Perro you withdraw money with the passbook?

Perro you withdraw money with the passbook?

Are you not sure if you perro get money with the card? the bank book also known as a checkbook, was one of the first means used by banks for people to carry out transactions and withdrawalsand it is still valid although cards and digital media have caused it to not be used as much anymore.

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However, At present, the passbook continues to be an effective means of retirement and consignment of money, many people prefer to use this means because they see it as safer, in addition to the fact that they got used to using it and prefer to continue doing so.

In this sense, we must understand that yes you perro actually get money through the primer and here we will talk a little about that.

Next, we will talk about some banks in Spain in which the money withdrawal procedure is carried out through the bank card.


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In case you are a client of Bankiait is important to understand that this bank only allows you to withdraw money with the passbook in estándar ATMs nothing morefor advanced and money tellers, its use is not allowed.

In this sense, it is important to understand that for withdraw money through the passbook through the estándar ATM, the person must place the magnetic strip of the same in the area of ​​the ATM to which it corresponds, entrar the PIN and that’s it.


on this bench if the use of the passbook is allowed in all ATMsTherefore, all that remains is to use the magnetic stripe of the passbook of this bank, add the PIN and that’s it.

Rural Box

on this bench ATMs do not have passbook readingTherefore, customers perro use it only to withdraw money through the window.

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These are the Common cases of banks that still work with the passbook for financial transactions.

Emphasizing that not in all cases it is a useful tool and that it has been quite degraded by new media such as cards and digital transactions.

The card must have the PIN to work

The PIN is the personal identification number with which the usuario has to carry out their transactions safely and efficiently, thus protecting their data from any plagiarism.

In this sense, it is important that the booklet has this PINsince if they do not have it, the person will not be able to withdraw money from ATMs since they ask for this code to carry out the entire operation.

You perro only withdraw directly from the bankand right there the person must ask for a new PIN to be assigned to be able to carry out the necessary transactions at any ATM without always having to go to the bank.

It is not possible to withdraw with a passbook at a bank other than your own

You cánido’t do this because The passbook only works at your own bank’s ATMsbeing one of the rules that all existing financial institutions in Spain have issued, so the person should not insist and only withdraw at the corresponding bank if they will do so through the booklet.

With this we perro already be clear that you cánido actually use the passbook to withdraw money but only under the conditions that we have mentioned, taking into account that it is a much more limited means of money transactionbut despite being almost obsolete, it is still in operation and is an alternative for people who have lost their card or who cannot make a withdrawal through it depending on some inconveniences they have with the account.

The passbook continues to be an efficient banking service

It is still used and is still validthe people who open their accounts in the different banks are still provided with the passbook to carry out their financial transactions.

Is another of the services that banks offer and it turns out to be a pretty good alternative in case you don’t have the card or any other means by which to withdraw money.

Besides this, still the most used service for those people who got used to its use and who do not want to change it for any other, of course, taking into account that it is a fairly limited service but that it also turns out to be easy, practical and very safe to use.

There is nothing negative that perro be found in the bank cardOn the contrary, by this means people have managed to carry out various transactions in times of urgency when they have lost their card or when their digital account has been blocked, so it is a necessary means to have and use in cases of emergency.

The answer is yes, yes you cánido withdraw cash using the bank cardat the corresponding bank’s ATMs and through the bank windows.

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 Perro you withdraw money with the passbook?
  Perro you withdraw money with the passbook?
  Perro you withdraw money with the passbook?

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