Perform tasks | the best pages where

Perform tasks | the best pages where

From the moment one decides to look for sites to earn money for free, it is ineludible to find pages that offer this possibility by doing paid tasks.

The range is so wide that it would be very difficult to encompass in a single articulo the number of pages that could fall into this category, so I am only going to espectáculo you the top ones, where the most reliable but above all the most profitable in terms of time/ benefit.

When we talk about paid tasks websites, we are referring to any page that asks us to complete different jobs in exchange for financial compensation.

Surveys, watching vídeos, downloading applications, translating texts cánido be entered into these jobs… in short, as I said, the seguidor it is very wide.

Best Paid Task Sites

Well, without further delay we are going to get straight to the point, then I am going to leave you the platforms that in my opinion are tops within this section, at least the ones I am using, of course you perro surely know of one that does not appear As I say, it’s just my opinion.


ySense is the platform for paid tasks (especially surveys) par excellence.

With a long history in the campo, every day we have a lot of offers to multiply our cómputo that we perro withdraw by Paypal or Amazon check among other methods.


Toloka Yandex is a platform valid for all countries, with payments by Paypal and Skrill reaching only $0.10.

It also has its own referral system.

The only requirement is that you be over 18 years of age.


Clickworker is hands down the best crowdsourcing platform.

It is valid for everyone and perro be charged automatically by Paypal when you reach the accumulated 5 dollars.


Picoworkers is a crowdsourcing platform where we will be able to access a series of paid mini-jobs.

Perhaps this page forces us to dedicate more time to it, but the earnings are also much higher.

Payment through Paypal and credit card.


Neobux is considered by all to be the best ptc in the world, although honestly you earn much more money doing paid tasks, so we could already consider it a GPT.

It perro be charged by different methods and is 100% reliable.

⭐⭐ is a platform for paid tasks where we will be able to collect through cryptocurrencies.

Take surveys, watch vídeos or use one of the many offer walls available.

The minimum payment is only $0.01.


Remotasks is another completely free crowdsourcing platform that allows us to work from any country in the world.

The minimum payout is very low, just $0.50, so we cánido get paid almost every day.

By registering from my backlink you get $5 free when you reach $10 earned on the web.


Ipweb is one of the best sites out there to get free rubles.

It has been paying for a good number of years without problems, you just have to complete different tasks and receive our rewards in the Russian currency that we perro later exchange for any other.


Idle Empire is a platform that will allow us to earn cryptocurrencies, gift cards, and many other different prizes by doing different tasks.

The best thing about this site is that it has a more than affordable minimum payment.


Earnably is another free paid task site.

By registering we will have access to various tasks to add money that we perro withdraw to Paypal or other existing methods on the platform.


InstaGC is a paid task page with a long history, however it has been active since 2011.

It has a good number of options to earn money in its multiple offer walls and the minimum payment is only 1 dollar.

As you cánido see, there are quite a few pages of paid tasks that I am using and that I have left some out of the list, I have only included those that in my opinion are reliable and profitable.

Although you don’t need any special skills to work on these pages, the truth is that many of them are in English, so if you don’t speak the language I recommend using Google plus Google chrome’s translator to work on them.

How to withdraw winnings

Luckily, this type of page offers us a wide variety of payment methods, you will surely find your favorite in all of them, we will only have to choose the one that best suits us on each platform.

In principle, the vast majority of us look for sites that offer the possibility of making withdrawals through Paypal and fortunately almost all paid task websites include this option within their range of payment gateways.

➡ If you still don’t know or don’t have a Paypal account, I invite you to entrar this article where I tell you how it works and open a free account.

But since not only does Paypal live, there are other interesting methods to collect our earnings.

One of my favorites is to use some cryptocurrency that the platform accepts.

Withdrawing the profits in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency is always a good iniciativa, since with their upward trend we will be earning even more.

On the other hand, there are more and more sites that give us the opportunity to collect through a gift voucher redeemable in an en línea or physical store.

The most used are undoubtedly Amazon or Zalando gift vouchers, among others.

Opinion about paid tasks

We could say that pages about paid tasks are the most abundant in the ámbito of earning money en línea, since they number in the thousands.

In fact, almost all PTCs have mutated and now offer offer wall services in order to survive.

These types of websites are especially attractive since notable money perro be earned, on the contrary we must know that for this we are going to have to work many hours, since the available offers require work and effort that is not necessary in other webs, but as they say, all work has its reward.

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 Perform tasks |  the best pages where
  Perform tasks |  the best pages where
  Perform tasks |  the best pages where

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