playmobo pays

playmobo pays

Hello friends! today I am going to espectáculo you that Playmobo pays. You remember Playmobo, right? It’s a application that I told you about back in October. As a lot of time has passed, with Christmas in between, I would ask you to read the articulo I wrote about this application here.

In a nutshell, Playmobo is an aplicación that will give us points for installing and trying games (games only), recommend games and for a daily checking.

In it backlink above you perro download the application. You will start with 10,000 points, which is equivalent to 1 euro. Something that is not bad. You will also entrar the draw for a redeemable code that perro go up to 10,000 points.

If you are lucky, you perro win up to 2 euros in a spin. If we count that the minimum payment in this application is 10 euros (100,000 points), we have won a lot.

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As I have told you, There are three ways to earn points on Playmobo:

  • with daily checking we will earn 50 points every day. As you progress through the days, there will be some days that you will earn 100 and even 250 points.
  • recommending applications and games to your acquaintances. with this action you cánido earn up to 200 points80 will be for posting it on your fb account and the rest will be for each friend who installs the game. These offers are usually renewed every 2 or 5 days.
  • testing games. With every game you install and try you cánido earn up to 3500 points in several days. 500 will be for installation and the rest for having it installed for several days.
  • recommending games. Yeah you recommend a game and it is accepted, you will earn 500 points.
  • referrals. We will win 1,000 points for each friend who registers with our referral backlink.

Throughout these months that I have been using this application, I have discovered some “tricks” that will make us earn points more quickly. We have to keep in mind that in an aplicación we will not earn large amounts, but everything is welcome.

At point three, that of pstealing games, we have to take into account that they are normally 500 points per installed game. If we want, we we cánido install, add the points and uninstall it, since the next day we will have another game to install. We will have to do this when the points that they are going to give us add up to less than 500 points per day. It will be seen with a fácil sum.

Another very interesting option to add points more quickly is to recommend games. We all have various money making aplicaciones and most of them allow you to install other aplicaciones. Well then, we just have to talk on Playmobo. We cánido do it in the “Recommended and Earn Points” section.

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As I have told you before, Playmobo pays, and as promised it is debthere I put you proof of payment from Paypal, charged 7.75, minus the Paypal commission, 0.69, therefore, they stayed at 7.06 euros clean. Those of you who have this aplicación already know that the minimum of choir is €10, by various methods:

  • cómputo PayPal
  • cards Amazon
  • gift card Google plus play
  • gift card Steam

Although the minimum to be able to charge is €10, the same application keeps €2.25, possibly as a commission. It’s not something I like, but it is what it is.

And without further ado, Here I put the proof of my Paypal account with the income:

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Playmobo is a great option to earn money with our móvil. With just a few minutes a day (two exactly) We cánido earn good money from our Paypal account, Amazon cards or the payment method that we deem appropriate. Without further ado, I invite you to register, it’s free, it will take you less than two minutes and you perro start with at least 11,000 points, with which we will already have a long way to go. Regards and until next time!!

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 playmobo pays
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