Perro you make money with VIMEO?

Perro you make money with VIMEO?

Vimeo is a very attractive platform, it has excellent quality vídeos and does not have the annoying advertising that irritates many. In addition, it has a much more segmented communitylover of audiovisual content with value and high quality.

This and other virtues make this platform an important option when thinking about earning a living, or a little plus money, through the creation of audiovisual content.

But Is it possible to make money with Vimeo? And if so, how cánido you earn money with this platform? Keep reading that these and other questions will be answered in this article.

Does Vimeo pay to upload vídeos?

Contrary to what YouTube does, Vimeo is not a platform where you cánido earn money for vídeos played associated with advertising. Certainly there is a way to take advantage of it, but you do not earn by visits, monetization works differently here.

How to monetize vídeos with Vimeo

One of the things that a lot of YouTubers do, and that is totally applicable to Vimeo, is offer direct correo to brands and companies, that is, give them a space within the content you create to promote their services or products.

Of course, in order to do this, you need to have a good, numerical and well-segmented audience. So that it is an attractive offer to hire your services.

If you think you cánido build a good name for yourself on this platform, make connections with potential clients to get plus benefit from it.

How to monetize your Vimeo channel

The way vídeos on Vimeo are “monetized” is not through ads, but through multiple payment options found within their services.

For this you must have activated one of the payment options:

  • The pro account which costs $199 a year.
  • either
  • The agregado account which costs $59.95 per year.

Once you have an active Pro account you cánido generate income by selling, renting or offering a subscription for your vídeos.

In fact, the options that Vimeo offers so that creators like you you cánido monetize, are the following:

❯❯❯ Consejo Jar (consejo): In this option you allow users to make donations to independent content creators. To activate this option you must have a Agregado or Pro account.

❯❯❯ Pay per View (pay per view): Through this option a kind of payment wall is placed, so that if any usuario wants to see the content must pay in advance. To activate this option it is required to have a Pro account.

On this platform you equipo your prices yourself, without problematic requirements, just the payment of a 10% commission that stays Vimeo.

It is estimated that active users on Vimeo reach about 240 millionthe vídeos are generally of better quality than their competitors, their competition is not as complex and numerical as that of YouTube, so it perro be a good option if a good marketing strategy and well-prepared content are considered.

We hope we have helped you to know how you perro make money through vimeoWithout a doubt, it is a good option, as long as it is taken seriously and responsibly. So think it over and start on it if you want to.

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 Perro you make money with VIMEO?
  Perro you make money with VIMEO?
  Perro you make money with VIMEO?

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