Plus Bitcoin closes its doors

Plus Bitcoin closes its doors

What is Plus Bitcoins?

It is one of the best faucet-style pages, I really like it to earn free cryptocurrencies, especially combining it with the rest of the CoinPot faucets.

For those who don’t know, CoinPot is a payment processor like any otherwith the advantage that it does not charge fees for sending money, Plus Bitcoin is one of the faucets that is associated with this wallet, once you have money in CoinPot you perro send it to any other wallet. No fees!

Plus Bitcoin is the only one among its sisters that offers the daily plus to generate 5% interest every day.

Consejos for Plus Bitcoins

If you want to live from this, you must realize that it is a real job.

I clarify, that small profit is an example for people with habitual jobs or a full busy life that does not allow them to even sit at the computer more than 20 minutes a day.

But, dedicating yourself seriously to this business, $30 dollars is not made in a year… It is made in a week!

This time I’m talking about myself, from my experience, I’m currently working with many pages, if I add up the profit from all of them, it exceeds 30 dollars a week.

All these pages that I work you perro find browsing Jobs Venezuelaeach with its explanation and strategy.

There are some like Coinpayu, which will work promoting to get referrals and thus earn more money, but there are also other pages where the money you earn does not depend on referralsIt depends more on the time you dedicate to it.

Don’t look for quick or easy businesses… Look for businesses that are safe!!

If you read the blog, sign up for the pages and work on them as I explain. In less than a year you will also be earning at least $30 a week.

That, without counting all the good things that are coming, where I will espectáculo how you perro use the profits obtained in these free sitesto go setting up your own businesses, in such a way that you go from being a worker to an entrepreneur.

Bitcoin plus closed


Unfortunately we say goodbye to this faucet that lasted many years paying, but after several problems they decided to close.

Although the page still loads, since February 2021 it is NOT working or paying.

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 Plus Bitcoin closes its doors
  Plus Bitcoin closes its doors
  Plus Bitcoin closes its doors

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