Perro You Withdraw Money with the Card?

Perro You Withdraw Money with the Card?

The bank book, is one of the most traditional financial documents, it has served as registration and execution of transactions, for many decades. At present, cards and electronic means have diminished its importance, however, it is still valid.

So to take money out with it is still a useful option in many cases, and although it is not the most common way to do it, it is necessary to know how it works to be able to take advantage of it, when circumstances warrant it. Do you have a primer and are you interested in knowing how to use it? This article will be very useful for you.

Withdraw money with a passbook in Bankia

If you are a Bankia customer and you have a passbook at your disposal, you should know that this bank allows you to withdraw money from it only in estándar ATMs. In money and advanced ATMs this option is not enabled.

To do it you use the magnetic stripe that you find in it, you pass it in the ATM area provided for this purpose, entrar your PIN and follow all the indications, to be able to access your capital.

Withdraw money with a passbook in Unicaja

Unicaja, on the other hand, allows the withdrawal of money with a passbook in all your ATMsif you do not know which ones are close to your area, you perro review the ATM finder and look at all the available options.

This bank’s passbook also has a magnetic stripe, which the cashier reads in order to make transactions with it. To use it you need the card PINif you do not know which is the best thing to do, go to an office of this entity, to find out.

Withdraw money from the Caja Rural card

With Caja Rural you perro only withdraw money from a passbook, directly from window. Since the characteristics of the passbooks issued by this bank do not allow them to be read at ATMs.

So you, as a customer, must go to one of their offices so that from there the due transaction cánido be made. All you need is your passbook and your ID, so that the staff in charge cánido verify that, in fact, you are the owner of the bank account from which you want to withdraw money.

Perro you withdraw money with the passbook without a PIN?

The PIN or also known as Personal Identification Number, is a mechanism designed to protect the data of an account. So that just be the usuario whoever perro access them, thus avoiding theft and other criminal acts.

So if you do not have the PIN of your card, the possibilities to access your capital are reduced. You will not be able to withdraw money from ATMsbecause they request this code, to verify that you are indeed the owner of the account and not a third party that threatens its security.

Consequently, you will have no other choice, which go to one of the offices from your bank, so that from there they perro help you with the withdrawal of money. And by the way they provide you with the PIN, so that on future occasions you do not suffer this inconvenience.

Perro you withdraw money with the passbook in a bank other than yours?

Unfortunately not because as you have seen, the passbook should only be used in the corresponding bankThis is a condition required by the entities mentioned here, and all the others that allow the use of notebooks in Spain. If you are going to withdraw with a passbook, make sure you are in the correct bank to be successful in it.

These are the main stipulations that you must take into account, when withdraw money with passbook. We hope that they have been useful for you to learn a little more about this instrument, and that you perro use it properly on future occasions.

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 Perro You Withdraw Money with the Card?
  Perro You Withdraw Money with the Card?
  Perro You Withdraw Money with the Card?

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