PicksAndBets | FREE bets to win

PicksAndBets | FREE bets to win

PicksAndBets It is a free sports betting website with which we cánido add points and exchange them for prizes, gift cards or money through Paypal.

Picksandbets.com is managed by Kiran López, a Mexican boy whose purpose is to make PicksAndBets the reference free bets website.

To date, there have already been several users who have received a prize from PicksAndBets and more and more people register every day.

If you like this kind of games to win money and prizes betting without risking a penny, I’m sure PicksAndBets will call your attention.

Last update ” The PicksAndBets domain has been throwing an fallo for several days.

Added to this is the fact that payments have been paralyzed for almost two months now.

Taking into account that it is a page that had been en línea for a year, everything indicates that the administrator has not renewed the domain and has closed it.

For these reasons, I catalog PicksAndBets from scam and stop using and recommending it.

PicksAndBets: How to register to the platform

For start using PicksAndBets we will have to previously create our account.

If you want, you perro follow this backlink, which will take you directly to the registration form.

you will see that there are three possible ways to register at PicksAndBets: vía Fb, vía Twitter or vía correo electrónico.

I registered with dirección de correo electrónico and I think it is the best option.

I will talk about it later, but once we have created our account, we cánido get rewards for accessing the web through popular networks.

Leaving this aside, which is not important, as soon as we register PicksAndBets will credit us with 10,000 Points in the cómputo as a welcome.

It’s time to access PicksAndBets and make our first bets on the web!!

How PicksAndBets works

PicksAndBets is characterized by being a free betting website, so the most common way to get points is betting on different sporting events.

However, in addition to this, there is also the possibility of earning points by participating in other games, answering surveys and completing tasks on the offer walls, or even receiving rewards for objectives.

If we go through a bad streak and want to recover some points, these sections will come in handy.

Sports bets

In PicksAndBets they use the American format to espectáculo us the odds.

If you have any questions regarding the operation of these odds, you cánido visit the articulo on types of sports bets.

Returning to PicksAndBets, to place a bet we will only have to go to the event, select our forecast, write the amount of points that we want to bet and confirm the operation.

As fácil as that.

Pools, Enracha-t and Porras

In addition to gambling at PicksAndBets we perro also participate in different games.

The good thing about these games is that they allow us to earn a good handful of points in exchange for risking very little.

The Football pools PicksAndBets cánido have a total of 10, 11 or 12 sporting events.

To participate, we will have to pay 300 points and we will be able to make our predictions.

As in the common pool, we will have to say which matches will be won by the home team, the visitor, or if it will end in a tie.

Depending on the participants, the accumulated jackpot and the results, the amount of the prizes also varies.

These are the prizes that were distributed in the most recent Quiniela before writing this entry:

Awards: 12 Hits ⇒ 80,000 Points 11 Hits ⇒ 10,000 Points 10 Hits ⇒ 10,000 Points

The game enracha-t It consists of successively guessing the result of different events.

We will have to bet from event to event, predicting whether the home team or the away team will win.

When that match ends we will have access to the next forecast, and so on.

Our goal is to achieve the longest possible streak of hits without missing any forecast.

Based on the number of hits (A), we will earn more or less points.

Awards: 25 (A) ⇒ 50,000,000 Points 21 (A) ⇒ 10,000,000 Points 17 (A) ⇒ 1,000,000 Points

13 (A) ⇒ 500,000 Points 9 (A) ⇒ 200,000 Points

In the cheers We will have to guess the exact result of the event that they tell us.

It costs 300 points to make our prediction.

If we get the result right, we will take the pot that has been accumulated by the registration of all the participants.

In case of a tie with another usuario, we will share the pot with him.

Offer Walls

As it happens in other free betting pages such as Playfulbet, its Wannads, SuperRewards and OfferToro offer walls are also available on PicksAndBets.

To be honest, I usually make very few offers on these walls and it is for the fácil reason that I prefer to do them on ClixSense.

In any case, apart from the surveys, there are offers that are very worthwhile since they offer us points in exchange for registering for raffles for cruises, trips, concert tiques, shopping vouchers, etcétera.

Daily loyalty plus

PicksAndBets rewards usuario loyalty in the form of points.

Every day that we access the web they will give us a plus in points.

The minimum amount we perro receive is 100 points on the first day and the maximum is 500 on the fifth and subsequent days.

In this way, from the fifth day they will give us 500 points just for entering the web.

If in a bad run we lose all the points, PicksAndBets will give us more for us to continue playing.

PicksAndBets Prizes

The PicksAndBets section that we like the most.

The one with the Awards!! It is clear that if we dedicate time to a free betting website like this, it is to win prizes and money without risking anything from our pocket.

Like in any free game, at PicksAndBets there are also several rewards to choose from.

The only thing we have to do before redeeming an item is to see how much they are worth in Points.

As an example, these are the Points needed to get the prizes that I like the most.

I am currently moving between 400,000 and 600,000 points.

Some days up some days down.

In fact, I started with a very good streak, going from 10,000 to 200,000 points in a few days.

After that, things slowed down a bit but I was able to reach my maximum limit of 600,000 points… although then I lost a third of it in one night.

That made a bit of a pupa, why deny it, but hey, since it’s a free page, the only thing left for me is to keep betting until I get a good run of results.

With the points that I have accumulated, I could already have requested the prize of 200,000 points.

However, my goal is to reach 1,500,000 points and redeem them for $25 in Paypal.

As soon as I get it and get paid from PicksAndBets you will be the first to know.

Facts to keep in mind about PicksAndBets

Apart from everything seen so far, there are some more particularities of PicksAndBets that should be remembered.

They are the following:

✅ PicksAndBets It is a totally free site but that is not why we should take bets lightly.

In the same game guide they advise us: “Don’t bet with your heart but with your head” and “Do not try to recover the money lost with a single bet ».

At some point it will be good for us to remember them.

✅ To each friend we invite to PicksAndBets they will give you 10,000 points just register.

At the same time, we will get 5,000 points and 20% of what you earn on the offer walls.

✅ At PicksAndBets we cánido bet on 8 sports disciplines.

The same as in Betsim.

Although there are not many, all of them have a large number of Leagues.

I was very surprised that in sections like baseball, PicksAndBets has the Mexican or Japanese league, as well as the American one.

If we run out of points, PicksAndBets will give us more throughout the day.

Depending on our usuario level, we 4,000 Points will be recharged every 6,7, or 8 hours.

✅ The maximum usuario level that we cánido reach in PicksAndBets is 25.

For each level exceeded, we will unlock new features.

In some cases they also give us plus points.

In addition to the usuario level, at PicksandBets they will also reward us with experience points when we overcome a series of achievements.

These rewards help us level up more quickly.


PicksAndBets is part of that group of pages for which I feel a certain predilection.

On the one hand they offer me the possibility of earning money totally free.

Without having to invest anything.

And on the other, they are 100% based on sports themes.

Since soccer is one of my favorite hobbies and earning money en línea is another, this portal, which is a mixture of both, is perfect for me.

At DineroWorld we have already made money with other free sports betting pages such as I win, Playfulbet and Winner.

Now it’s the turn of PicksAndBets.

If you like sports and have some skill in betting, you cánido earn plus money thanks to the PicksAndBets games. For the record, I am not an expert on the subject.

Not much less!!.

Normally, I try to bet with common sense.

But of course, in the world of betting, in which oportunidad plays a primordial role, the current favorite does not always win.

And that translates into losses.

That’s why from time to time I let myself go and play a hunch that carries little risk and high profit.

In the end, it all comes down to earning points to exchange for money and this is my way of trying to achieve it.

And you, what strategy do you follow to bet? If you have any questions regarding PicksAndBets, you cánido leave me a comment below or write me a message using the Contact.

Do you want to try your luck at PicksAndBets? You cánido start right now by clicking on the banner below and as soon as you register you will start with 10,000 points in your cómputo.

You will tell me how the bets are going and what you think of the web.

Good luck!!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

Do you want to know me better? Here you cánido see more about me.

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 PicksAndBets |  FREE bets to win
  PicksAndBets |  FREE bets to win
  PicksAndBets |  FREE bets to win

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