Perro you make money buying

Perro you make money buying

Today I am going to share my experience buying cryptocurrencies in Skrill.

So I intend to give you my opinion on whether or not it is possible to make money by buying and selling cryptocurrency on Skrill.

First of all, I have to make it clear from the beginning that this is not an article designed to explain the theories that allow you to invest, since I am simply going to share what I have done and the result I have obtained so far. Therefore, it has to be clear that my intention is not for you to go and invest your money.

After all, you have to keep in mind that investing in cryptocurrencies is risky.

Therefore, there is a possibility that you win a lot or lose a lot.

What is Skrill?

We could say that Skrill is a virtual wallet that allows you to send and receive money. It should be noted that it is afín to PayPal, however, Skrill allows us to buy and sell cryptocurrencies from its same platform.

Of course, this article focuses specifically on buying and selling cryptocurrency.

It should be noted that you cánido buy cryptocurrencies from its website or from the application.

In my case, I did it from the application.

Is there risk when buying cryptocurrencies?

It is very important that you understand that when buying cryptocurrencies, you are accepting the risk that the money you have invested will increase or decrease abruptly (you cánido win or lose). This is because the value of the cryptocurrency is not as stable as your current currency.

For example, the dollar is suddenly equivalent to $20.52 Mexican pesos and suddenly it cánido go up to $22 pesos, but it would not be very common for it to go up to $50 pesos.

In a certain way, we perro say that it remains stable (relatively).

Conversely, if you buy a certain cryptocurrency for $20, it might already be worth $22 or $18 in five minutes.

For that reason, it is that You have to always keep in mind that there is a possibility that you will lose your money.

Is there a commission?

Yes, at least in Skrill, if you want to buy cryptocurrencies, you have to think that you are going to have to pay a commission.

In my case, I I bought LTC cryptocurrency and I made an investment of $36.5 dollars.

Of the $36.5 dollars I paid, $2.24 dollars (USD) was commission. For which, in Mexican pesos, they charged me a commission of about $46 pesos (something like that).

What I learned?

I wanted to try buying cryptocurrencies on Skrill and that’s why I didn’t invest the amount I wanted to invest, however, I didn’t research well and I didn’t think about the commission.

Therefore, if I made a new purchase, they would charge me the commission (again).

In such a way that he was going to pay double the commission.

Therefore, I decided not to buy any more cryptocurrencies and wait to see the results with what I buy.

Therefore, what I learned by mistake was that If I am going to invest a certain amount, do it from the beginning and not in parts. That way you would only pay the commission once when buying the cryptocurrencies.

Perro you earn money?

The short answer is yes, it is possible to make money with cryptocurrencies, but there is a higher risk than in other ways.

I will tell you a little about my experience.

The next day I made the purchase, I had a 4% loss.

Therefore, if I sold my cryptocurrencies that day, I would receive less money than I invested.

Now, after that day, the value of the cryptocurrency increased and if I sell my cryptocurrencies, then I would have a profit.

Remember that earnings vary from one moment to another.

So far, the maximum percentage of profit that I could obtain if I escoge to sell my cryptocurrencies is 12%.

Of course, they say that patience is a virtue and I plan to let a little time pass to see if the LTC cryptocurrency reaches a value that tells me: Sell!

In conclusion, If I sell now (February 28, 2022), then I would make a little money from the sale of the cryptocurrencies I bought.

Would you invest again?

The truth is that I am going to buy cryptocurrencies again, but I want to continue learning about how they work and the best ways to do it. After all, I invested taking into account only the trend of the Skrill chart.

I was able to realize that the value of the cryptocurrency was at a low point compared to the previous weeks and I decided to invest.

I’ve been lucky so far, but it’s better to learn to do things right.

Where did I get the funds to invest?

The truth is that I decided to buy the cryptocurrencies because I got the money as a payment from a survey page.

The truth is that not all pages or applications to earn money pay through Skrill.

Therefore, I decided to get paid through Skrill and used part of the money I earned to buy cryptocurrencies.

If you want to know the page where I got the money, I’m going to leave you the backlink to an article I did.

Is there a minimum investment in Skrill?

Right now, you have to have a minimum of $11.40 dollars to be able to buy cryptocurrencies on Skrill.

Of course, you have to have the money in your Skrill account.

You perro deposit the money in different ways (such as cards), but I didn’t do it that way, I used the money I earned on a page.

What cryptocurrencies does Skrill have?

At this moment, Skrill has the possibility for you to buy or sell 4 cryptocurrencies, which are:

  1. Bitcoin cash (BCH).
  2. Bitcoin (BTC).
  3. Ethereum (ETH).
  4. Litecoin (LTC).


First of all, I have to advise you not to do what I did about buying cryptocurrency without knowing everything you perro about how it works.

Therefore, first of all, I recommend you learn.

Secondly, if you do not want to invest your money directly to buy, you perro use pages or applications that allow you to earn a little money in Skrill.

At least that’s what I did.

Remember that I do not have the objective that you go and invest in buying cryptocurrencies at Skrill, but my goal is only to tell you about my experience.

If you have any experience or know about a course, page or something related, I would like you to leave it in the comments.

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 Perro you make money buying
  Perro you make money buying
  Perro you make money buying

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