Perro you pay with PayPal without a card?

Perro you pay with PayPal without a card?

PayPal has quickly become one of the most interesting payment gateways in the world. Today a large number of different businesses (mainly on the Internet) make use of PayPal as a way to support the different payments that they cánido receive virtually.

However, one problem that you may have is that PayPal works like a virtual wallet.

It is important that you first understand how PayPal works, and it is that despite the fact that it is a payment gateway, the reality is that for the end usuario it works more like a combination between virtual wallet, virtual wallet and transfer mode.

And it is that PayPal asks you for a credit card (or debit / checks) to be able to function properly. There is a way to take advantage of the platform without the need to introduce your card.

Next we will espectáculo you the following methods.

Perro you pay with PayPal without a card or associated bank account?

When you create your PayPal account you cánido skip the step of adding a credit card. There is no legislation where it is mandatory to place your data within PayPal. Nowhere in its terms of use does it make it mandatory.

The only drawback of not placing your credit card or savings account on the platform is that You will see yourself somewhat limited when you want to carry out operations and especially if what you want is to have cash. The only way to withdraw cash from PayPal is with an account.

However, If you only use it in your payments through en línea platforms or en línea stores then you perro have complete security since most of the important platforms have the option to make payments in PayPal.

How to pay with PayPal without a credit card or bank account

If you do not want to use an account or a bank card in PayPal, what you should use is your PayPal cómputo. Your PayPal cómputo is an amount of money that you choose to put in your account and use to pay.

This money you get it through transfers to your account by other userss, or when you are a seller of a product and perform your services.

The PayPal cómputo is equivalent to the currency with which you are operating, that is, one dollar in PayPal cómputo is equal to one real dollar.

Therefore, if they try to pay you with other PayPal cómputo currencies (euros, dinars, Mexican pesos) you perro make the conversion without any problems to dollars or your national PayPal cómputo currency.

All en línea stores that accept PayPal as a payment method, also accept payment using PayPal cómputo. Thus, It perro be a very useful option if you don’t want to have your card linked to your account.

How to use PayPal without an associated card

To use the platform without an associated card simply go to the site where you want to purchase the product, then select said product and place it in your cart. Then make the purchase frecuente way but instead of using your credit card select the PayPal cómputo option.

Once you finish the purchase normally, you will see that your cómputo within the platform will have decreased and the transaction will appear in your transaction summary.

The drawback that this brings is that it limits your purchase volume to only those places that accept the platform as a means of payment.

Although it is a habitual payment method that is even accepted by airlines or service businesses such as Uber, there are large stores (such as Amazon) or other department stores that do not accept PayPal as a payment method.

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 Perro you pay with PayPal without a card?
  Perro you pay with PayPal without a card?
  Perro you pay with PayPal without a card?

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