playfulbet | WIN PRIZES betting for free

playfulbet | WIN PRIZES betting for free

Playfulbet It is a portal where we cánido bet on events and win prizes and money.

The website belongs to Playful Gaming SL, whose offices are in Barcelona. has been en línea since 2012.

What makes it one of the oldest free gambling games on the net.

In all this time it has distributed hundreds of prizes among its users.

Real money prizes stand out.

How are €25 in Skrill or Neteller.

But there are also physical prizes such as the PS4, a 32″ Smart televisión or the Xbox One.

Although there are many more! Do you like sports betting? And any of these awards? Well, if you want, I’ll explain below how Playfulbet works.

Register to Playfulbet

At Playfulbet, as we have seen in the intro, we cánido forecast sporting events.

Just like we do at a real money betting house.

But free.

It should be noted, first of all, that we place bets using coins.

The so-called official currency of Playfulbet.

And secondly, we will never lose money out of pocket.

If not the opposite.

We will win money, prizes and gifts, without having to risk anything except coins.

Update – Playfulbet has communicated on popular networks that they are closing.

The game only generated losses and after adopting a series of measures that did not give the expected result, they have made the decision to close.

Registering at Playfulbet is very fácil.

if you follow my this backlink, a new window will open with my invitation.

On this same page, you perro register vía Fb or Twitter in less than 5 seconds.

If you do it with my backlink they will give you 1,000 coins plus.

Then, to access the web, you will only have to log in through the same popular network.

Keep in mind that if you do it with a different popular network than the one you registered with, you will be creating another new account, instead of accessing yours.

For each friend that we invite to Playfulbet, they will reward us with 1,500 Coins and 10% of the Coins they generate on the Offers walls.

How Playfulbet works

The truth is that Playfulbet It has a very intuitive design. and that always facilitates navigability through a website.

When we access our account for the first time, a menu appears with all the sections that make up the portal.

In summary, they would be the following.


The main screen that we will see when accessing our account.

As a summary, they will espectáculo us the Recommended Events of the day, our latest Coin movements (both gains and losses), the Activity that we have carried out on the page, the following Pools and Cheers that are available, and finally, an access to the Playfulbet blog (to be aware of any news).

Sports events

In this section we will see an updated list with the closest events.

At the top of the list, we will see the games that start earlier, and as we go down, we see events that will start in one hour, two hours, etcétera.

Playfulbet Pools

As it happens with the common pools of a lifetime, at Playfulbet we have the option of completing a pool for a price of 200 Coins and opting to win the accumulated jackpot.


In this section we cánido bet on a specific match to an exact result.

If we hit the final result, we will entrar into a distribution of the pot among all the winners.

If we are the only correct ones, we would take the entire pot.

Top player rankings

This classification of the best tipsters allows us to win prizes and plus Coins.

Keep in mind that it is updated twice a month, that is, every fortnight.

If we have a good streak and hit several bets in a row, we cánido qualify in the top ten and win one of the 10 prizes available for this contest.

Mini-games at Playfulbet

In this section we perro earn plus Coins while we hang out with the minigames.

They are usually en línea games, which do not need to be downloaded, and are very easy to use.

As a general rule, we have to be playing for a certain time, and thus, receive the relevant reward.

En línea store

As the name indicates, this is the Playfulbet en línea store.

It is not mandatory to buy anything.


But if we see something we like and buy it, we will receive the item and additional Coins as a gift.

Prizes at Playfulbet

Finally, the section that interests us the most.

The Awards section.

from here is where we perro exchange the Coins for prizes.

Among other things, elementos such as the Play Station 4, the XBox One, Televisions, Vídeo-Games and money through Skrill, Neteller and Paypal are available.

Playfulbet Aplicación

I take this opportunity to make a small note.

In addition to the web, we cánido also use the Playfulbet Aplicación to continue earning Coins.

Same as with the betsim aplicación.

The operation of the application is afín to that of the web page, so it does not have any type of complication.

In it we perro bet, play mini-games, complete offers, watch vídeos, etcétera.

And all from our mobile.

If we want to bet on a sporting event but we don’t have a PC at hand, the application perro come in handy.

To access our Playfulbet account in the aplicación, you will need to we use the same access data.

If we have registered with Twitter, we will have to log in with this popular network.

If it was through Fb, the same.

And if we have registered with the correo, we will have to entrar the password and that’s it.

It is important to do it this way, otherwise you will create a second account by mistake.

You cánido download the Playfulbet aplicación in the Play Store from here.

Get coins in Playfulbet for free

As soon as we register at Playfulbet They give us a gift of 4,000 Coins.

In addition, every day, for the fácil fact of accessing the web, we cánido earn a plus that perro reach up to 1,500 Coins.

If we are constant and access the web daily, we perro get a total of 10,500 Coins each week without having to bet.

We cánido also earn plus Coins by following Playfulbet on popular networks.

There they publish codes on a regular basis and perro be exchanged for Coins.

At Playfulbet there are several ways to get Coins.

Two of them free:

➲ Free betting on sporting events.

➲ Completing offers and/or surveys.

free sports bets

The first option, the place sports bets, is the most common of all and the main reason why we register at Playfulbet.

To make a prediction on a specific match, we will have to clic on the event we want, select the team and the quota that we like the most, and entrar the amount of Coins with which we want to play.

offer walls

The second option offers us the possibility of earning plus Coins in various ways.

For watching vídeos, downloading aplicaciones, completing offers or responding paid surveys.

In this section, the Mini-Games that I have mentioned before would also entrar.

To access the Walls of Offers, you will have to clic on the green tab with the title of “Earn Coins”.

Among the different offer walls, we cánido see that there are several that we already know from some PTCs, such as TrialPay, SuperSonicAds, Wannads or TokenAds.

The operation is very fácil, and in fact, in each offer we detail the steps to follow so that we assign the plus correctly.

How to win 250,000 Coins in Playfulbet

The kit of the question and reason why I write this articulo.

The first thing I have to say is that to get these amount of Coins in Playfulbet I had to pay €10.

Yes, although this information may make you stop reading and close this window, I recommend that you wait a little longer.

You will surely not be disappointed.

If a moment ago I told you about the free sections with which we could get free Coins, in this case it is a promotion of those that are active in Playfulbet.

If you entrar the section “Top Promos” You will see in great detail all the promotions they have.

After assessing all of them, I have opted to do Luckia’s.

In principle, the offer tells us the following:

And you will tell me, is that only Jesus? Wow churro!! To be honest, if the conditions were these, I would agree with you and it would not have been necessary to write a articulo.

However, as we will see below, with this promo they will give us many more benefits.

They will even deposit money directly to our Paypal account.

Conditions, features and rewards for completing the Luckia promotion:

1- We will have to entrar €10 in the bookmaker.

2- Once entered, they will double that amount.

In other words, by entering €10, we will have 20 to place our bets on Luckia.

3- In addition, they will give us a blue VIP Ticket (which we cánido exchange for €5 in Paypal).

4- As a gift, they will add 250,000 Coins in Playfulbet.

5- And finally, they will give us a €15 gift card to spend on PCComponentes.

Without counting the money bet, we will only have spent €5 in exchange for all this.

Honestly, it seems like a bargain to me.

Promotion of Luckia and Playfulbet

To take advantage of these conditions, we will have to complete the promotion following a series of requirements.

Below I detail all the steps that must be followed:

First of all we register in Luckia by following the Playfulbet backlink.

This backlink appears in light blue and is indicated by the title of «Register in Luckia».

When we make the deposit in Luckia we have to do it, preferably, through Paypal.

This will allow us to receive the €15 Gift Card to spend on PCComponentes.

The second step will be to make our forecasts.

We perro use the money however we want.

Either distributing it in one or several plays.

And betting on any sport, discipline or category.

Once we have made the bets, we will have to return to Playfulbet and fill out a form.

With this, we will confirm that we have followed all the steps complying with the initial requirements.

In this form we will write our nickname in Playfulbet, that of Luckia and we will indicate what we want to exchange for the VIP Ticket.

Finally, we accept the conditions and clic on “Send”.

Finally, we will only have to wait patiently for all the rewards to be assigned to us.

Coins on Playfulbet take between 7 and 15 business days to be allocated.

However, the prize that we have exchanged with the blue VIP Ticket will be effective within a period of between 1 and 3 working days.

Rewards for doing the Luckia-Playfulbet promo

Below I attach some images with all the rewards I received after completing the promotion at Playfulbet.

【Luckia Real Money Gambling】

I must confess that I gambled the €20 in a single combined bet.

My bet was that Barça and La capital de españa would lose their games against Atlético and Villarreal respectively.

I could have played with more “safe” results, but with such a conveniente situation, I thought it was worth taking a little more risk.

Total, the real expense was only €5 and if I won, I would get a good pinch.

Both matches ended in a draw, but if my forecast had been correct, I would have won more than €700.

【Playfulbet payment in Paypal】

In the image above I espectáculo you my income in Luckia and the Playfulbet payment.

This money is because I exchanged my Blue VIP Ticket for an automatic payment of €5 to my Paypal account.

This payment does not have to be requested since it is entered directly into Paypal.

【Gift Card on PC Components】

When I received the Gift Card I didn’t quite remember what it was worth and when I saw that it was €15 I was pleasantly surprised.

I needed some headphones with an integrated microphone that would adapt to my PC, so with this Gift Card I have been able to buy better quality ones and totally free.

【Coins on Playfulbet】

The last but not the least reward is 250,000 Coins at Playfulbet.

Now I will be able to bet more and if I have a good winning streak, I cánido exchange my Coins for money in Paypal.

What are Playfulbet VIP Tiques?

I will take advantage of the articulo to explain what Playfulbet VIP Tiques consist of and what they are for.

Notably We cánido only get these tiques by completing one of the current promotions on the web (like Luckia’s today).

There are two types of VIP Tiques: the blue and the Red.

Depending on the ticket we get when completing the promotion, we perro exchange it for certain rewards.

He Blue VIP Ticket we perro change it to:

Receive €5 in Paypal.

– A €5 gift card in Paysafecard.

– €5 in Riot Points to spend on League of Legends.

– Or, finally, €5 to spend on Steam.

And the Red VIP Ticket we perro change it to:

– A payment of €10 in Paypal.

– The €10 gift card in Paysafecard.

– Receive €10 in Riot Points to consume in League of Legends.

– €10 to spend on Steam.

– Some Mars Gaming MH0 Headphones (see photo on the Playfulbet website).

– A Mars Gaming MK0 Keyboard (see photo on the Playfulbet website).

– A 32GB MicroSD memory card (see photo on the Playfulbet website).

Each VIP Ticket cánido be exchanged only once for any of these elementos.

Playfulbet Features

In this guide we have seen the complete operation of Playfulbet.

So far we already know everything you need to accumulate Coins and then request a prize.

However, there are some points and opinions that I would like to mention before closing the article.

Let’s see:

✅ Playfulbet is completely free and it is possible to redeem prizes no matter how we use the sections we use.

There is sites that force you to make a payment offer or afín scams.

Not here.

If we want, we cánido withdraw money using only and exclusively the free bets section to generate the necessary Coins.

The rest of the options are added in case we want to get plus Coins.

✅ Since the beginning of 2019, there is the possibility of redeem our Coins for real money.

In this case, we perro redeem 1,750,000 Coins for €25 in Skrill or Neteller.

I had been exchanging my Coins for bets in Luckia for some time.

But from now on, my goal is to get a payout from Playfulbet on Skrill.

As soon as I do, you’ll be the first to know.

✅ Another very interesting option to add Coins in Playfulbet is inviting our friends.

Since April 2019 there is a new section called «Guests»in which we perro get Coins and different prizes for recommending Playfulbet to other people.

All people who register with our backlink will receive 1,000 plus Coins as a gift.

What are Playfulbet coupons?

Many of you have asked me about Playfulbet coupons.

In my opinion, coupons are one of the best ways to get plus Coins.

So read carefully, because they are very easy to get.

Coupons are promotional codes that Playfulbet launches very often on its popular networks.

All you have to do is follow Playfulbet on Twitter, Fb and Instagram.

And go browsing from time to time the latest publications of him.

I follow them on Fb and Twitter, and it’s rare a week that they don’t articulo a couple or three coupons.

In the vast majority of coupons, the prize they give us is 5,000 Coins.

But there are times when they perro give us 10,000 or 15,000 Coins.

By the way, coupons expire.

They must be entered within 24 hours of their publication on the networks.

If you do it later, the Coins will be added to the cómputo.

Does Playfulbet pay?

Playfulbet DO NOT pay since it closed its doors.

I have always received my prizes within days of requesting redemption.

And if they’ve ever been running longer than usual for any reason, they’ve always notified me.

In fact, before I have shown a payment by Paypal.

But I have also exchanged many times my Coins for free bets in Luckia.

Although for this it is necessary to have completed the promo that I have explained before.

In this way, the Coins I earn on Playfulbet translate into real money bets on Luckia.

And if I win a bet there, I cánido withdraw the winnings to my Paypal account.

It is possible that with the prizes that require more points, which do not usually have as much depósito, they may take longer.

But with the easier prizes to get, the process is much faster.

Playfulbet Conclusion

If you like to place sports bets without taking risks, pages like Playfulbet or Winner They fit like a glove.

We have the oportunidad to have a good time, and at the same time, earn money playing.

And all for free.

Yeah we want to increase our Coins considerably, we cánido always take the opportunity to complete offers and watch vídeos.

Or else, sign up for promotions like the one we have seen from Luckia.

On a personal level, I don’t think it’s a bad option.

You will not tell me that for €5 the play has not come out well.

Still don’t know the game of goaltycoon? If you like soccer, now you cánido earn money by managing your own team.

I don’t think I left anything out.

If you want to test your intuition you perro register at Playfulbet by clicking on the following button.

You will start with 5,000 Coins and they will give me 1,500.

so thank you very much.

If you have any questions, you perro leave me a comment or write me a message through the Contact.

Until next time and good luck!!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

Do you want to know me better? Here you perro see more about me.

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 playfulbet |  WIN PRIZES betting for free
  playfulbet |  WIN PRIZES betting for free
  playfulbet |  WIN PRIZES betting for free

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