Perro you live from petanque?

Perro you live from petanque?

Petanque is a sport that emerged many years ago. In this one a player must throw a ball as close as he cánido to a jack. This kind of sport is highly entertaining and has gained more popularity in recent years.

A seguidor of this game may wonder, perro you live from petanque? In this article we will take care of answering this and other questions related to this sport.

What is petanque as a sport?

Petanque is nothing more than a game where two teams face each other using bowling balls. In this type of sport always will seek to get as close to a strategic ball, which is usually the smallest.

This sport must meet the following characteristics:

  • It cánido be practiced on almost all types of terrain, as long as it is flat.

  • The tracks have a cuadrado shape.

  • The balls are made of metal, and must not contain lead or sand inside.

  • The bowling alley is made of wood or some useful synthetic material.

  • The jack is thrown from a circumference between 35 and 50 mm in diameter.

  • It is generally thrown with the legs semi-flexed.

  • The perfect launch (very close to the bowling alley) is known as a “dry car”.

This game must be played as follows:

  1. The jack is thrown from the circumference. For the launch to be valid, the jack must be 1 m from the launch circle and 1 m from any obstacle.

  2. Each athlete throws 3 balls in the individual modality and in doubles and 2 if it is by triples.

  3. The pitches perro be of 3 types: the approach to the bowling alley, the one to try to move a ball away from an opposing player and the support one, which is to roll the ball to bring one’s own ball closer to the bowling alley.

  4. Once the jugadores have thrown all the balls, the accumulated points are counted. The score will depend on the number of balls from the same team that have come closest to the jack.

  5. The game ends when one of the teams reaches 13 points.

Outstanding Athletes in Petanque

In view of the fact that petanque is a sport that has been practiced for more than 100 years prominent figures have emerged in the practice of this game, which have received recognitions, awards and many prizes. In addition, they have known how to make their life well around the world of petanque.

From now on we will talk about two of the most outstanding athletes of petanque, they are Marco Foyot and Philippe Suchaud.

Marco Foyot

Jean-Marc Foyot, is a professional petanque player who was born on June 6, 1953 in France. He is right-handed and takes position in point or in the middle. jean marc holds the world record for shooting in an hour with 1,740 balls thrown, 1,486 balls thrown, including 549 diamonds.

Philippe Suchaud

Philippe Suchaud, is a petanque player. He was born on December 10, 1970 in France. He is right-handed and plays primarily as a shooter. He is also part of the Elite category. With 8 titles, holds the record for victories in the petanque Masters.

Income of a Petanque Athlete

Many petanque jugadores practice this sport from their youth. Some are more encouraged when they manage to achieve recognition and prizes, but it is much more so when they receive a large amount of money for their talent in the practice of this sport.

A common question among people interested in practicing petanque is how much is the income of a player of this sport?

To answer this question, it is important to take into account that petanque is a game that has been played for many years and that is why it has spread throughout the world. This has meant that the payment received for participating in Petanque tournaments are different in each part of the world.

The countries where petanque is practiced the most are France, Thailand, Italy, Madagascar, Belgium and Spain.

Although there is no estándar income for petanque jugadores, you should know that there are jugadores who have won more than €100,000, especially in France and Thailand.

Options to Live from Petanque

Although being a petanque player is the most common way to earn money in this type of sport, it is not the only way. Some people They generate income by carrying out activities related to petanque. Next, we will indicate some of the ways in which you perro make a living from this sport.

be a player

To earn money and live as a petanque player you must have a lot of preparation and be willing to make some sacrifices. But without a doubt, this is the best way to earn income with petanque.

be a judge

A person who knows a lot about petanque cánidoUse your knowledge to earn money. You cánido achieve this by offering yourself as a judge or referee in the different tournaments. In general, the most qualified people for this type of work are former petanque jugadores.

Sell ​​products

Another way to live from petanque without being a player is selling products during each game. Among the things that you cánido sell (if they allow it) are alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, water, snacks, fruits, granolas, caps, stickers, among others. Find out and try this option and you will see that you will receive a great remuneration.

Offer yourself as a cleaning staff

Generally, petanque matches are held outdoors, with many trees around, which drop a lot of leaves. In addition, before and after each petanque match it is necessary Clean up all the rubbish left by attendees.

In view of the aforementioned, you cánido take the opportunity to offer yourself as petanque court cleaning staff to receive remuneration in exchange for your work.

take care of cars

It is common for robberies to occur in places where there are a lot of people, in the case of petanque, the thieves take advantage of the fact that the owners of the cars are distracted, therefore, you perro request a permit from the match organizers to Be vigilant in the aparcamiento lots.

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 Perro you live from petanque?
  Perro you live from petanque?
  Perro you live from petanque?

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