Polling Channel | Paid surveys with no minimum

Polling Channel | Paid surveys with no minimum

Paid surveys are one of the safest ways to start earning money from home, and of course, a site like Polling Channel.

It is a web page that has been en línea from nothing less than the year 2005which gives a sample of reliability and good work more than evident.

It stands out for being a very fácil site to use, it will not be a problem for us to understand how it works from day one.

Even so, here I am going to tell you step by step what you have to do to start using it and earn money.

Register in Canal Sondeo

There is no unusual requirement to register with Canal Sondeo, just live in Spain, be of legal age, want to earn money and be willing to give our opinion on any subject.

To open an account we will only have to go to the web and clic on the button “Check in”.

There we fill in the data and entrar an invitation code to earn our first free points.

If you don’t have any you perro put this d9il0l6d is mine and with this we will be helping each other.

Then we have to go to our dirección de correo electrónico and validate the created account.

If we entrar the web with our verified account, we will see that we have a small profile survey, just by completing it they will grant us other 100 plus points.

What are the points for? Now we see it.

how to make money

It is clear that on this page we are going to earn money by filling out surveys.

These will be sent to our correo electrónico as soon as they are available.

Although they don’t usually send many, when they do, the vast majority do not require any qualification, that is, if they send them to you, unless you are slow, you will finish all of them successfully.

When we receive a survey, directly in the message of the same we will see the remuneration granted in case of completing it correctly.

The surveys will be paid to us in points that perro later be exchanged for different prizes or directly in money to our Paypal account, that is of free choice.

How to charge in Canal Sondeo

If a survey is remunerated in points, at the same time that we finish one completely, we will receive all the points in our Canal Sondeo account.

Those points will accumulate and when you reach a specific amount, we perro exchange those points for prizes.

Some of the prizes available

There is a good catalog of prizes available on Canal Sondeo, among which Amazon checks for different values ​​or even dinners for two people stand out.

Each of the prizes has a value in points that we must reach to unlock it.

The minimum is 500 points and it is not difficult to get there.

To charge the surveys directly to Paypal, we will only have to have our Paypal correo electrónico placed in our profile and wait for a survey to arrive where we will choose this method as the payment method.

The surveys that are sent to us cánido be paid in points or in money, that will be specified in the dirección de correo electrónico.

When it is in money, that survey will be paid directly to our Paypal, yes, it must be taken into account that payments are not instantaneous.

Payments by Paypal are made within a month after validating a successful survey.

Remember to put your Paypal dirección de correo electrónico in your profile before doing the surveys.

Proof of payment

There is no doubt that the best way to know if a page is paying is to see proof of payment from a usuario.

Then I leave you one of the several that I have already received.

Polling channel pays

As I have already said, we will have to take into account that the payments are not instantaneous.

In most cases we will have to wait until 30 days before receiving the payment in our Paypal account, so don’t get impatient.

Do you have a referral system?

Yes, Canal Sondeo has its own referral system.

Although it is not specified how many points we earn for recommending the platform.

For each guest that registers with our code, we are going to earn a number of points and our referral too, so in this sense it is something that I like, since both parties are rewarded.

These points will accumulate in our cómputo and cánido be exchanged for gifts in the “Rewards Catalog” of the platform.

Opinions about Canal Sondeo

The opinions could not be more positive.

We are talking about a website that has been running and paying for decades without problems and that is a blessing when it comes to working on a site.

Let’s see, it’s true that the number of surveys they send isn’t very high, they send just a few, but the ones they do send are usually completed easily, they don’t require much effort.

The fact that many of them pay you directly to Paypal without having to request any payment is another point in their favor.

Although the paid surveys are only 1 euro, the truth is that we cannot complain either because we are not going to dedicate much time to them.

Perhaps the only negative point that I see is that they do not pay instantly, as if it happens, for example, in pages like SurveyTime, we have to wait a month for each payment, but if the money finally reaches our account, I don’t see it either no drama.

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 Polling Channel |  Paid surveys with no minimum
  Polling Channel |  Paid surveys with no minimum
  Polling Channel |  Paid surveys with no minimum

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