Perro you buy a car with cash?

Perro you buy a car with cash?

Spain, in 2012, and with the purpose of avoiding VAT tax fraud, money laundering and other crimes, decreed a law that limits the use of cash to a certain amount.

This law limits the use of cash and forces the use of other forms of payment in operations that exceed 2,500 euros. If you want to buy a car, and you want to do it with cash, you should know the following.

How much is the most I cánido pay in cash to buy a car?

Spanish law imposes limitations on purchases with cash when there is a company, commercial establishment, professional or self-employed person (Law 7/2012) involved in these commercial operations.

If you are going to buy your car at a dealership or other commercial establishment, you will not be able to buy a vehicle that has a value greater than 2,500 eurossince this amount is the limit allowed to make a cash purchase.

If the car payment is greater than 2,500 euros and it will be divided into installmentsYou will not be able to do it in cash either because the law takes into account the total cost of the car and not the amount of each of the installments.

Cánido You Buy a Car in Cash Between Individuals?

Do you want to buy a car from a friend, a neighbor or another individual? If you want to buy it with cash and the price exceeds what is allowed by the state for cash purchases, no problem. you perro do it.

Yes, you cánido buy a car with cash of more than €2,500 between individuals, since the law that limits the amount of cash in a commercial operation does not apply to individualsThe value of the car you are buying does not matter if you are going to buy it in cash from another individual.

Perro You Buy a Used Car for Cash?

You perro buy a used car with cash as long as you buy it from an individual, but if you buy it from a dealer, you should remember that, as a company, it is subject to the established limit of 2,500 euros.

The only way you could make the purchase is by choosing a used car for the same or less amount.

If you are going to buy the used car from an individual, there is no problem if you pay casheven if it costs more than the cash limit amount (2500 euros).

Should I Declare the Origin of the Money if I want to Buy a Car with Cash?

The Spanish state requires the declaration of cash movements within the country when the amount of cash moved is superior to €100,000. So we recommend you adjust the purchase of the vehicle at that price.

The car that you cánido pay in cash must be a second-hand car bought from a private person.

In general, a used car is not that expensive, nor will it remotely cost you the amount that the government requires you to declare. Therefore, it is not necessary declare the amount you will use on the cash purchase of your car.

What is the Most I Perro Pay Out Cash to Buy a Car?

If the purchase is from an individual, it cánido exceed 2,500 euros, there is no limit. If the purchase is from a company, dealer or trade, it must comply with the law, which does not allow cash payments for more than 2,500 euros.

If you want a new or second-hand car and you are going to buy it at a dealer, the most you perro pay in cash are 2,500 euros.

Of course, no new car is going to cost you that much, so look for a used one that will cost you less than the limit amount if you want to pay cash.

If you buy a second-hand car from an individual, you perro pay what the car is worth without worrying about the amount limit because, as you already know, in this case the law of a maximum of 2,500 euros does not apply.

In summary, you perro buy a car in cash for any amount if you buy it from an individual, if you do it at a dealer you cannot pay more than the 2,500 euros established by law, and you will have to use another form of payment.

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 Perro you buy a car with cash?
  Perro you buy a car with cash?
  Perro you buy a car with cash?

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