PointsPrizes: Win Money and Cards

PointsPrizes: Win Money and Cards

If earning money en línea is what you are passionate about, then thanks to PointsPrizes you perro enjoy doing what you like the most. Points Prizes is a cross-platform with which we perro earn money in various ways, especially by filling out surveys, we will also see some important things about this platform.

PointsPrizes is a platform GPT “Get Paid To”that is, where users from all over the world cánido register, it does not matter if you are from México, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Spain, USA, Canadabut for English speaking countries as always they will have better chances to earn more.

Despite the fact that the page is in English, it is very easy to use since its navigation menu is very intuitive, but you perro use the google plus translator if you wish.

PointsPrize details

  • Activity: Surveys, games, offer walls and others.
  • Withdrawal Minimum: $20 dollars or its equivalent to 3,000 points
  • Pay mode: PayPal, Bitcoin, Amazon, Steam, PaySafeCard, iTunes and more.
  • Referral System: Yeah.
  • Language: English.
  • Accepted Countries: All.
  • site management: The page belongs to SAS PointsPrizes, a company legally registered in the town of Le Boulou, France. Registration number 830 646 766.

How to earn money in PointsPrizes?

The first thing we are going to do to be able earn money with PointsPrizes is to register, let’s go to the PointsPrizes official page and we proceed with the registration that is very easy, then we begin to carry out our surveys.

After we are already registered, we will earn points in PointsPrizes in several ways that we perro then exchange for money or cards. Once inside we will find several ways to earn points that we cánido later exchange for cards or money.

Completing offers: This is the main section to earn points on this platform, it has a multitude of external pages where money is earned in various ways.

Filling out surveys: Through Points Prizes or external platforms we perro earn additional points for completing surveys.

playing en línea: The platform has several fácil games with which we earn points while having fun.

Watching vídeos: Points Prizes has an application for iOS and Android from which you cánido earn points for watching vídeos. You perro download PointsPrizes aplicación if you want to work from the aplicación.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In the new update the section to earn money by watching vídeo is no longer available.

Referrals in PointsPrizes

Inviting other people: This company has two ways to earn money with referrals.

Points for recruiting referrals: You will earn between 1 and 10 points per referral that validates your account depending on the quality of traffic. It depends on the country and from where you have clicked on the backlink.

Points from the earnings of our referrals: We are going to earn 10% of the points they generate. If a referral earns 2000 points we earn 20 points.

PointsPrizes offer walls

PointsPrizes has a great deal of survey pages with which we cánido and will earn money on this platform.

  • adgatemedia
  • Lootably
  • Theoremreach
  • PeanutLabs
  • AdGem
  • OfferBull
  • ascendmedia
  • YourSurveys
  • hangmyads
  • AyeTStudios
  • Supernova
  • wannads
  • CPXResearch
  • RevenueUniverse
  • pollfish
  • SurveyTime
  • KiwiWall
  • adworkmedia
  • PlayGames
  • PointClick
  • CPAlead

Does PointsPrizes pay or is it a scam?

PointsPrizes pays So far, despite the fact that some platform updates have emerged and we no longer have some points, the company continues to pay and has proof of payment.

PointsPrizes minimum withdrawal and payment methods

He PointsPrizes aplicación withdrawal minimum It is $20 dollars vía PayPal or its equivalent to 3,000 pointsthe platform has multiple forms of payments as you will see in the image below.

PointsPrizes: Trick and Strategy Revealed

As I mentioned before, for Spanish-speaking countries there are fewer opportunities because many offers do not appear on our walls throughout the country, so a strategy either trick to earn more money with PointsPrizes What we should do is the following.

Firstwe perro use a virtual machine or a VPN to change our ip to one from the United States or Spain, which are good countries for surveys and second, we perro focus on getting many referrals, sharing our backlink through other popular networks and business groups.

PointsPrizes in Spanish (Vídeo Tutorial)

PointsPrizes Opinions and suggestions

The good thing about this company is that PointsPrizes has an apk what perro you discharge in Google plus playIn addition to the fact that you perro also work directly on the page if you prefer, it is a good option to earn money and I recommend it. Visit the official page and register.

you perro use a VPN If you want better survey offers to appear to you, of course you have to keep in mind that not all VPNs work to fill out surveys.

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 PointsPrizes: Win Money and Cards
  PointsPrizes: Win Money and Cards
  PointsPrizes: Win Money and Cards

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