Perro you make money reading news with

Perro you make money reading news with

In this article I am going to tell you about News Pie, a new aplicación, which claims to pay its users for reading news.

It’s true?

What is NewsPie?

In a few words, News Pie is a very fácil and intuitive application with which you perro earn money (dollars) by reading the news, playing games and inviting people.

I already told you what News Pie is, but then I’m going to start explaining how it works, the minimum withdrawal, if it really works, among other things.

How does NewsPie work?

How News Pie works is very fácil and perro be summarized as follows:

  • You choose the news you like.
  • You start reading the news.
  • The image of a gift begins to fill up as you scroll through the news.
  • When the image of the gift is completely filled, you will be awarded points (feet).
  • When you have enough feet, you perro withdraw your money.

What makes News Pie different from other aplicaciones that pay you to read the news?

I have to say that I have tried several applications that pay you to read the news, but they only espectáculo you a very small extract of the news and you have to be changing the news very quickly if you want to accumulate points.

In the case of News Pie, this is not the case, because they espectáculo you a larger extract of the news and if you want to know more, then you perro go to the source of the news.

In such a way that with News Pie you cánido really keep yourself informed of what you like and earn points to be able to exchange them for money.

It should be noted that not all the news have a great length, but I have found quite a few.

How to sign up for News Pie?

In order to start using News Pie, you need to do the following:

➡️ Download

Of course, before signing up, you first have to download the aplicación.

In order for you to download News Pie, you perro either go to the Play Store and search for it or you perro use my backlink.

➡️ Registration

Now, once you have already installed the application, you will have to open the application and you will be able to register using your account Google plusor your account Fb.

How to earn $0.30 cents from the beginning?

If you want to earn up to $0.30 from the start, all you have to do is the following:

1.- First of all, you have to go to the section «rewards” either “Awards«

2.- Now, in the part that says “Entrar the invitation code”, you will have to clic where it says: «Win».

Something to note is that you cánido entrar the invitation code until half an hour has passed.

3.- Finally, you will have to entrar an invitation code.

If you want, you cánido use my code: 7KZ256FN6U


It should be noted that you will not receive the $0.30 cents immediately, but you will receive it in three parts.

To receive the $0.30 cents you will have to do the following:

$0.02 cents You receive them when you register and use the invitation code
$0.08 cents You receive them when you watch 5 vídeos (the ones that give you a reward)
$0.2 cents You receive them when you have completed a task (Bounty task)
$0.30 cents :Total

In such a way that after doing the above, you perro receive the $0.30 cents.

Cánido you make money by inviting people?

Yes, you perro earn up to $0.30 per referral, however, you perro only invite three people with three different backlinks.

minimum payment

The minimum withdrawal is $10 dollars.

In order to withdraw $10 dollars you would have to collect 10,000,000 cakes (pies).

However, there is also plus event with which you perro earn more money for inviting friends, but, honestly, I consider that it is not the best referral system.

Of course, it’s just my opinion and I guess it depends a lot on the number of people you cánido invite.

Maybe if you perro invite a lot of people, then you will like their referral system.

Does News Pie Really Pay?

I have seen comments from users who have actually received their money, so we perro say that News Pie does pay, but with this I only want to say that for now it is paying, however, I am not saying that I would use News Pie to earn money.

I’m going to express that below when I express my opinion.

Perro you really make money with News Pie? ≫ Opinion 2021

I’m going to start by saying that I would use News Pie only occasionally to stay informed and accumulate some points, but not to invest a lot of time a day hoping to collect $10 dollars.

In such a way that in the long term I cánido collect a little money, which nobody would give me.

I’m saying long term because in my opinion, it would take too long to get the minimum withdrawal and I know that it is an application that is created with the intention of generating income, after all it is a business.

I respect that, in fact, I know they have to cover costs, but it seems a little unfair to me.

Of course, I’m not saying it’s a bad aplicación, but, yeah I think there are better options to earn money and faster.

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 Perro you make money reading news with
  Perro you make money reading news with
  Perro you make money reading news with

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