Perro you earn money with Cashing?

Perro you earn money with Cashing?

Today there are many applications that promise to earn money, however, not all applications pay.

Therefore, today, I am going to talk to you about the Cashing aplicación.

So that At the end of the article you will learn how Cashing works and, of course, my opinion on whether it is really worth using.

I hope you find it useful and that you like it.

What is cashing?

Cashing is an application that allows its users to earn money by carrying out different activities.

Some of the activities you cánido do to earn money are:

  1. Through surveys.
  2. Doing paid tasks.

  3. Watching advertising vídeos.
  4. Through its referral system (inviting).
  5. Through the daily reward.

How does cashing work?

As I have already mentioned, you have the possibility to do different activities to earn money and each of those activities works differently.

However, I perro say that, in a general way, what you have to do is to earn points (for each activity) and exchange them for real money to your PayPal account.

It should be noted that the points you will get depends on the activity you do.

For example, right now they are awarding 10 points for every ad vídeo you watch.

In such a way that the number of points and the time in which you collect the minimum withdrawal will depend on the activity or activities that you carry out.

How to download Cashing?

If you want to download the Cashing aplicación, what I recommend is that you go directly to the Play Store and search for the application.

Of course, you will be able to see the comments of the application so that you cánido see what other users are saying about the application.

If you escoge to continue with the installation process, all you have to do is clic where it says install and you’ll be ready to register.

How to get 500 points from the start?

If you want to download the aplicación and want get a plus of 500 points from the beginning, then, you cánido use an affiliate backlink.

The affiliate backlink will help the person who owns the backlink (I’ll talk about it later) and it will also help you get 500 points.

If you want to use my backlink, then I will leave you the following backlink:

Notably the backlink will take you directly to the Play Storetherefore, you will only have to give it to install.

How to register?

Generally the applications have a very fácil registration process and in this case, it will also be very fácil.

You will have the possibility to register using your account Fb or your account Google plus.

Something very important when registering is the fact that you will be asked to accept Cashing’s terms and conditions before you register.

Whereby, I recommend you read everything And if you don’t like something, then don’t accept the terms and uninstall the aplicación.

Now, they will also tell you when you register that You should not use a VPN because they perro proceed to suspend your account.

Ways to earn money with the Cashing application

As I mentioned before, Cashing counts, at least at this moment, with 6 ways for you to earn money.

Of course, they don’t give you the money directly, but they give you points and when you have the minimum number of points you need, you perro withdraw real money to your PayPal account.

In such a way that the options that you have at this moment are:

  1. Paid surveys.

  2. paid tasks.

  3. Games (external).
  4. Advertising vídeos.

  5. Inviting friends.

  6. Daily reward.

Earn money through paid surveys

Paid surveys cánido be highly recommended by some people and very tedious for other people.

I have to say that for me they are a bit tedious (especially at the beginning), but I have to say that the first page that paid me was a survey page.

Therefore, I perro say that it is possible to earn money with the surveys, but it is tedious because they will possibly reject you from many surveys (like everyone else).

This is because in the first place they make sure that you are part of the market segment or market niche that they are looking for.

For example, if you have a product for dogs, I probably don’t think you’d be interested in having people who have cats or who don’t have animals respond.


Do I recommend Cashing surveys?

I am not saying that Cashing surveys are bad, in fact, they use the same providers as other pages, but personally I am inclined to choose an application focused on surveys such as Poll Pay or some page also focused on surveys such as ySense.

Of course, it’s just my opinion, but in part it’s because it makes me more comfortable and I find it striking that these applications or pages pay directly for each survey in dollars or pesos (depending on the application or page).

Of course, remember that That is just my opinionbut if I wanted to focus on earning money through paid surveys, then I would choose:

  • Poll Pay.
  • ySense.
  • AttaPoll.
  • payera.

Earn money through paid tasks

Well, the tasks or paid offers are usually very varied and you perro find practically the same ones in the different applications that allow you to earn money.

However, most of the time, the tasks consist of downloading and using external games or applications.

Of course, there are also tasks that ask you to register on other pages.

Now, I have to say that generally most offers offer more points than other forms, but it is very important that you remember that you have to read the requirements of each task you are going to accept.

I am telling you this because you could find tasks that ask you to register somewhere that ask you for money or that you find some task with somewhat high requirements.

make money playing

In this section, Cashing will give you points for trying applications or games.

There really isn’t much to say in this section, other than that you’re going to receive a certain number of points from time to time.

At first they give you points per minute, but as time goes by, it will take longer and longer to award you points.

It should be noted that it is not necessary for you to play or use the application, but it is necessary that you have the application that you were asked to download open.

Something that I also have to say is that the games or applications that they are going to ask you to try, you will have to download from the Play Store, so it is not that they are games integrated into Cashing.

advertising vídeos

Another very common way to earn money in these types of applications is by viewing advertising vídeos.

In fact, there is not much to say at this point, since you will only have to watch a vídeo and receive points for watching the vídeo.

Right now, every vídeo you watch will add 10 points to your cómputo.

Earn money by inviting friends

As the name implies, you will receive a reward for each person who signs up using your invite backlink.

Of course, the person who registers using your backlink will receive 500 points, but what do you win?

You will get 20% of what your friend gets as a reward, but only in tasks (offers) and surveys.

That is, if your friend earns points through advertising vídeos or any of the other options, you will not receive anything.

Something to note is that you do not take anything from your friend, but it is a separate reward.

Therefore, if your friend earns 100 points, he keeps the 100 points and they give you 20% of that (20 points).

daily reward

Finally, you will be able to receive points every day you entrar the application.

All you have to do is clic on the section where it says: “Daily Rewards”.

Does Cashing really pay?

I have to say that the application was recommended to me and I have seen people who say that it is paying, however, at this moment I cannot espectáculo you my proof of payment because I have not made my first withdrawal yet.

Of course, if I reach the minimum withdrawal, then I’ll upload the proof of payment here.

Cashing Opinion 2022

I have to say no It is that you are going to be able to get rich with Cashing, but it is understandable because it is not that it is a way to replace a job, but just a way to generate some plus income.

Now, I think it is a good application and it has been highly recommended to me, but I have to say that I would like to see some option different from other applications. For example, the Current aplicación allows you to earn money listening to music, so I cánido earn some money doing something I would still be doing.

Therefore, I perro say that although I am not saying that Cashing is bad, at this moment it seems to me like many other applications.

Sure, it’s appreciated that you pay, but you wouldn’t make me use it.

Also, I don’t like that they limit some aspects that other aplicaciones don’t.

For example, Cashyy is an application with which you cánido earn euros for testing applications and also has a referral system (pay for inviting).

What is the difference between Cashyy and Cashing? Well, Cashyy is going to give you and your friend 25% of the points that each one makes (it seems fairer to me).

It should be noted that Cashing grants 20% and only in surveys and offers.

Therefore, in my opinion, Cashing does not have the best referral system and I am not comparing it with applications like Kwai, which perro grant up to $70 pesos for each person you invite.

Of course, I’m not saying it’s bad either, but in my opinion, there are better options (at the moment).

I would like Cashing to give us some options to earn money that other aplicaciones don’t have.

Remember it’s just my opinion and the best thing would be that you try it and see how it works for you.

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 Perro you earn money with Cashing?
  Perro you earn money with Cashing?
  Perro you earn money with Cashing?

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