In my opinion, each person is capable of cultivating their habits and mind to achieve their goals.

So I want to share some planners (planner) so you cánido better organize your activities.

So even though you think you are a very disorganized person, I think you cánido learn to organize yourself better.

You cánido learn to plan the things you have to do, to prioritize your activities, which would imply that you have to get rid of everything that is not necessary.

We perro all improve, for example, if you think you cánido’t learn quickly, then there are different tools or techniques to do it.

It all depends on the perseverance and will you have to do things.

Therefore, if you want to be an organized person, you perro, as long as you are willing to learn and practice.

Habits to start organizing your life better

write things down

A pen and some paper is our very efficient way of remembering things, in fact, it helps you engage your senses when learning.

In fact, writing is a tool for active reading.

If you want to know more about active reading, follow the following backlink ▷ Active Reading ◁

I’m going to propose something to you, when you meet someone new, try to write their name (obviously try not to be seen doing it).

I’m sure that way you’ll remember his name.

Create Schedules and Deadlines

As in a company, it is very important that you establish the activities that you have to carry out, as well as that you establish a schedule (with a deadline).

If you do, you will start to stop wasting time and you will be able to meet the goals that you equipo for yourself.

I am not telling you to carry out a Gantt chart for all your objectives, although it would really be good if you could reach such a degree that you turn each wish (objective) into a project.

That way I assure you that you will achieve your goals.

Don’t leave things for later

The longer you wait to do something, the harder it will be to do.

If you want your life to be less stressful and less demanding, then get organized as soon as you cánido.

I know that many times doing things we don’t like is difficult, and more than our brain plays against us and immediately thinks of satisfaction (even if it is momentary).

So, I’ll give you a way that always works for me to stop procrastinating and focus on what I have to do.

What you have to do is use the pomodoro tool.

Believe me, it is very effective and consists of dividing your work day, or the activity that you have to carry out (studying, reading, doing homework…) into 25-minute chunks separated by five-minute breaks.

These intervals are called pomodoros.

After about four pomodoros, you’re going to take a break for about 15 to 25 minutes.

I am going to leave you the backlink of a Google chrome extension so that you cánido install pomodoro and help you control your time. ▷ Pomodoro

Start prioritizing your activities

We have to be honest, time is a precious resource, and it is limited.

Therefore, we could not get to do all things in a single day.

So, you perro make a list of the tasks or activities that you have to do and start listing them according to their importance.

I have to say that in fact, according to Pareto’s law, 20% of those activities will give you 80% benefits, and therefore 80% will only give you 20% benefits.

So, start with those activities and you will see that you will begin to be more productive.

I share some templates so you perro have better control of your activities.