Pollyvox: earn money for Paypal by filling

Pollyvox: earn money for Paypal by filling

Pollyvox It is the latest addition to the surveys that we do.

I recommend you to make money with surveys.

With each survey that we carry out correctly, you will be getting Pollyvox points that you cánido exchange when you reach a minimum for Paypal money or Amazon gift vouchers.

This page has been running since 2017, and today it continues to work and pay its users without a problem, yes, for several months it has been taking longer than expected to pay, we will have to be attentive to what may happen.

But let’s get to the topic at hand.

Pollyvox, belongs to a French company.

It is only available for Spanish users.

But if you are from Latin America and want to earn money with surveys, I recommend that you visit the earn money with surveys section of I get out of the crisis.

Pollyvox Registration

To register in Pollyvox we must be over 15 years old and radica in Spain.

From there and if we meet these fácil requirements you cánido register. Registration is really fácil.

We will start completing our personal data and a registration correo electrónico, something very fácil.

It happens always on all survey pages.

We must fill in our name, surname, date of birth, country postal code, etcétera.

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Filled all the boxes they will send us an dirección de correo electrónico to the correo electrónico that we have put to confirm our account.

We just have to entrar our correo electrónico and activate the account.

By clicking on the “activate my account” button, It will direct us back to the page, where we will be invited to complete our profile, with a message like this:

Now We will only have to complete our profile, In this way we perro get as many surveys as possible to be sent to our correo electrónico.

As usual I recommend you fill in all the topics 100%.

At first it may seem a bit tedious, but in the end it will be worth the little effort.

Way to earn money with Pollyvox

The operation of Pollyvox It’s very fácil, completing surveys we will earn Pollyvox points. The surveys will be sent to our correo electrónico when we have one that matches your profile.

This is the way we will have to earn points more easily.

the points too We perro generate them by inviting our friends and family to participate in the surveys.

We will get up to 400 points for each referral we get.

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These points, when reaching 10,000 points We perro exchange them for money for our Paypal account, Amazon checks or other en línea stores.

If you prefer, when you reach 400 points You perro buy lottery tiques (whenever they are available).

Referral system in Pollyvox

He referral system is a good system to earn points.

We will get a maximum of 400 points per active referral.

For a referral to be considered active, they must do three things:

  • Complete your pollster profile.
  • Complete at least two preference themes.
  • Participate in at least one survey within 30 days of signing up.

In addition to these points that you perro earn thanks to referrals, they cánido be doubled for 6 days afterwards.

There are bonuses and offers available for new users.

These offers are a special offer consisting of making a “special offer” with which you perro earn double points per referral for 3 days from the date of registration.

Therefore, during the three days following registration, instead of 200 points, we cánido get 400 per active referral.

It is convenient to tell your friends and family, since it is very worthwhile.

Pollyvox reviews

Like all survey pages, this is a good opportunity to earn money or earn Amazon cómputo for users in Spain and México.

At the moment, availability is limited to these two countries.

But Pollyvox is expected to expand and there will be more users from Latin American countries who cánido enjoy taking surveys and earning money by giving your opinion.

If you read me from Venezuela, I remind you that there are many pages for make money from Venezuela.

Without further ado, I say goodbye friends, I recommend that you register at Pollyvox and fill out your profile 100%, this way you perro receive more surveys.

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 Pollyvox: earn money for Paypal by filling
  Pollyvox: earn money for Paypal by filling
  Pollyvox: earn money for Paypal by filling

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