these tasks from any country that is not yours and this does not matter.

How much do I get paid for surveys and other activities?

You discover this part from the moment you start using the aplicación, since it does not cheat and espectáculos you what your share will be to earn in each of the tasks and surveys.

For each survey they pay you approximately 0.03 dollarsthis depends on the category of the survey and your profile, remember to fill out your profile well to earn more.

For the tasks of locating you are paid up to 0.30 dollars, These are better paid because they require you to go to a certain place to do the task.

How do I withdraw my money from Premise?

To withdraw your money you just have to go to “Payments” Within the interfaz, you will see that you need a PayPal account or any other you want, for this withdrawal there are no limits, you cánido withdraw the money you want without any problem.

Some consejos to complete these tasks or surveys well:

  1. Complete tasks with integrity
  2. Complete tasks only when you feel safe
  3. Don’t make up the location
  4. Don’t behave inappropriately

Advantages and Disadvantages of Premise

  • It’s free
  • It is available for Android and iOS
  • It’s legal
  • if you pay
  • It is available for almost all countries


  • It does not have a referral system

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 Premise: earn money from your PayPal by filling
  Premise: earn money from your PayPal by filling
  Premise: earn money from your PayPal by filling

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