PollPay: Take Paid Surveys from your

PollPay: Take Paid Surveys from your

Thanks to Poll Pay you will generate a little plus money in your free time, you simply have to complete several surveys in the day.

The time it will take you to answer the surveys is not long and you cánido use it on your mobile device or your computer by going to the official website of the application.

It has a very low minimum withdrawal, it is easy to use and if you share it with your friends, you will get more additional rewards; Without a doubt, an aplicación that you should try to generate income en línea.

What is PollPay?

Poll Pay is a paid survey platform that adjust to the profile of each usuario.

It has been running for more than a year and is owned by the German company BitBurst GmbH, which currently only has Poll Pay as its own product.

However, on its website it states that it has worked with large companies in the same field, such is the case of Toluna.

You cánido access its features from Android and iOS, stores where it has good ratings and more than 5 million downloads.

Currently, you cánido also answer surveys through their website.

Sign in to PollPay now

Download the aplicación

We are going to espectáculo you how download the aplicación from Android mobiles.

But don’t worry, the process is very afín for Apple devices, and if you don’t have a smart device, you cánido log in through their website.

  1. Entrar the Play Store and in the search bar type “Poll Pay».
  • Select the application «Poll Pay: Paid Surveys».
  • Clic install if it is available in your country.

    If it’s not available, it might work for you to install it with a VPN, but be aware that this cánido result in account suspension.

Registration and login

To earn money with aplicaciones like this, you must always register, to do it with Poll Pay you have three different options.

The first is with Fbthe second, Google plusand the third, Twitter.

But before registration, try to use the invitation code in “They referred me” – by using a code you get a welcome plus of 0.23 euros.

If you choose to use an invitation code, you must first clic on «Entrar the invitation code», then entrar a referral code and clic «Redeem + $0.25».

After that, you choose the option of your login for the first time.

When you log in for the first time, you cánido take a 3-minute survey with which you will earn 0.35 euros.

How does PollPay work?

Now we are going to explain what are the different functions of Poll Pay.

Once you entrar, on the left side you will see a menu with several options.

Start: in this section you perro see your cómputo, summary of surveys, rewards for referring friends with your invitation code and the payments you have requested.

  • surveys: different surveys available.
  • Redeem: this will be your favorite section, you will be able to obtain the cómputo in your PayPal account (depending on the country you will have other options, such as Gift Cards), the minimum withdrawal is 5 euros.
  • News: some news about the aplicación.
  • Invitation: here you get your referral code, if other people use it to sign up, you get benefits.
  • settings: It is the configuration of your account, language, history, account information, conditions of use, notifications, etcétera.

    In account information you must complete your profile, try to do it so you get more surveys.

Basically, these are the functions of Poll Pay, if you don’t like the aplicación for being purely surveys, give it a try Foap.

Foap is an application with which you earn money by selling photos made by you.

How cánido you get money in Poll Pay?

Now, it’s time for you to learn how to get money in Poll Pay.

The best way to do it, obviously, is by answering the surveys that will reward you with small amounts of money each time you complete one.

To get started, go to the option «surveys».

Those that appear blocked will be unlocked as you answer the ones that you have enabled.

You perro see that each survey tells you a estimated time in which you perro do it, number of stars (the less it has, the more difficult it is) and the amount it will pay you.

Very relevant fact: the platform works with “trick questions” to find out if you are completing the survey with concentration or not, if you answer the trick question wrong, the final reward of the survey is lower.

You will not be qualified or qualified for all the surveys, they will still appear in your surveys section.

But, for each survey that you choose and you are not qualified or qualified, you will get a small reward, 0.01 euros.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t find many surveys that you qualify for, just like Google plus Opinion RewardsPoll Pay has few surveys, but well paid.

How perro you get more money with the Aplicación?

Not only cánido you get money from surveys, you cánido try to get it through referrals.

You only have to share your invitation code with other people, you perro find it in the option «Invitation».

For each person who registers with your code you automatically earn 15% of what that person will generate by doing surveys.

For example, if someone registers with your code and generates 8 euros in rewards, you would earn 1.2 euros – the person will still have their 8 net euros.

Additionally, that person gets 0.25 euros for registering with your code.

For now, these are the ways to earn money with Poll Pay, unlike Appkarma does not allow you to earn money by downloading games.

How perro you collect your money

To collect the money, you must first have a minimum of 5 euros in reward.

In the section “Redeem» You will be able to see the different options to collect your money, which directly depend on the country in which you are.

However, it seems that PayPal is available in all countries, so we don’t think you’ll have much of a problem getting paid.

Payments arrive almost instantly to your PayPal account, that is one of the things that makes it one of the best aplicaciones to earn money.

Of course, you must have 0.50 euros in your Paypal account, apparently you must pay a small commission for each charge, -negative point.

Is Poll Pay safe?

Yes, to date the application has shown that is paying and is safeIn addition, there are many proofs of payment.

It seems to be one of those aplicaciones that, when you give it time and dedication, will earn you some plus money each month.

In addition, you cánido quickly reach the minimum withdrawal, especially if you share your referral code with others, so you perro generate more plus money without doing anything.

Opinions and conclusion about Poll Pay

We believe Poll Pay is a good alternative to make money with which you cánido reach the minimum withdrawal quickly.

It’s very easy to use, it pays you for surveys you don’t qualify for, payments are instant, and best of all: there’s a market research legal firm behind it.

The negative is that it does not notify you if you have new surveys, you must pay 0.50 euros with your PayPal account to collect and some surveys are usually very long.

In addition, it does not have many ways to generate income, such as doing other types of tasks, which Money Aplicación does.

To conclude, it’s a great aplicación and it makes the list of best paid surveys, of course you won’t make a fortune using it, however you will get some plus money.

We say goodbye, remember to share this article with your referrals so they perro use the application, take surveys and you cánido earn an additional 15%.

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 PollPay: Take Paid Surveys from your
  PollPay: Take Paid Surveys from your
  PollPay: Take Paid Surveys from your

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