Plum Guide: The Best Rental Site?

Plum Guide: The Best Rental Site?

Finding the perfect vacation rental is not easy.

While there are plenty of sites out there like Airbnb and Vrbo, the overwhelming number of options perro make it a time-consuming ordeal.

All your efforts may be wasted if the property barely resembles the captivating photos you saw in the description.

Plum Guide is an up-and-coming Airbnb alternative that overcomes this problem by offering a limited but outstanding selection of vacation homes, none topped by the other.

It guarantees that you will love what you book.

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What is Plum Guide?

UK-based vacation rental platform Plum Guide was founded in 2016 by Doron Meyassed.

It has holiday homes, mainly in the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States.

Although a recent addition, the platform has grown well over the years, extending its focus from habitual cities to rural areas.

But what sets it apart from other rental sites?

Plum Guide’s specialty is that it offers only the best vacation homes selected through a careful, expert vetted process.

It represents the top 3% of vacation rental sites in every budget category in every city it covers.

All of them guarantee exceptional quality and optimal value.

How does PlumGuide work?

Booking a rental with Plum Guide is fácil.

  1. You visit the website and entrar the destination, check-in and check-out dates, and the number of guests in the search bar.
  2. You perro see details such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and guests in the list view, including the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and guests, including the price.
  3. You cánido also filter the results by specifying the price range, bedrooms, accessibility, type of property, characteristics, type of stay, etcétera.
  4. If a especial rental matches your expectations after reading its description, amenities, and availability, make the reservation by making the required payment.
  5. You cánido cancel or change your reservations depending on the policy that applies to your reservation.

    Read more about Plum Guide’s cancellation policies here.

Plum Guide offers 24/7 support to help guests with their booking related queries and issues.

Unlike Vacasa, it does not serve as a rental management company, offering a consistent service.

Instead, it chooses trusted hosts with great rentals through a careful selection process.

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What types of vacation rentals does Plum Guide offer?

Plum Guide offers a variety of options such as apartments, aparthotels, studios, penthouses, villas, cabins, bungalós, houses, etcétera.

It does not offer shared spaces or individual rooms for rent.

What we liked about Plum Guide

With Plum Guide, the de hoy condition of the property that conforms to what you read and saw in the photos is a promise.

Plum Guide assures guests of superior quality, reliable customer service, and first-rate hospitality.

Every rental you see on the website has gone through a rigorous screening process, so you perro book with confidence.

It addresses one of the biggest concerns of travelers.

No wonder it is famous as the Michelin star for vacation rentals.

If you need high-end, well-cared-for properties in convenient locations like major cities, Plum Guide is where to look.

You cánido save a lot of time by reading countless comments from past guests and trying to discern which ones are truly authentic.

There’s also a list of “home truths” for each rental, highlighting its drawbacks.

It is very convenient and saves a lot of hassle.

Rentals listed in Plum Guide are exceptional, award-winning properties that offer great value for money.

There are a variety of property types, although the choice here depends on the destination.

Most feature modern and stylish interiors.

High speed WiFi, good water pressure, quality furnishings, comfortable bedding, and an immaculately clean space are a few things you cánido count on.

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What Plum Guide perro do better

rental price

Although Plum Guide caters to different budgets, most of the rentals are high-end.

High quality properties are not cheap.

Also, many of the rentals on Plum Guide are located in major cities.

However, you will find some cheap options.

If you’re looking for cheap rentals, check out our list of cheap vacation rental websites.

limited destinations

Plum Guide only covers 21 countries, and is restricted, limiting coverage to Asia, Australia, Africa or South America.

Even the number of options is limited, sticking to only the top 3%.

However, the founder and team have been vocal about expansion goals, and that’s good news for sophisticated travelers around the world.

There are no usuario reviews.

Unlike other booking platforms, you don’t get a reviews section that includes comments and ratings from past guests.

Plum Guide does not believe in the authenticity of usuario generated reviews on booking sites as anyone cánido do it to purposely upgrade or downgrade a rental.

This perro be a major drawback for you if you like to read customer reviews before making your decision.

Plum Guide vs.


Both are rental marketplaces that connect hosts with guests.

But, quality is the strength of Plum Guide.

The selection of properties is carried out by a diverse team of travelers, architects, interior designers, psychologists.

On the other hand, anyone perro list their rental on Airbnb, and the quality is sometimes hit or miss.

Another difference is that Plum Guide focuses on independent properties, while Airbnb includes shared spaces.

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Is the Plum Guide worth it?

We highly recommend Plum Guide for travelers with high expectations of quality.

Their exclusive range of rentals will definitely have something to suit your taste.

But, for budget travelers or backpackers, not so much.

If you’re willing to spend some time doing your research, you cánido find a decent place to stay at an affordable price.

You perro use Holidu, Fareportal or other aplicaciones mentioned above for this purpose!

Little Bo Peep, a UK holiday home at Plum Guide

Our rating: 4.3/5


  • Reliable, high-quality vacation rentals guaranteed
  • Save time spent researching and reading reviews
  • impressive amenities


  • The rents are quite expensive
  • Only a limited number of countries
  • No peer reviews

Plan your getaway now!

Each traveler’s lodging options vary depending on their budget, travel style, and itinerary.

We’ll keep reviewing vacation rentals to help travelers like you make a more informed decision!

Regardless of which rental aplicación you end up using, you will definitely need a trip planning aplicación.

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 Plum Guide: The Best Rental Site?
  Plum Guide: The Best Rental Site?
  Plum Guide: The Best Rental Site?

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