Perro you live by writing books?

Perro you live by writing books?

If you want to know if it is possible to live just by writing books, you should know that in this world you perro live practicing any profession. Everything will depend on the quality of your work and that you know how to sell yourself to the public.

All people who love writing dream of paying their bills with their writing, but the reality is that it is more complicated than it seems. To achieve a successful book sale many important aspects must be known.

This article will give you some consejos to make book writing your main source of income.

How cánido I start to Live from writing Books?

Living from writing books is a dream for many, but it is not something impossible to achieve. To start your life as a writer you must take into account that you must work hard and be very perseveringbecause it is possible that your first writings go unnoticed by the world.

To make a living from writing books, you must sit down every day to write, refine details and publish content. In this sense Amazon has become the most destacable and profitable medium of publication of books currently.

The best recommendation that you cánido follow as a book writer is to publish books frequently, even if the first few days you have few readers. Keep in mind that once your writing talent is discovered, you will have many admirers waiting for your publications.

You perro too take advantage of publishers to publish your books, in order to use the best of this way of publishing.

To make a living from writing, you will need many things, including having a good spelling, being creative, being organized, being a good reader, handling en línea media, knowing how to ask for and receiving help, and it is important to be patient.

If you cultivate the abilities and qualities mentioned above, it is very possible that you will be a successful book writer. cheer up!

Cánido I Live From Writing Books Only By Selling Them En línea?

Earning money writing books cánido be difficult but not impossible to achieve. One of the best alternatives that you cánido use is to sell books on the internet vía Amazon KDP. Thousands of people from all over the world earn enough income to live from writing.

In Amazon you perro indicate if you want get paid to sell your entire book or for each page read, through the Kindle Unlimited program. You perro earn money by writing various genres, be it fiction, non-fiction, novels, short stories, poems, among others.

It is unrealistic to want to get rich just by selling books, because the reality is that this very rarely happens. There are many people who are waiting for a new book or publication to publicly criticize it. Therefore, you must Focus initially on offering quality content that allows you to cover your expenses.

You may think that the more books you publish, the more you will earn, but this is not true. Articulo a good book will earn you more cheaper than publishing 100 bad books. For all this, it is important that you dedicate the time and effort that is necessary in each book so that they are successful.

In addition, you should keep in mind that with just one quality work you perro earn a good reputation before everyone and you perro position yourself as an expert in book writing.

Now, if you already have a large audience on your popular networks, you perro take the opportunity to offer your followers quality content and receive a remuneration or monetary collaboration for it.

Cánido I Live From Writing Books Only By Selling Them Physically?

For many years, the usual way to sell books was the physical way, that is, printing the content on sheets of paper and creating a strong front and back cover with an attractive title. Although this is still done today, it cannot be denied that Physical book sales have declined.

The great acceptance that books have achieved in electronic format (whether for PC, tablet and mobile) has meant that the fame of physical books has diminished greatly. For this reason, it becomes a bit difficult to make a living from writing and publishing physical books. Even so, there is an alternative that you perro apply to achieve it.

If you write short stories you cánido achieve higher sales. It is no secret to anyone that currently the public loves short and fácil things, you perro take advantage of this method to make your writings, through comics, stories or short stories. You cánido even make a collection of all of them in series form.

What should I study to Live Writing Books?

Many people wonder what they should study to make a living from writing books. You should know that in reality there is no special school for book writersbut if you cánido study a profession or course related to writing, literature and grammar.

Many book writing experts agree that one perro only be a successful writer when you read and write a lot. You perro also draw lessons from your own experiences or from others to write about interesting topics with which the public feels identified.

From now on we will give you some practical recommendations that will help you in your goal of being a good book writer:


To be good at writing, good practice is necessary, because writing is like muscles, they must be exercised frequently to work well.

Although all people know how to read and write when they leave school, not everyone knows how to take advantage of this ability, hence the importance of write and read a lot and enjoy it.


Reading requires effort on your part. effort to take the time and effort to understand What do the writers want to convey? If you want to read to be a writer, don’t limit yourself to reading anything, try to read books that teach you good things, train yourself with each reading and analyze the way of writing of each author, so you will know what writing style you cánido use.

It is also important to find out about the quality of the books before reading them, you cánido do this by looking for references and opinions about them. Love reading. You will see that it will bring you great benefits.


Everyone has the feeling that they know how to write, but that is not why we cánido take the initiative to create a book without prior training. What makes things more complicated is that there is no official program to train writers, but there are many things you perro do to prepare.

You cánido train yourself to be able to write quality works and to be successful. The Internet perro be very useful for this, you cánido investigate weblogs, look at how editors work, follow recommendations from publishers, take courses with renowned writers, among others.

It doesn’t matter that you know a lot about writing or that you have spent many years writing. You should always seek to improve your workThat is why it is important that you are open to asking for and receiving help from others.

Product development

To be a writer you must know about product development or product manager. This will help you find a good audience for your product, which in this case is your book.

To know who your objetivo audience is It is very important to be observant and analytical. Try to find out what the public likes the most, please them, prepare well, try to make both the cover and the content attractive to them. Remember that you are not writing for yourself, but for others. Other people (your readers) will help you succeed.


No matter how good your book is, if your readers don’t identify with the content of your book, it won’t help. You will always have better opportunities if you know how to sell it and that is precisely what marketing is all about.

To make a living from writing, you need to be up to date with new trends. A lot of people have a hard time marketing because they don’t like to sell and feel like it puts them down, but really It is the only way to make your book known. Also, if you don’t like doing it, you cánido pay someone to do it.

The reality is very clear promotion is an essential part of writing, much more if you want to live from it.

How much Cánido I Earn Writing Books?

Knowing how much you perro earn for being a book writer is one of the most frequently asked questions among people interested in this type of trade. You should know that Intellectual Property grants the writer of a book rights that allow him to present it to the public. But when a writer signs a contract with a publisher, gives you these rights.

Because of this, royalties are a percentage of the price of the book, and this percentage is applied to the de hoy sale. In Spain, this percentage ranges between 7% and 12% of the RRP. So, for every copy sold, the author gets 7-12%. The remaining profit is divided between the publisher, the distributor and the point of sale.

As you perro see, the only way you perro make a living from selling books is if you are very successful with your literary works. Because, if the number of sales is low, you will not be able to cover even the basic expenses.

We encourage you to prepare well and invest the time necessary to make good books, make a good name for yourself as a writer, if you succeed, all your works will sell faster than hot cakes.

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 Perro you live by writing books?
  Perro you live by writing books?
  Perro you live by writing books?

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