Permits to install del sol panels

Permits to install del sol panels

If you’ve made the decision to install del sol panels on your home, you’re making a smart choice that cánido save you money and help protect the environment. Green building and living are the wave of the future, and del sol panels cánido be a big part of it. This is why we are going to treat the permits to install del sol panels within this article.

You may be wondering if you need a permit to install del sol panels on your home. The answer is “yes”: you will need a permit. Any addition to your home is likely to require a permit, and adding anything, including photovoltaic panels, without inquiring and applying for the proper permits perro have serious consequences.

Remember that the regulations perro vary depending on where you are, so it is important that you follow the specific regulations of the city in which you intend to add del sol panels to your building.

Permits needed to install del sol panels

The main permits and contracts for the installation of del sol panels are the following:

  • Installation system design
  • Access and connection permission
  • Building license and taxes (ICIO and urban tax)
  • Prior administrative and construction authorization
  • Environmental and public utility authorization
  • Completion certificate
  • Exploitation authorization (it is in industry, residential is not necessary)
  • Initial inspection and periodic inspections
  • Registration of the self-consumption installation in Industry
  • Access contract for the self-consumption installation
  • Energy supply contract for auxiliary services
  • Surplus compensation contract
  • Representation contract

The permits required to install del sol panels are divided into 2:

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  • Necessary permits before installing the del sol panels
  • Procedures that you must carry out articulo-installation.

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Permits before the installation of del sol panels

Design of how the photovoltaic system will be

System design is necessary in all types of installations. In the case of small self-consumption systems, the installer must have at least one report, while in the case of large systems, a project must be submitted.

Connection to the network: Permits with the electric company

When the plants are built outside the urban area, authorizations for access and connection to the network must be requested. The same happens when they exceed 15 kWn and reject excess electricity, even if they are in urban areas. The procedures are carried out with the electric company. If the company does not issue the permits, there is the possibility of filing a claim within 30 days.

Building license and taxes

It is required the building permit and taxes, which are mandatory. However, often it is simply a matter of informing the competent municipality of the completion of the works. In the case of installations that require more power, the City Council may request additional information. At the same time, the Construction and Works Tax (ICIO) and the fee for the provision of urban services must be paid.

The ICIO and the IBI perro be subsidized. The ICIO receives a compensation of 95%, while the IBI varies according to the municipalities, but cánido be reduced to 50%.

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Request prior administrative and construction authorization for the installation of del sol panels

Permits to install del sol panels will only be necessary in case such installations are large-scale.

  • Installations under 100kWp will not need administrative authorization.
  • Installations greater than 50MWp must process the pertinent authorizations with the Ministry on duty.

Application for environmental and public utility authorization

The corresponding authority must be consulted, however, for installations of less than 100kWp, this procedure will not be required.

Procedures that you must carry out after installing del sol panels

Once the installation is done, it must be legalized. To do this, you will need the following:

The completion certificate

An application must be submitted to the Town Hall or Autonomous Community completion certificate validating the correct execution of the work done. Depending on the volume of work, the certificate could be issued as follows:

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  • Installations under 10kWp: By an electrician.
  • Installations greater than 10kWp: Senior Technician.

The authorization to operate electrical production facilities

It is a procedure that is carried out in each Autonomous Community, where the use of the facilities is allowed. This exploitation authorization will be necessary if:

  • In case of having presented the work design by a technician (after having exceeded 10kWp).
  • If the work is less than 10kWp, the presentation will not be necessary.

Initial inspection and periodic reviews

The initial reviews and inspections and those that will be carried out later, will be carried out by an Authorized Control Body (OCA) and serve to verify that everything works correctly.

In small installations of less than 10kW, they will only be carried out in case of being humid places or places of public concurrence as a control.

Factors to take into account when installing del sol panels

Although in general they do not usually present problems when installing del sol panels, there are times when the infrastructure of the house makes it difficult. Indeed, during the installation of a del sol system, the roof structure is modified, for example, but also due to the presence of shadows or poor orientation. These are the requirements for the installation of del sol panels that we must take into account:

Requirements for the installation of del sol panels: The roof

  • One of the most important factors to take into account when installing del sol panels is the state of the roof. It is perhaps the most important requirement, since all the elements of the installation will be located in it.
  • In addition, it must be taken into account that to install the del sol panels it is necessary to use specific supports, so the coating -whether it is tiles, asphalt sheets or a flat roof- must be in excellent or, at best, good condition.
  • You want to make sure that this prevents leaks or broken tiles at the time of installation, as if you don’t, you risk having to remove the entire installation if there is a leak problem once it’s finished.
  • In addition, the roof must not contain asbestos or asbestos, which is toxic; some companies require an analysis report to find out before you start.

Requirements for the installation of del sol panels: the orientation of the property

The orientation of the house also often plays an important role in the construction of a del sol system. It is important to meet this requirement because a bad orientation cánido affect the productivity of the del sol panels, so the investment will not be used.

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In general, the more south the house faces, the more radiation it will receive. In case the house is oriented to the north, it is very likely that the installation cannot be carried out. It is advisable to consult specialized technicians.

Requirements for the installation of del sol panels: shades

Hot or hot spots on del sol panels are caused by the constant presence of shadows on the del sol panels. These perro render part or all of the del sol panel useless. They are produced by the increase in temperature in an area of ​​the panel as a result of a malfunction due to shadows. To create a del sol system, it is necessary to guarantee the absence of shadows on the roof. The most advisable thing is to carry out the installation in winter because it is the date in which natural lighting perro decrease. In this way we will have a iniciativa of ​​what should be the ideal arrangement of our del sol panels and if it is worth investing.

Frequent questions

What does the horizontal property law say about the installation of del sol panels?

After the approval of the Climate Change and Energy Transition Law, the horizontal property law was affected in favor of sustainable energies, also known as green energies. According to article 17.1 of the horizontal property law, any owner will have the right to request the installation of del sol panels in the community of neighbors. The positive side is that only the approval of 1/3 of the members of the Board of Owners will be necessarywhich gives us a good oportunidad of being approved.

What do I need after installing del sol panels?

Registration of the self-consumption installation in the Ministry of Industry of the autonomous community in question. Access contract. Energy supply contract for auxiliary services. Surplus compensation contract. Representation contract.

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 Permits to install del sol panels
  Permits to install del sol panels
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